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This article is for freshers and experienced Software Testers who want to be effective in Software Testing Job search or who want be more successful in clearing most of the Software Testing Interviews they attend. For the benefit of freshers, I would start this article by explaining importance of Software testing, how much clients value Software Testing services and later explain how to increase chances of getting a Software Testing Job as a fresher or as an experienced Software Test Engineer.
Incase you are fresher or less experienced software testers, I would strongly recommend to read article on What is Software Testing?, which explains what software testing is all about, why software testing is required, Cost of Quality, risks associated with softwares with defects, before you continue reading this article. Software testing jobs in the past, about more than 5 years ago, was perceived as a profession that was easy to get into, boring, repetitive, lot of documentation work, more of data entry, apt for people with less IQ, job suitable for non IT graduates, and Software Testing is a stepping stone to move to development roles, Software Testing means only black box testing etc.
Companies always like to hire freshers or experienced people who really like, understand importance of Software Testing and who want to stick to software testing career and not choose Software Testing job as a stop gap arrangement. Software Testing Jobs are in great demand at present, there are lot of Software Testing Job openings, at the same time there are more people willing to pursue Software Testing career than the number of Software Testing Jobs available. In many of the Pre-sales or client delivery visits that I have supported, clients always asked more related to Software Testing and Quality Assurance and they were eager to know more on Software Testing Capability and Software Test Process maturity of the organization, Software Testing Tools expertise, Metrics and Software Test Certifications before they decide to outsource or increase the scope of outsourced work. Organization capability to carry out different types of testing and test application built on different technologies like Web, Mobile apps etc. Finding a Software Testing job as a fresher is really hard compared to an experienced Software Test engineer. One should not blindly prefer Development or any other IT Job, just because their friends or college mates chose.
Most of the software companies go for campus recruitment rather than Off-Campus recruitment, as it is more beneficial for the company in terms of Training, meeting their recruitment targets and faster way of hiring large number of talented people.
Campus recruitment: Companies call for campus recruitment when it is targeting for hiring freshers with good grades or percentages in their academics.
Off-Campus recruitment: Companies call for off-campus recruitment when the number of intake is less.
Interested to understand business domain(s) and be a SME (subject matter expert) of one or more business domains.
Unlike freshers, experienced software testers need not have to be worry about your grades and percentages of their academic years with an exception of very few companies that still consider academic grades while hiring experienced people, I do not want to mention names of such companies here though ?. Experience or good understanding of one or more popular domains like (Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Retail or Mobile applications).
Test case techniques (like Boundary Value Analysis , Equivalence Partitioning and Error Guessing ) and sound understanding of software testing methodologies .
Good understanding of Test metrics and formula’s related to Defect Removal Efficiency , Defect Density , CPI (Cost Performance Index) and SPI (Schedule Performance Index). Experience or knowledge of one popular Functional test automation tools like QTP or RFT or Robot. Experience and good knowledge in at least one test management software like HP Quality Center or IBM Rational Quality Manager. Experience or knowledge of one popular performance testing tool like HP Loadrunner or IBM performance tester. Should be able to write SQL queries that involves Joins and should be able to write queries related to inner join, outer join, self join, left join. Should be able to explain syntax or with examples for some of the popular Unix or Linux commands like GREP command , FIND command, CAT command , PS Command and CHMOD command . Every organization wants to hire best talent in town, highlighting your achievements or the value you have created for current and previous organization on top section of your CV will help in getting your CV short listed for skill interview.
We are very grateful to our guest author Hari Iyer for contributing a detailed and useful article that would help fresher and experienced people in searching for Software testing jobs. Thank you very much Lakshmi for compiling list of frequently asked Software Testing Interview questions and taking your time in posting them in software testing forum. Every Test Lead and Test Manager wishes to lead a Successful Software Testing Team rather than a Team of Software Testers.
Read this article on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) if you want to understand importance of UAT, clients or end user expectations from UAT, how UAT is planned and to understand UAT best practices.
Security testing is one of the most important types of software testing that focuses on finding out vulnerabilities or weakness in the information system. Information system includes all the software, hardware, Operating system, network, Database, configuration and most important “data”.
