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Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps manage data from first contact through to purchase and post-sales.
This allows painless integration with your core financial systems, or output to email, fax, website, mobile or other forms of unified communications.
Designed for midsize and larger companies, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a flexible, multi currency, multi location enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office products.
With core strengths in manufacturing and e-business, it also offers strong functionality for the wholesale and services industries.
Are you currently preparing your financial analysis and reports for your general ledger in Microsoft® Excel? The Lawson M3 solution is designed specifically to support organizations that have make, move, or maintain processes. The application provides integrated business applications that cover core and supporting processes including financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing, supply chain planning and supply chain execution.
The current release, Lawson M3 7.1, features integrated industry-specific functionality and a commitment to open standards, for greater flexibility and lower cost of ownership than competing systems. Key Concepts has extensive experience in workflow application and web development, and our certified consultants have an extremely successful history in developing process management applications for clients. Of course, in any solution or consulting project we are likely to draw upon a vast range of additional complementary technologies.

Simply complete the details below and we shall tailor a no obligation information pack that suits your business requirements. Key Concepts Partner with Microsoft Finance, You get 6 months Zero payment finance for ALL your IT needs! They make $179,535, or $256,933 with total compensation, which includes things like stock, bonuses or profit sharing benefits. Using familiar Microsoft applications like Outlook and Office to take advantage of the Microsoft investment your business has already made.
An Outlook and web delivered solution that provides the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a 360 degree view of your customers, support, marketing and competitors. Are your people doing their own thing because core business software is not flexible enough to meet their business requirements? Packed with comprehensive features, Microsoft Dynamics AX still manages to retains the simplicity of the familiar Microsoft look-and-feel, whilst making the most of your existing Microsoft stack.
We can provide an independent audit with a comprehensive summary report on recommended changes based on industry best practice. BPCS is comprised of a number of related applications which may either be implemented individually or together as a complete, end-to-end ERP solution. Many manufacturing companies have constrained resources and have processes that are specific to their industry and can be complex in nature; the Industry specific Lawson solution is well suited to these businesses.

The applications are designed to be implemented with relative ease and require less maintenance that other ERP solutions. It contained six new software modules including supply chain orders and a planning workbench for the fashion industry.
By registering, you shall also receive valuable toolkits to help you evaluate core business software solutions. We Add Affordable Business Functionality To Software Your People Already Use Like Office, Word & Outlook!
The application suite covers core business functions including: financials, planning, distribution, manufacturing, and system applications.
Your details will remain with Key Concepts for the purpose of direct communications with you.

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