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Ulead VideoStudio is video editing and DVD authoring software that lets anyone do more with video.
This excellent introductory video editor is full-featured enough for newbies and experienced users alike.
Corel's Ulead VideoStudio 11 makes video editing a simple step-by-step process, whether you just want to quickly transfer a tape to a DVD or create an elaborate video production using multiple clips, custom soundtracks, and overlay effects.
Supported formats: with Ulead PhotoImpact, you are allowed to edit most of popular graphic file. Templates: you will get stunning result with this program since it is supplied with more than 200 templates filters and effects that you can apply on your photo to get greeting card, comic strips, and so on. Sharing: once you have finished editing your pictures, Ulead PhotoImpact gives you the ease to quickly and easily export them on the net by creating thumbnails with your photo and video.
Full Version QMobile PC Suite Offline Installer free download for Windows XP, VISTA, Winodws 7, Windows 8.
Video Studio SE from Ulead is a video capture and editing software that let's you basically do everything you'll need to make a home video.
VideoStudio 10 Plus is also the first consumer video editing program to allow users to author discs in the new HD DVD format. The main VideoStudio editor features an enhanced, customizable user interface that allows users to place the preview window on the left or right side of the screen, based on four layout options.
The DV-to-DVD Wizard, first introduced in VideoStudio 9, now allows users to perform high-speed scans of DV tapes and save or print the resulting digests for reference.
For audio excitement, VideoStudio 10 Plus now includes full Dolby Digital 5.1 support and a new surround sound mixer for drag-and-drop mixing and steering audio tracks.
New and unique menu styles include SmartScene menus, where project titles share a single preview area instead of appearing as separate motions buttons. Box versions of VideoStudio 10 and VideoStudio 10 Plus will be available on shelves in North America in May, the UK and Europe in late April. Users who purchase VideoStudio 10 or VideoStudio 10 Plus during the first 6 weeks of availability will receive a free 6 month subscription to Dropshots online video sharing service, valued at approximately US$30. Unique and powerful features include full MPEG-4 support, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and the category's only complete solution for high-definition video. It’s the all-in-one solution for owners of digital cameras, camcorders, scanners or anyone who wants to make it easier to keep track of their media. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
It offers you an outstanding rendering quality due to its realistic filters and effects as well as other features which are really interesting.
Indeed, the program gives you the opportunity to work with bitmap picture, JPG and GIF and frees you from compatibility matters. To match Ulead Studio and Ulead PhotoImpact, the last one features tool which creates menu that you can insert in a video.
VideoStudio 10 gives entry-level users affordable and easy-to-use editing and authoring tools for great home movies.

Users can play back HD content using the InterVideo WinDVD playback software, which is included with the package. The program also offers faster start-up and improved responsiveness when selecting or previewing video clips. The audio waveform display, included in both VideoStudio 10 and VideoStudio 10 Plus, simplifies the process of editing to music.
Also new are menu transitions that segue smoothly between menus and DVD content; and menu filters that allow users to create movement on static menus with animated ripples, waves or pan and zooms. Even the full editor is easy to use, with menu items along the top arranged to walk you through the edit process step-by-step. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
An advanced version, VideoStudio 10 Plus, delivers unique and powerful features for next-generation quality and creativity. Offering the industry's broadest range of sharing options, VideoStudio 10 Plus is the only consumer video editor to provide full MPEG-4 support for sharing on popular mobile devices such as the Apple iPod, Sony PSP and the growing number of video-enabled cell phones. Novice users will find the Movie Wizard, with its array of automated features and templates, a friendly and accessible introduction to video editing.
VideoStudio 10 Plus offers advanced editing features for users who are ready to take their video productions to the next level. Newly enhanced with AccuCut navigation controls VideoStudio's Multi-Trim editor lets users quickly traverse clips and zoom into the frame level to set precise mark-in and mark-out points. As you'd expect from a product that's reached its 11th version, VideoStudio 11 is packed with features.
Each step starts with a useful tips window that helps novice users through the whole process. The new releases allow users of all levels to easily turn photos and video into high-quality productions for sharing on DVD, tape, the Internet or mobile devices.
With support for high-definition capture, editing, authoring, output and playback, VideoStudio 10 Plus is the first consumer video editing package to offer complete support for HD video. The new Export to Mobile Device feature lets users choose from a selection of MPEG-4 and WMV presets and then finds connected devices. The Movie Wizard features new studio-quality theme templates for standard and widescreen movies. Six overlay tracks make it possible to create multiple picture-in-picture and montage effects. With VideoStudio 10 Plus, the Multi-Trim editor also includes Ad-Zapper, a scanning tool that automatically detects the TV commercials for easy removal. Several automatic filters simplify cleaning up problem footage: DeSnow removes noise from low-light videos and snowy TV recordings, while DeBlock helps eliminate obvious compression artifacts.
With this powerful software you are able to capture video, arrange video clips, edit video footage, save in various formats and much more. To enable home users to edit high-definition video, even on mid-range machines, VideoStudio 10 Plus incorporates Smart Proxy.
Users can now import still images and video clips from mobile devices and automatically apply transitions and Pan and Zoom effects.

New filters have also been added to VideoStudio 10, including two corrective video filters. Ulead software empowers users of all levels with the tools to easily and affordably personalize, manage and share digital content. The humorous thing about all of this is that ATi has been using Ulead Video Studio and will even do so with the Radeon "All in Wonder" product. Fully transparent to users, Smart Proxy automatically converts HD video to smaller-sized proxy files that can be edited in real-time on less-powerful computers.
Enhance Lighting adds "fill light" to dark shots, while Anti-Shake improves unsteady handheld video. And the antishake option helps eliminate camera unsteadiness in your footage, a key feature missing in earlier versions. This means that ATi will have to prove itself video king through hardware since Asus has now coupled the GeForce2 with the very same software. For output, Smart Proxy reverts back to the original high-definition footage so the final quality is uncompromised. VideoStudio doesn't provide as many transitions, effects, and text overlays as Pinnacle Studio 11 does, but the ones that are here generally look more professional than Studio's often-dated effects.
Overlay features are particularly slick: You can superimpose not only stills and videos on your footage, but also elaborate Flash animations. On the editing front, you'll find a function to automatically detect commercial breaks in recorded TV shows, making the ads easier to remove. And VideoStudio 11 has a batch converter, a feature many video editors lack, though we wish it allowed you to save presets (for video size, compression rate, and the like) for common target formats.
Performance is good, and VideoStudio takes advantage of dual-core processors to speed rendering. It never crashed, though we did get a couple of “unable to encode video” errors that offered no further explanation. For an additional $30, Plus offers high-definition (HD) video authoring, including Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) support for newer video cameras and the ability to burn HD DVD (but not Blu-ray) discs. You can even burn short HD movies to standard writable DVD discs, though these hybrid discs aren't supported by all HD DVD players.
Also in the box is the WinDVD 8 Silver player, which supports HD (including AVCHD) playback.
And while the basic version of VideoStudio provides excellent support for transferring video to portable players—you can create files for Pocket PCs, smartphones, and Zune WMV—the Plus version adds iPods, PSPs, and Zune MPEG-4 to the list. The basic version of VideoStudio 11 is an excellent, easy-to-use program for creating standard-definition videos, and the extra $30 for the Plus version is well-spent if you have an HD camcorder or you want to create videos for portable players.

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