Manual testing, as the name suggests, testing is done by a human being without using automated testing tools. Manual testing can be performed on applications built on wide variety of technologies like web applications, windows applications or Mobile applications. Yes, I get many questions on how to find freelance testing QA job opportunities and even questions like ‘Is it really possible to earn some extra income working as a freelance software tester?
With recession still wreaking havoc in many countries and jobs getting tougher, more and more testing professionals are looking for opportunities outside of regular day jobs and freelancing is one such avenue that has gained a lot of traction, of late.
Working as freelance tester always provides you financial support and moreover it also help to keep your technical skills sharp. This book will show you how many amazing opportunities you have to make money working as a freelance software tester and how quickly your life can change if you are serious to work for yourself! There are lots of books on learning software testing but no one will teach you how to make money working as a freelance software tester. The another good news is that – when announced eBook release on Amazon, within 24 hours it soared to the #1 Best Seller position in Software Testing Category.
I am an experienced quality assurance engineer and I am interested in this book because I never used my skills on freelance projects. I am not a novice tester nor an established bug reporter, but still i want to explore my knowledge in freelance projects which are a great source of knowledge, thereby understanding what exploration testing really is!!
First of all thanks for this wonderful idea to give free e-Book to them who are really in need.
I am Testing Novice, I know about some of the crowd sourcing testing communities which pays money for filling bugs! I think the book which you are going to give us free gives us the clear insight about freelancing testing jobs and helps in building the career in software testing. I have a belief that the future looks a bit different for testing and here I’d like to talk about something that we will probably see alot more in the future.
I have necessary skill and experience in Testing, but looking at the recession impacts, one has to be ready for all options to survive in same field.
As my income is too low and I have so many responsibilities, I need to work as freelancer apart from the job. In today’s fast paced world, there is just no guarantee when you will end up losing your only source of income.
I have been looking out for such opportunities in various Testing WFH websites where I can make best use of my free time and earn some extra bucks to secure my future. Looking forward to own a copy and make best use of the tips provided to make my online work profile get the much needed attention and desired job.
Thank you Software Testing Help Group for all the information you have shared and I have so far used in all my interviews and have been successful.
This is very interesting concept, for those who are in testing – to do a freelancing job. You are right, Right now market is so dull.Even getting for a job for 1 year exp is no where. But there is no reason, why and how we have to approach to do the freelancing work on Testing. Hope, I get the same chance to learn and Give you a honest Feedback and advise the book to other testers as i did last time. Basically am new to testing having exp of banking, working in smal company and i need to improve my knowledge and gain experience through Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities. I would like to know the new things that i might have missed while exploring this topic on internet and would like to share it will all so that everyone can get benefitted from it. This will help people in setting up their own business like this as the research part about the domain is already covered by you.
I am a new certified tester based on USA , looking for clear guidelines on how to penetrate into the competitive job market. Working as a Freelancer is my dream, and with 5+ yr Exp in QA I am very eager to move for freelancing job as this would my life’s Turning point with new challenges which everyone love to face. I have already registered too many Free Lancer sites like Elance, uTest etc but was not enough successful. I want this book which I think might help me for becoming and QA Free Lancer and to compete with others in the market. I am ISTQB Certified Tester with Good Experience.I am working as Freelancer in Software Testing Training and interested to work on Software Testing Projects on Freelance basis. Being would be mother freelancing is the best platform for me to concentrate and carry on with my career and also baby care which cannot be neglected.I believe freelancing is the best oppurtunity for working women to take care of kids without sacrificing their careers and this helps me in building my future as well as the kids. I need this book because as i am desperate in earning more, i am undergoing SAP BW training which is completely new and i dont even have clue whether i can get a job on SAP BW that to by loosing 4 years of Software test engineer Experience. I am ISTQB Certified Tester with Good Experience working as a teacher of Software testing fields, I am interested in the book to show my students NEW ways to apply the testing knowledge and encourage them to deep more on software testing fields. It would obviously increase the knowledge about client interaction and personal confidence level .How to deal with clients,understand their actual business requirements when we directly work for them.
Thanks for showing right path and guidance to all people who are new to freelancing , like me.
This is such a wonderful opportunity for testers like us to know more about work from home options.
