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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Here, the name SONY itself has been theLogo for the company for so many years.As seen before the word Sony is takenfrom a Latin word which is defined asSound. The packaging of the product is done with materials that are sort of eco- friendly so that it does not affect thenature.
The Core Identity of Sony is what the Brand’s slogan is all aboutmake.believe which means to pretend or imagine. Sony had started its company on May7, 1946 and has had the followingextensions that were added to itlater, which are as follows: Sony Ericsson, October 1st 2001Sony Entertainment Television, October1995 Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.
Unleash your creativity with Sony's new VAIO Movie Story video editing software - the fast, easy way to produce high-quality home movies with a distinctly professional feel. WebCam Companion expands your webcam's functionality by providing a broad range of features. When used in combination with WebCam Companion, Arcsoft Magic-i™ Visual Effects lets you personalise your video chats with a wide range of photo frames, interactive themes, avatars and effects. Next-generation home entertainment is yours to enjoy with VAIO Media plus, the extraordinary new software that lets you share visual and audio content over your wired or wireless home network. VAIO Presentation Support heightens the convenience and flexibility of business presentations.
Microsoft® Office Professional 2007 is the business software of choice for professional business use.
When updates to VAIO software and related information become available on the Internet, VAIO Update* automatically alerts you to their availability by placing a reminder balloon on your desktop.
This feature supports the Windows Easy Transfer feature in Windows® 7, letting you easily transfer files and settings from your old computer to your new VAIO. Sony logo is a combination of aWide Latin, Times New Roman orCentury font that is white in colour withthe current tag line make.believe and abackground which is Black which gives ita very stretched and easy to identifylook. You can import video footage or still images from your video camcorder to your connected VAIO and burn an original DVD* with just a few clicks.
VAIO Movie Story distills complex video editing and production procedures into three simple steps. This powerful, yet easy-to-use video editing software allows you to easily create and edit your own professional videos.
Convenient templates and state-of-the-art image editing tools like brightness, contrast and colour correction free you to explore your creativity.
It automatically organises pictures and movies into folders or by shooting date when they are imported into VAIO.

And the Face Tracking function keeps your face centred in the picture even if you're not always right in front of the camera. Users can designate exactly what will appear on the external monitor and display it in a separate, resizable window on the computer screen.
Its powerful tools make it easy to realize professional management of customer information, business analysis reports and other documents. This remarkable function instantly changes VAIO's operating environment to match your usage requirements. You can then download the updates and information with ease to enjoy all the latest advances.* Requires an Internet connection. It protects you and your computer from many known threats and annoyances, including identity theft, junk e-mail, viruses, hackers, and spyware. It is treated ashigh and mighty compared to the other brands as it contributes aproduct in many parts of the Entertainment sector.The advertising is the communication between the Brand and thepeople. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, you'll appreciate the simplicity of Click to Disc software.
Just place visual content in a timeline window, then drag and drop to arrange in the appropriate order. Using a set of flexible image capture options, you can create a totally original look with the photos you have taken with a digital or traditional camera. Then you can find images by date on a calendar, register shooting locations on a map, find movie scenes by action, locate images of faces or smiles, enhance pictures by editing or trimming, extract still pictures from movies, team up PMB with VAIO Movie Story, and use your pictures in many more ways. In essence, VAIO Media plus transforms your computer into a content-distributing server as well as a player for viewing content from other networked computers and recorders. The rest of the desktop is then free during the presentation for private purposes such as taking notes. Simply press the convenient MODE button and VAIO switches computer settings and wallpaper accordingly. It also backs up many of your important files, such as pictures and music, and restores them when desired to prevent accidental loss. The core identity represents the timeless essence of theBrand.Here the timeless essence of the Brand is that it deliversnew, trendy and best products. The software does the rest, using its intelligent, analytic engine and Sony's original 12 Tone Analysis system to generate a finished movie complete with smooth cinematic transitions, special effects, and perfectly timed soundtrack.
The original and edited versions of the video are conveniently displayed in separate windows.
And with versatile delivery features, you have more choices in what you can do with them — print them, email them or post them on the Web in dynamic Flash animations for the world to see.

New features include Movie Tracer, which lets you join separate video clips to create panoramic videos, and eDeco, which lets you combine still images and videos with picture frames, comments, and sound effects.
Sony's innovative XrossMediaBar interface enables easy, intuitive searching for desired content on your network via your choice of mouse or remote control.
Wherever or however you use VAIO, this is the smart answer to your multiple computing needs. You can enjoy the Internet with greater peace of mind whether surfing, shopping, banking, emailing, messaging, or playing online games. Sony logostands out because of its name which isunique and also it cannot be copied byanyone else. People have recognised it to one of thebest commodities with particular traits attached to it. Sony Music Entertainment waslaunched in the year 1991-2004,then was again reintroducedin the year 2008 and is still there. Just import your footage to Click to Disc Editor and take advantage of the clearly organised, intuitive interface. What's more, Smart Face Detection technology assures you of perfectly framed shots of people and prevents faces from being cropped. Add scrolling titles and subtitles as well as scene transitions, or take advantage of Sony's convenient plug-in for Premiere®, VAIO Edit Components. McAfee security is always operating in the background to ensure your privacy and protection. It creates acertain lasting impression on the people’s mind and attitude towardsthe product.
Even novices can easily reorder video clips, combine favourite footage with favourite music, and much more.
This remarkable plug-in lets you edit HD content and create special effects, such as moving sparkles and flames with 3D Particle Maker and Motion Tracker. You'll produce original movie disc masterpieces in no time.* Compatible with HDV and AVCHD formats.

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