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Whether you need to write a business plan, legal contracts, proposals, business letters, board resolutions, policies, spreadsheets or any other business document, simply fill in the blanks and get the job done in minutes! IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - May 9, 2013) - Pantera Global Technology announced today the signing of an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Metafuse Inc. PanteraTools was formed in 2009 by construction and technology veteran Dewayne Adamson to provide Invitation to Bid tools and Project Lead data to the general contractor and sub-contractor markets respectively. Project Insight, project and portfolio management software, is powerful for project managers, easy for everyone. Learn more about what sets project management software, Project Insight, apart from the rest. This SOW is effective upon signature date of this SOW and will remain in effect until the end of the Warranty Period.
This Statement of Work defines the effort to develop, test, and support a mobile application solution (mobile client and server) for Klever Media’s Giving Cart technology.
The quality target of the Mobile Client application software is listed in the following table.
Qualzoom will design, develop, test, and support the deployment of the Klever Mobile Client application and server software.
This task is on-going through the term of this SOW and will be complete when the Mobile Application has successfully passed Acceptance Testing.
The purpose of this task is to develop the software releases of the Klever Mobile Application solutions. The development will go through various Beta Releases, Release Candidate for Acceptance and the Final Release. The final Beta release, referred as the Release Candidate for Acceptance, will be used for Acceptance procedure. This task will be completed when the Klever Mobile Application Release Candidate meets the expected results defined in the Acceptance Test Case Document.
The Release Candidate will be then name as the Final Release to be used for deployment purposes. This task consists in performing test in real case scenarios on Beta Release of the Mobile application.
The purpose of this task is to provide development support in case defects (as per Table 1 – Service Level Objective) are found during the deployment phase for the duration of the Warranty. The purpose of this task is to provide Verification and Regression Testing support in case defects are found during the deployment phase for the duration of the Warranty.
A Regression and Verification Testing Summary Report reports the testing result as soon as the maintenance release passes the functional and regression tests criteria. The license granted herein shall be exclusive to Klever and Qualzoom shall not grant any license, or grant any interest whatsoever in, sell, offer for sale to other vendors. The objective of this task is to provide a single point of contact to Qualzoom for development of the Mobile Application software.
This task completes when the Mobile Application Release Candidate meets the expected results defined in the Acceptance Test Case Document.

The following deliverables were defined in the previous section and are due in accordance with the estimated schedule in Section 7. The development of the Klever Mobile Application will be completed when the deliverables defined in Sections 4 of this SOW have been approved with written notification by the Klever Project Manager, the Beta trial evaluation period has been completed, and the reported in-scope defects (functional and load) have been successfully resolved and approved by the Klever Project Manager. Subject to the conditions expressed in this Agreement and SOW, Klever shall pay Qualzoom a fixed price of $210,000 on the schedule set forth in the below for the completed work that is performed under this SOW.
Upon execution of this SOW, Klever shall provide Qualzoom with a supporting purchasing order (PO). Any additional requirements for funding must be requested first via the Project Change Request (PCR) and finalized with an executed amendment to this SOW.
Within thirty (30) days of receipt of a correct invoice ISSUED BY QUALZOOM, provided Klever has accepted each Deliverable identified in this SOW, Klever will pay Qualzoom the amounts listed in this SOW in accordance with the corresponding payment schedule.
The disclosure of confidential information between Klever and Qualzoom is subject to the terms and conditions of a Confidential Disclosure Agreement and any relevant Supplements thereto.
The parties agree that the Appendix entitled "Quality Requirements for Commercially Available Software" is hereby incorporated by reference into this Agreement.
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, the United States of America, without regard to provisions concerning conflicts of law. Supplier will verify the performance of the following processes in order to ensure their ability to support fielded Supplier product and respond to Buyer requirements. Supplier’s quality assurance team will determine the status of product support activities by making appropriate periodic measurements and reviewing with Supplier project management, Supplier senior management and Buyer. Development operations and inspection of interim and final change management deliverables for Buyer specific and base product deliverables, including access to the sub -tier supplier facilities. Supplier shall ensure that all documents pertinent to its product, such as software change management specifications and designs, contracts, policies, procedures, software development process flow chart, and work instructions (including test procedures) are under configuration control and are available to all necessary personnel in the development environment. Supplier shall establish and maintain procedures for identification, collection, indexing, filing, storage, maintenance, and disposition of all quality records.
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Transactions performed under this SOW will be conducted in accordance with and be subject to the terms and conditions of this SOW, the Base Agreement, and any applicable Work Authorizations. Completion criteria are the successful execution of the test cases during Acceptance Testing. Such releases will be given by the development team to the testing team for verification purposes. Each maintenance release will be given to Klever and made available to existing customer base through OTA Upgrade.

Such release will also be regression tested to verify that additional bugs have not been added.
These deliverables were defined in the Responsibilities section and are due in accordance with the estimated schedule in Section 7. No confidential information exchange between Qualzoom and Klever shall occur until after a NDA is signed, which specifies what information is being exchanged. Supplier will periodically, as negotiated, provide Buyer its standard product development life cycle and error metrics. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to this Agreement. Both the KLEVER and Qualzoom Project Managers must approve each change before implementing it.
The PCR must describe the change, the rationale for the change, and the effect the change will have on the project.
Both Project Managers will review the proposed change and approve it for further investigation or reject it. Supplier’s quality assurance team will periodically measure tracking activities and review with Buyer (Buyer and Supplier will determine frequency of project management reviews, which will not be more than one per year). An initial assessment of product support and change management processes has been made by Buyer, with presentation by Supplier’s quality assurance team. Reviews shall include review of Supplier product process control, quality inspection test data, internal audit reports, and other information related to the product being procured to verify compliance to the terms of this Software Supplier Quality Appendix (SSQA). Each and every little thing relates to restaurant management you can manage through this Word printable and editable template. Here is some MS excel format base tracking system for controlling entire management easily.
In order to make the documentation purpose easier, free bid templates are available in enormous count. AA┬▒adimos nuevas plantillas continuamente y mejoramos el software para siempre reflejar las nuevas tendencias en el mundo de los negocios. Execution of the Branded Plan Room resulted in leapfrogging the competition and provided the impetus to developing additional features to the offering. I know that the biggest headaches and most costly errors come from poor scheduling and resource allocation. The nature of the work is collaborative, and both Qualzoom and Klever will team up to complete the work with the target dates. In the event any proceeding or lawsuit is brought by either Party in connection with this Agreement, the prevailing Party in such proceeding or lawsuit shall be entitled to receive its costs for such action, including its reasonable attorneys' fees and expert witness fees.
Any change to the scope of this SOW must be made by a formal Amendment to the SOW executed by the parties.
Ongoing assessments, as appropriate, will be made at twelve (12) month intervals, or otherwise as agreed by Buyer and Supplier. Under normal circumstances Supplier shall be given at least a two week advance notice by Buyer representatives of their intent to visit. Under the terms of the agreement, the Project Insight software will be integrated with the PanteraTools pre-construction file sharing, contact and document management product to provide an end-to-end offering for the construction market.
The agreement with Project Insight provides the complete feature set necessary to provide a level of project management sophistication that would otherwise take years of development team effort to build.

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