Also if this book is useful for me, I will be suggesting the book to others so that 1000s of those mothers who have difficulty between choosing their option as a stay-at-home-mom or a working mom can follow their career without having to hurt the baby’s heart. I am a craver of knowledge having 6 yrs of testing experience this ebook will add more for sure .Never tried freelancing projects before . Since I was on school I had the dream or idea to develop software for a big company, when i graduated I had the opportunity of working in a really big project performing V&V activities and there I realize the importance and the sweet part of testing activities, now I have over 5 years of experience in testing projects and it is so much the love I have now for testing that I am thinking on creating my own testing company, so, starting as freelancer will help me to make the first step. I have been testing for 12 years and I am a single parent and I have two sons and a daughter.
I would like to have this ebook because Im always eager to learn new things, be current and I would like to learn how to sell my working time better, talk better to clients and it would help me to improve my skills, find jobs that will help me to earn more money and be more productive with my time. So curious to understand how different is the Freelance Software Testing from the actual Software Testing, I cant unlock it unless I read this. I’m so curious to know how to get the freelance opportunities to enhance and apply my testing knowledge. I hope this ebook would be the best to know about it as all the content posted in this blog is useful and true. You will always need extra income in this fastest growing world and if you believe in your self every thing is easy. This book will open new opportunities for experienced like me or the newbai.This is a great plus for lot of early risers or late risers. I am new in software testing field and I think exposure would be limited for the new tester in the company.

And I think this will benefit both the company and me as they will get their project tested at very less cost compared to the companies offering testing service. I am an experienced Test engineer and I am interested in this book because I never used my skills on freelance projects.
I’m working as a Software Tester for 4 years and always trying to find new information, improve myself.
Thanks for arranging finest Contest in & giving great opportunity to encourage all testers. I have one year of experience in manual testing and i want to include one more step in my testing career through this book.
I am working as a software QA since last 2 year and want some freelancing work to get more exp and money. Am new for testing and certainly this new ebook will help me to earn money and prove my skill in testing. It’s a much needed help for testers who want to earn more in their free time doing what they love to do. I need to give myself a challenge and this is the right time to consider new opportunities.
I have more than 6 yrs experience as manual tester and Load runner from last few months i am taking classes through online, trying to start freelancing job in testing but I did not get proper guidance for this so i am not able to get work from different freelancing web site. I am more passionate towards finding hidden issues in already tested application, i rarely get such opportunity in my current job, maybe i ll get it in freelancing job. People like me who are planning for making career in Testing from different profiles, I’m sure this is the right choice to be made. Once I get a good exposure during freelancing, I can strongly increase my knowledge and start into working for a full time job as a smart Tester!
Just want to explore the hidden opportunities for Freelancers, So that I can apply my hard earned knowledge for the good of the industry and to open a new source of Income I’m looking for. Well, working here for peanuts and a chance to earn extra income would always a great opportunity. I am having 11 yrs of exp into sw testing and looking for the freelance job in SW tsting.With this book I am sure that I will definitely come to know about the different ways to crack the hidden ways of Freelance Software Testing Job Opportunities.
I am a Software professional having 5 years experience on Manual Testing, after my kid born i have resigned for my job … now i would like to work from home. Information Above is awesome, Freelance providing the platform where many skilled people online ready to work for these companies and complete the work in time.
With 11+ years of experience in SW testing ,now I want to make some extra money from working from Home.
I worked for 8 years in a startup company started as a Content Migration Specialist, did some php programming and then moved on to Software Testing, which I love and honed. Also, due to some unavoidable circumstances regarding attending to the medical treatment of my parent, I had to return back to my Hometown in Dibrugarh from my workplace in Guwahati- the capital city of Assam.
I am really passionate towards software testing and i wanted to show what i am to some folks who is not considering my profession as a respectful job.
I Need this book because to learn how to make money, As i have studied the software testing to make money and this one is the first book ever to teach the testing as well as how to earn , so we can say its 2 in 1. Choose us your Indian software development partner and get world class software developed at an affordable price.
Testing is an extremely crucial phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and developers today face most demanding customers who expect 100% flawless functioning of the applications in use.
Our Test Automation strategy is based on the principle that Test Automation complements manual testing rather than replacing it completely.This strategy involves identifying appropriate stages at which automation is introduced, selection of tools, scripting methodology and architecture of the script.
