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I grew up in the Bay Area, so I already had an idea in my head, shaped both by pop-culture images and my own lived reality. Documenting the style, I hoped, might make me question my assumptions, as well as understand the genesis of this tech stylea€”if indeed there was a singular style to be found.
So even as a software developer grabs whatever's clean in his dresser, the choices he makes reflect the culture he lives and works in. Whatever you call it, it's a social construction, not something youa€™re born with or issued when your plane lands at SFO. The hints are all there: the branded tees and hoodies, the two-wheeled transportation, the stubbly face in transition from a goatee to a beard. The idea of a tech uniform, we should note, is also stereotypically malea€”not so much gendered as male by default, created with the presumption of a male-dominated tech community. As author and early Facebook employee Kate Losse wrote, the myth of the "brogrammera€? is more a creation of the media than a reflection of reality. Perhaps ita€™s the trickle-up effect within the tech community: Young startup entrepreneurs straight out of university carry their casual academic dress into the workplace, from whiteboard sessions to board meetings. In a culture that worships young founders, the startup boss in the graphic tee and cargo shorts sets the tone for the rest of the company. Suddenly, coworkers and investors are dressing to match the mana€”and so often it's a mana€”at the top.
Suddenly, the image of the a€?guy who works in techa€? is not only cemented in the minds of the tech community themselves, through three layers of representation and imitation. Madame Tussauds recently revealed a waxen, shoeless Mark Zuckerberg, with a T-shirt, hoodie, jeans, and brandless MacBook.
Along with being barefoota€”not a look hea€™s styled for almost a decadea€”he's also sitting in a chair cross-legged, which is pushing the chill factor pretty hard. This is the image that will greet tourists from all over the world, an image that will affirm and reify their idea of Silicon Valley.
It doesn't matter that the Zuckerberg figure doesna€™t look much like the nearly 30-year-old man who took the stage recently at a Facebook developer conference.
If brogrammers did not exist, the producers of a€?Silicon Valley" would have to invent them. As Losse, the early Facebook employee, noted inA her essay on the myth of the brogrammer, A the term, a portmanteau of a€?broa€? and a€?programmer,a€? gained traction in the media in recent years despite starting as an inside joke, a mocking of overcompensatory masculinity among programmers who recognized that their profession was not particularly butch. A developer who rejected "typical" programmer personality traits like nerdiness and introversion in favor of the sporty gregariousness of a college jock or fraternity pledge would not have fit in well at Facebook or anywhere. Yet as startups and technology became a sexy, mainstream phenomenon, and programming widens in its appeal, the a€?brogrammera€? myth, picked up by the media, turns into an ideal. Thus the uneasy marriage of the hoodie and the Under Armour compression T-shirt, the hipster bike pants and the designer jeans in today's Silicon Valley. Take a stroll around San Franciscoa€™s South of Market district, though, and youa€™ll see fewer fist bumps and spandex tees and more men who look like the showa€™s main character, Richard, in his button-up shirt and slacks.
Setting forth from ReadWritea€™s San Francisco headquartersa€”at Third and Townsend, a block away from Caltrain and in the heart of SoMa, I began my search for the real tech uniform. Marcus Ubungen, a film director who works out of downtown San Francisco at Goodby Silverstein,A stopped to pose before hopping into an Uber. Kanyi Maqubela, a venture partner at Collaborative Fund, says most of his colleagues wear limited-edition sneakers to worka€”an option that combines a studied ease with deliberate self-expression.A I caught up with Vijay Karunamurthy of Avos inA line at Philz Coffee.
Karunamurthy, who helped create Avosa€™s Mixbit video app, doesn't think Silicon Valley techies pay too much attention to what other people wear. HBOa€™s "Silicon Valley" paints groups of programmers as a stereotyped flock of fivea€”"a tall skinny white guy, short skinny Asian guy, fat guy with a ponytail, some guy with crazy facial hair, and then an East Indian guy. After the initial phase of decking themselves out in head-to-toe company merch, employees then go through a period of distancing from the brand. Or theseA longstandingA employees might also wear older company T-shirts, with outdated logos, to indicate all the years they've put in. At this point in the conversation I felt as though I was being taught the etiquette of a 17th-century French court.
This idea that specific T-shirt customs within a tech company can follow certain rules and imply meaning, power, and hierarchy is a fascinating one. Employees may not judge one another for their brand of plaid for the day, but a 2008-era GitHub shirt? Jake Boxer, a developer at GitHub, points out that most people in tech just wear what they can get for free. That conveys a certain attitude towards material possessions thata€™s common in the tech culture. He says none of his colleagues appear to invest too much in what he's wearinga€”again, a theme that in tech, you dress for yourself. What I appreciated most was the idea that all that mattered in getting ready in the morning was their happiness for the day. Sivitz and Wiesenthal explained that "a€¦ it's all about the right T-shirt," paired with some brown boots or sneakers. I saw bits and pieces of my stereotypical tech-guy avatar at various points in my photo journey; a fixie bike here, some Warby Parker glasses there, and company T-shirts everywhere.
Like so many other styles of clothing, the tech uniform is a mishmash of street style and mainstream influences. WordStream is a provider of PPC management software, PPC tools, and a FREE keyword research tool.

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But the idea of a uniform, whether prescribed by authority or by social pressures, raises questions about whoa€™s wearing it, and hence in the group, and who's outside. Dan Wiesenthal (right) of MyProject also wears a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, a messenger bag, and sunglasses.
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In this case the ConceptDraw PRO software extended with Education Infographics Solution is a real godsend for you. They are available for reviewing, modifying, or converting to a variety of formats (PDF file, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio XML, and many other graphic formats) from the ConceptDraw Solution Browser v3. Interestingly, our 5 eyes partners make up our top exporting markets, led by Australia with 73% of our exporting tech companies selling there.
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