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Whether you are a small business or a larger Organization, every Company needs to properly market themselves online in the digital space. As the majority of retailers now have entered the gift card space, the nature of these programs has been changing.
Historically, gift card consultants have been either individuals using consulting work as a revenue stream between staff positions or agencies focused on outsourcing sales to the B2B market. Powerhouse Brands, with its staff of experienced gift card managers, has redefined the gift card consultancy space to address that need. Whether the challenge is launching a new program or expanding a current program to new heights, merchants need reliable, knowledgeable execution.
Powerhouse Brands is a dedicated gift card program management firm focused on premium and emerging brands.
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Powerhouse Brands has launched a new website to showcase a new kind of gift card consulting firm whose focus is on helping manage and grow all aspects of premium merchant gift card programs.

When the gift card industry began twenty years ago, this sales focus made sense, as most programs were launched by internal teams in the finance department, largely a stranger to sales. Merchants that utilize the gift card product are finding more uses within promotional and loyalty programs that are redefining the gift card industry and dramatically increasing its value. The Powerhouse team acts as an outsourced gift card department, helping gift card program managers at premium brands define their strategy and execute the gift card program to grow and maximize their opportunities. We advise on strategy, build internal presentations, and manage projects and programs for all internal and external sales channels. Redefining gift card consulting in the current hectic atmosphere just makes sense, and Powerhouse Brands is happy to lead this significant change. Powerhouse seeks to support merchants to develop outstanding gift card programs in order to provide the exceptional experiences consumers deserve. New sales opportunities, complex systems, and more sophisticated vendors have created challenges for merchants to manage and grow their overall program. The concept is to have a well experienced resource that can help bring clarity and take action for the brand’s sake, no matter what the need,” states Matt Davies, founder and CEO of Powerhouse Brands.

There are also new strategies and support for in-store and online channels which has been managed internally in the past. Because gift card has so many facets and touches so many departments, it can be difficult to manage or even understand. Usually teams are made up of a single individual who is stretched to get all the responsibilities completed. Merchants have a new need to get expert help to identify and execute gift card strategies from all sales channels, as well as establish internal program value to their executives and the field.

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