Our data driven automation scripting approach is independent of UI changes to the application under testing. Software Test Analyst with user acceptance experience required for this leading global company in London. As the Software Test Analyst you will be responsible for testing software and services used by the business. We are currently recruiting for a Software Test Analyst Team Leader reporting to the Head of Application Support.
The Application Support department is responsible for supporting, maintaining and improving our business related internal systems.
As a Test Analyst you will define and deliver both the automation and manual test strategy, using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methodologies.
Working closely with Product Owners you will contribute to user stories and acceptance criteria to identify and define acceptance tests and perform exploratory testing on newly developed software to ensure quality is maintained.
Our client is a highly successful 3D medical imaging company based in North West London providing patient positioning and motion management solutions for radiotherapy. This role is ideal for an experienced software tester who is looking to develop their testing skills further and has good knowledge of the software testing discipline and is capable of performing software testing activities within development projects. A Software Developer in Test is required for a leading Telecom client based in Uxbridge to start as soon as possible. We need people who have experience writing, implementing and tracking test plans, test processes and procedures, as well as other QA analyst experience in a broad spectrum of industries. The intent of this article is not to bias freshers or anybody to choose Software Testing Career but to make them understand the importance and value of Software Testing in IT Industry, so that freshers can decide for themselves. I would say, these are all myths of the past and it’s time to provide awareness to people who still think on those lines.
It is imperative that during introduction or while answering to questions like “why you want to take up Software Testing Job as a fresher”, your answer should express your interest in Software Testing and highlight some of your qualities and strengths that will help you to be a good Software Tester. I have seen people opting development blindly by following footsteps their friends or college mates and later realizing that Software Testing or other profession would have provided better career prospect for them, late realization does not help. Candidates are expected to be good in oral and written communication (in English), good problem solving and analytical skills. Mostly, small companies opt for off-campus recruitment than campus recruitment as their hiring numbers are usually low.
Also, submit your CV in job portals that are exclusively for freshers like FirstNaukri and FreshersWorld.
Usually, internship pay is not lucrative (with some companies as exception) compared to on payroll jobs but provides industry relevant experience for a fresher.
However there is lot of preparation that an experienced candidate needs to do before applying for Software Testing Jobs or attending Software Testing interviews.
During interview candidate may be asked to write test scenarios for pen , test cases for login page , test cases for ATM etc.
I have seen people who are very knowledgeable but unable to answer questions straight to the point, they either beat around the bush or they often seem to be at loss of words and unable to express what they want to tell. So, read your CV at least 2 to 3 times, each and every line of your CV and jot down probable questions that can be asked based out of your resume and rehearse for the questions. However, some of the trainings can be quite expensive, training on Software Testing tools, Usability, Security Testing etc., Highlight the trainings that you have undergone in current organization or externally. Interview with leadership very very crucial as the candidate’s designation gets decided and flagged to HR. HRs usually assess candidates on stability, people skills, genuineness, retention factor and Salary expectations of the candidate. Companies believe that their employees can influence talented, like minded and experienced friends, ex-colleagues and acquaintances to join the company. Hari, is working as software Test Manager in one of the reputed Software companies in Bangalore (India). These interview questions are submitted in our Software Testing Forum as well, click on “Answer” link against any of the questions listed below to answer the question to best of your knowledge or read answers submitted by others and provide your inputs.
What would you suggest to do when environment is setup and handedover to Testing team for testing ?
Most of the Test Leads and Test Managers desire to be given a high performance software test team rather than building a high performance and successful Software Testing team.
Acceptance Testing is more rigorous and consistently followed in IT industry as every software or business solution to be delivered is unique. Objective of Security testing is getting vulnerabilities identified and getting them plugged before they are exploited by unauthorized users or malicious programs. No matter how people perceive manual testing, importance of it will always remain the same. Basic need for performing manual testing is an interface for user to provide input to application and verify the output.
Now even companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have started believing in crowdsourcing. With thousands of small businesses and fortune 500 companies looking for Crowdsourcing solutions, there is a high demand for freelance testers. Most importantly, you can get started as a freelance tester with very little knowledge of software testing. But once you get to know the process it will be very easy for you to get more freelance testing work with your work experience and strong testing portfolio on various freelancing sites, which we are going to see shortly.
