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Visual effects pros gathered in person at the Oscars and on Twitter to protest the unsustainable model supporting the creation of Hollywood’s most eye-popping films. The post-Oscars morning-after ritual usually involves dusting off champagne haze, peeling off the Prada dresses, and returning the Harry Winston jewels, signaling a return to relative normal following Tinseltown’s glitziest night. For anyone not glued to Twitter during the 85th Academy Awards, you likely missed last night’s furor. If the protests were organized before the event, the real crystallizing moment came when the Rhythm & Hues team came to collect their Oscar for Best Visual Effects. The reality boiling under this Oscar night controversy (which usually centers around more trivial matters like flailing hosts, crazy acceptance speeches, or poor sartorial choices) is critical for the future of film as we know it. Phillip Broste, lead compositor at Zoic Studios, had some thoughts on the matter, which he voiced on Facebook in an open letter to Ang Lee. In the meantime, take a look at the greatest hits (digs?) from Twitter during the Oscars telecast.
That moment when the director of a VFX movie forgets to thank the VFX team whose company folded making that movie. While makeup is often used in film to make actors and actresses look more beautiful, it can also be used to make them look scary, beat-up, or inhuman. Special effects makeup artists will spend much of their time using cosmetics and appliances to create the appearance of bruises, cuts, blood, old age, deformities, mutations, and more.

Special effects makeup artists need all the same skills and abilities as their more conventional makeup artist brothers and sisters, including a background in cosmetology and extensive knowledge of makeup materials. Special effects makeup artists have performed their duties in the film industry since its beginning, and have helped contribute to the suspension of reality that is key to the immersive film experience. Sign up and you'll never miss out on great stories from the entertainment career landscape. For the visual effects community, however, this morning’s ritual involves replacing social media profile pictures with green (representing a greenscreen) and stoking the flames of controversy set on Oscar night. When Ang Lee received the Best Director award for Pi, many felt the auteur would correct earlier ills by giving Rhythm & Hues its due. When a director needs a handsome actor to become a horrifying mutant zombie, he or she turns to the considerable talents of the special effects makeup artist. This specialist artist is charged with creating monsters using makeup and prosthetics, often made of latex, silicone, or rubber. However, they also need an education in other materials such as latex, rubber, fake blood, and other materials that will be used to create realistic-looking prosthetics; realism is the goal of all special effects makeup artists. Because the job requires you to focus less on making actors pretty and more on making them look monstrous, bloodied, or alien, you will find your talents employed mostly on science fiction and horror films; though you’ll also be essential on any movie or television show that needs a character to get a black eye, age 20 years in a day, or come out of the closet as a strange half-plant, half-human creature. Last night, outside the Dolby Theatre nearly 500 visual effects professionals gathered to protest the challenges facing their industry.

Instead, he awkwardly rambled on thanking everyone from the countries of Taiwan and Canada to his lawyer, quite obviously omitting the team that made what was deemed an unfilmable book, one that involves a boy and a (CGI) tiger stranded in a lifeboat, possible. Is the future of VFX at risk or are practices like outsourcing and chasing subsidies a result of a free market? Special effects makeup artists are different from regular makeup artists: Instead of beautifying actors and actresses, they often spend their time doing the exact opposite. Because their subjects will spend hours upon hours in the makeup chair being transformed into orcs, vampires, or Benjamin Button, special effects makeup artists need great communication skills to go along with their artistry and creative solutions.
Long hours on set and making actors feel comfortable during the eight hours in the makeup chair are just a couple of the tasks you’ll face, but the rest of the job will be spent making artifice look natural.
VFX players and those who appreciate them were also demonstrating on Twitter at #VFXprotest against practices that see VFX jobs sent offshore, a financial model that relies heavily on global film subsidies and the downward pressure on VFX budgets that contributed to the demise of visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues just as it was poised to take home a trophy for the lush and largely CGI world of Life of Pi. Even in the world of computer-generated special effects, special effects makeup is still important in helping create a seamless connection between live actors and actresses and the fantasy world around them; imagine Frodo with normal, hairless feet and perfectly rounded ears, and you understand how important the special effects makeup artist’s tiniest jobs can sometimes be.
Artists in this position must answer to both the costume designer and the special effects department.

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