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This article is for freshers and experienced Software Testers who want to be effective in Software Testing Job search or who want be more successful in clearing most of the Software Testing Interviews they attend. For the benefit of freshers, I would start this article by explaining importance of Software testing, how much clients value Software Testing services and later explain how to increase chances of getting a Software Testing Job as a fresher or as an experienced Software Test Engineer. Whether you are a fresher who is looking for a job that will start your career with a flourish or if you are an experienced professional who deserves a much needed change – all of us are constantly job searching.
As is the general practice at STH, we will start at the very beginning and work our way through this process. The one thing that will guarantee a failure is when you apply for a job whose description is not a fit to your experience or skill set.
Example: They might know you are an automation tester, but they might not know exactly which tool and how long you have worked. With online communities being rampant, they could come in handy for some free lancing or specialized skill set job openings.
With the internet revolutionizing our daily lives, newspapers are no longer playing a major role in the job searches. I am answering your job posting ad for the role of Senior Quality Analyst on “Source, dated(if relevant)”. Please review the same and I would be happy to hear back from you regarding this opportunity. On a personal note, we think so many negative things about why job offers are not coming to us.
The work world is changing, work life balance is improving and geographical locations no longer hold major significance – this might be the time for you to grab that opportunity that will just fit your life style perfectly. Author: This useful article is written by STH team member and the software testing expert Swati Seela. Its really good and very he;lpful site for all job hunters not only testing even development side also.

We have been striving and helping individuals to develop a solid foundation for their career, so they can be successful and advance professionally!
I found my MindsMapped recruiter to be on the ball when he helped me get hired for my current assignment. Maximizing your business performance with successful deployment of ERP systems Supreme’s Global Consulting provides reliable and flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions to create competitive advantage to the business. Our ERP solutions and services deliver effective ERP system through flexible implementation to streamline business processes and improve quality.
No matter whether you are an entry level or experienced candidate and applying for a QA testing job or any other IT job, these steps are applicable. Not always do our friends know exactly what our skills are and how much of an expertise we have in them. Being well wishers, they would love for you to seize the opportunity to be an automation tester when they see an opening within their company.  To avoid rejections, it would help if you knew of the details before hand. A word of caution, try not to post anything personal about yourself unless you check the legitimacy of the source.
The professional information, references and everything else being so accessible makes them perfect for finding job openings. However, they still have a career segment (monthly or weekly) but some job postings still appear.  The key to success with these jobs is to follow the steps given exactly in the job details.
Sometimes it the technology and other times it’s the philosophy of a certain company that draws you towards it. Browse this part of their site’s pages and look for any job postings that might fit your skill set. It is a time consuming activity initially to enter all information regarding your educational backgrounds, previous work experience, previous projects etc., but the pay back is huge. Sometimes, submitting a job application includes entering detailed information regarding each project, skill, qualification in your work experience.

When using job portals, be sure to set your status are “actively looking for a job” or something equivalent to that. We blame the location where we live, the lack of contacts in the field, the holiday season (or the specific time of the year) and many more. H1 visa is an employment based visa that can be granted for an eligible and qualified temporary workers. Supreme’s integrated ERP solutions improve the responsiveness of the business to the changing demands of the customers by reducing the time to market. We service offering includes ERP solutions based on SAP, ORACLE and MICROSOFT ERP packages. For example, if you are a 2 year experienced manual tester and you are searching for jobs try these job titles – QA engineer, QA tester, Quality Control Engineer, Software Tester, Manual Tester, Test Engineer- so on and so forth.
To work for that one company and contribute your intellectual potential is almost a dream come true.
For such a visa, an employer must offer a job and apply for your H1B visa petition with the US Immigration Department. I was kept in constant contact and the turnaround time was swift.I highly recommend working with this firm. Our ERP solution helps in integrating different functions of the business to improve business performance and efficiency. You will be surprised at how many jobs turn up when you search based on a variety of titles.
This approved petition is a work permit which allows you to obtain a visa stamp and work in the U.S.

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