There are over 100 awesome comments and it took me longer than expected to go through all those. With this book, I should be able to get some insights and a way forward to get testing related work and also to understand the latest testing technologies which I need to be ready. I am seriously looking for Freelancer jobs as i like to work from home so that i can use time taken for commuting to office in testing some applications or products.
So to gain experience and accumulate more knowledge on different topics intesting this would be of great help….
It is always advisable to have an alternate source and what better than using your own skill over which you you have spent some quality years honing. In today’s life it is much more comfortable to work as Freelancer and I want to earn much more too, so I am sure this will be really a precious gift for me. If i can earn by utilizing my unproductive hours then i would enjoy this testing job by working more on freelance work. Initial efforts in service providing would increase the chances of increase in client base.
I would like to move on to the freelancing side and excited to know more about it and how the work there actually is..
I have been working as a QA tester for past 8 years but had to take a break after having a baby.
This ebook may help me understanding the basics of freelancing and an opportunity to groom myself for the same. I have been trying to find freelance jobs to help further my career and to help my children learn something they can use to start a career. I have been out of the Software Q A Industry for the past 12 years raising my family as a Single Parent. Understanding user specifications in the right perspective, one of the most challenging task is very close to my heart.

Vijay for providing such great eventuality to us and showing the right way for career as the freelancer. So, this ebook will help me find some projects which can be very useful to gain the knowledge and also good exposure in testing field. I love software analysis and this is something that would not only teach me but earn me extra.
Software testing is a field any one fresher to experienced can enter and succeed with good introduction and limited exposure. May be i am not aware about the opportunities which i can achieve by working as freelancer.
Additionally freelance projects add an extra dimension to testers who are not satiated with their daily and routine scope of work !! I never tried this, but i feel now its a good time to start on second source like freelance testing.
The research center where I work is planning future activities and because of the economical crisis the testing is suspended and I will be included in other areas.
So I believe this book will help me to get experience on freelance projects giving myself a challenge in order to work with love.
Vijay rightly said freelancing will enhance the technical skill sets and also manage little extra financially. Now, either I have to work from my Home or found any other alternative job here in my local place.
I would like to get this going and is looking for any option on how can I work on this opportunity. In other words, your product should be free from technical anomalies – ensuring lesser number of complaints, greater customer satisfaction and optimum retention rates.
The main responsbility will be testing of their software releases; releases occur every six weeks and come with a number of system enhancements, optional upgrades, and bug fixes. Their clients include some of the world's largest companies including investment banks, retail banks and commodity traders. Market leading software house is seeking a highly skilled Test Analyst to join a multi-disciplinary team.
They have recently won the 'Technology Innovation of the Year' award at the 2015 UK Private Business Awards.
Apart from ERP Training all other names and terms are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. We have a constant need for superior technical professionals with all levels of IT, network infrastructure and IT support expertise. If you have QA or software testing experience, then we want you to join our Talent Network and see which of our quality assurance tester jobs are the best matches for you!
Apply today and we will work to match you with the perfect fit for your quality assurance skills. The reason I say so, even developers have to create documents, like high level and low level design documents, document unit test cases, log unit test defects, so even developers spend roughly about 30% to 60% of their time in documentation and testing like unit testing and component testing depending on the technology, SDLC, Process followed and complexity of the project. So, you should choose Software Testing if it’s inline with your aspirations, strengths and if you want to hone skills required to take up Software Testing as your career.
Large or mid sized companies prefer Campus recruitment, as the fresher intake is high, they handle larger projects and maintain good bench strength. Even large or mid sized companies may call-in for Off-campus recruitment when the intake numbers are less or outside campus recruitment timelines. Internship will help candidates to get into payrolls of the same company or gain experience that would help to get jobs in other companies on regular payrolls. I would suggest highlight professional or industry acknowledged certification(s) like CSTE, CSQA, ISTQB, CSTP, CSQE, ISEB etc., that you hold and any other certifications, even though it is not industry acknowledged. Leadership team always looks at 4 areas (in following order), Value created for past organization(s), candidate’s Potential to operate one level higher, Achievements and experience.
Go through HR Interview questions, prepare and rehearse by answering the questions to best of your knowledge. On an average 25% to 30% of the company’s recruitment needs are fulfilled through employee referral.
We are positive that this article will help freshers and experienced people alike in Software Testing Job search and preparing for Software testing interviews. However, in this article, in this article, we will be focusing on Acceptance Testing in IT industry. Crowdsourcing has a bright future but you need to keep your eyes open, and be ready to grab hold of new opportunities.
Because I don’t believe in providing an eBook of 100 pages which has only 10 pages of useful information.
If you follow good work practices it’s not hard for you to get a good freelancing work or move to a better paying freelancing job. I am new in Testing environment but i would like to know more about new testing technologies and also, like to keep myself up-to-date.
I have skill to think out of box and want to use my good work for Testing and not able to afford money for this book. Also seems its recession time so there are lot of chances of loosing job so being independent and secure I want to work as freelancer. I really would like to get it as well as I am going to mat leave and looking for any option on how can I continue to work from home as QA once I am with the baby. If i atart freelancing, i woyld be able to handld my professional and personal life better. My younger son will just be starting college and he would like to work part time while going to school. This pre-requisite when clubbed with documentation clarity smoothens the SDLC and STLC mitigating project and product risks. I see a lot of benefits, but I really do not know milestones and specifics of this job, I hope this book could give me more info and new opportunities. Good to read your post and it would help lot of woman all around in testing including me in family-profession balancing. This is the first time I’ve heard of freelancing software testing and it an interesting idea. I want to update with every new technology regarding testing.I hope your ebook will help me to update n providing good opportunity in big MNC. I am working as a tester, surely I would like to know more on how to get the projects, improve testing experience, use my time efficiently and also earn some extra money.
The problem is that I really felt in love with testing activities and now I see that my expectations are flying away. I usually don’t like reading books but i found this eBook interesting and gained practical knowledge reading it thoroughly. Apart from that in this way i can utilize my time to enhance my skills and knowledge in various aspects of Testing by working on varios domains.
I know a handful of people who do the work I do and it’s not the most popular field in my country, so after 6 months of job searching, on and offline, i have nothing to show. It is very exiting as I have opportunity to work various testing related activities as well as financial help. You will set the technical vision for these innovative solutions, with significant emphasis on the testing methodology, standards, platform, governance and resource management.
The hands on Technical Testing Consultant will contribute to a diverse range of test projects. You will ensure the quality of a suite of intelligent IT management products for a large corporate client base.
Companies may also prefer off-campus when they do not have time or budget to train freshers. Best thing to do would be to prepare and answer questions on Software Testing forum which would serve as rehearsal.
Wishing Good Luck to all of our blog readers on their software testing job search and for interview preparation!!! You will find this book useful providing the exact actionable information needed for you to get started earning your first dollar as quickly as possible. I believe the book will be very beneficial for readers who keen to start this kind of opportunity. I am sure that with the guidance of this book I would be able to both take care of my baby and still follow my passion. My older son is starting to go back to college since working for a few years at a fast food restaurant. This book will really be a boon to software testers like me to get into the arena 100% and create a mutual value addition to the client and myself. I would defenetly move to freelancing if this book helps me to know more about it, so that i can spent time in my kids growth, which i am missing now.. I need this book coz i believe it will show me the way to handle my career along with my personal life and keep me updated in my career.
Also if i lool forward I can take freelancing as my permanent income source so that i can give time to my family too. Hence, freshers who have undergone training from reputed professional institutes and finishing schools will have higher changes of getting selected in off-campus rather than a fresher who has not undergone any training. More rehearsal would increase your confidence level, confidence and correct answers are required to clear interview successfully.
So it’s time to socialize, expand your professional & friendship network, get to know more people, share knowledge so that they would in turn help you at some point of time in future, when you need help in finding a Software testing Job or help with a particular tool or domain etc. Acceptance Testing is usually performed by clients or end users who would be using the software once software is deployed in production environment. I’m going to start my new career from freelance job and i know that this book would be very useful for me. So, I hope your books will be the perfect guide for me in this field to find my place in the world that I rightfully deserve .
Acceptance testing is performed in a “Pre-Production” environment that closely mimics production environment i.e. It will be a new challenge in my life if I become freelance software testing in the best way which is provided in your book. I am sure that I will develop my knowledge, my attitudes, and motivate myself by reading your book. Then share it with your friends, peers or ex-colleagues or on social networking sites, remember what I said “Expand your network and make it stronger”, also “sharing is caring and sharing is being social“.

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