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Therefore, we’ve put together these tips for improving your split testing and optimising your email marketing.
To illustrate the point, we’ve included the results of a recent split test we carried out on a Forfront campaign. After a split test you can edit your message in line with the test’s “winning” variables before it goes to the rest of your contacts, ensuring a prime return for all your effort. Often a subject line can make or break an email and split testing can reveal a huge variation in display rates. Sometimes the time and day that you send an email campaign is even more important than the subject line. A recipient might be really eager to open the message on Tuesday morning at 8am on the train to work, whereas another contact might be far more likely to give your message the attention it deserves at 4pm on a Friday when they’re winding down for the week.
If you’re just split testing to discover which subject line gets the best display rate, you’re missing out.
To really optimise your email marketing campaigns, a split test is a great way to experiment with your design and layout. Recently, Forfront sent out an email campaign promoting our website development services which included a free downloadable guide and this special offer.
Instead of simply blasting the email to our desired group of selected contacts in one go, we wanted to establish two things; the ideal sending time for optimum displays and engagement, plus which subject line elicited the best response from the recipients. In order to figure this out, and to practice what we’ve been preaching in this post, we carried out a series of split tests.
The 8am “A poor website” email and the 6pm “Six reasons” campaign both got gigantic display rates – far higher than any other test. On the other hand, the “Six reasons” test email at 8am got the highest click through rate, but only by a small margin.
Both of the midday sends got adequate display and click through rates, but evidently our test contacts were most engaged, responsive and receptive to the email campaign early in the morning or at the end of the working day. However, this split test didn’t conclusively answer which subject line had performed best, or which time was ideal. Subscribers were most likely to engage with “Six reasons” at the end of the day – with time on their hands during the commute or taking a break from work perhaps?
On the other hand, “A poor website” was a more effective, attention-grabbing subject line early in the morning – producing a large spike in display rates – yet the click through rate underperformed in comparison.
As the results weren’t entirely conclusive, we decided to split our main bulk of the campaign sending in line with our findings, to take advantage of the early morning response of the “A poor website” campaign as well as the huge evening display rate of “Six reasons”.
Once again, “A poor website” worked exceptionally well in the morning – getting a colossal display rate. This wasn’t the perfect split testing example – especially considering our indecision on picking a winning subject line and sending time.
During the tests, “Six reasons” had the higher averages but the spikes in “A poor website” at 8am couldn’t be ignored.
Nevertheless, it helped us eradicate midday as a sending time and pushed us to split the campaign into two, in an effort to capitalise on certain trends spotted during different times of day.

While not a ground-breaking response, the final send was a great deal better than a lot of the tests. This post covers the topic of split testing ads, and how PPC text ads testing can be related to the beautiful game of football. For all the passionate football fans out there we all know that the champion’s league is a competition, a competition of all the elite clubs in Europe fighting for that number one spot. At Firstclick digital, we work very close together, I mean literally lol but jokes aside, we all pitch in when it comes to coming up with new landing page ideas, ad ideas, split testing ads and writing text ad variations.
In the football game you want your best players to perform but sometimes due to bad management, some managers fail to give their young prospects a chance to perform. FirstClick Digital is a London based digital marketing agency with a wealth of search marketing experience backed up with the technology and valuable knowledge needed to deliver a healthy ROI for any campaign.
On our Email Marketing #emailmarketing Tips segment delivered by expert Willie Crawford we discuss list layering where you can start multiple email lists. Our social media #socialmedia expert Dallas McLaughlin reveals a sleeping GIANT you should be watching Google Plus + and in addition Google Hangouts #googlehangouts which predictably will positively impact customer engagement. Our Legal Tips #legaltips attorney Paul Ticen discusses non-solicitation agreements and step down provisions.
On our Email Marketing Tips #emailmarketing segment delivered by expert Willie Crawford the discussion is about list segmentation #listsegmentation and learning more about your subscriber to make additional offers. Our social media #socialmedia expert Dallas McLaughlin reveals a sleeping GIANT you should be watching Google Plus +. Our Legal Tips #legaltips attorney Paul Ticen tells us the differences between Non-Disclosures and Non-Compete #noncompete agreements. On our Email Marketing Tips #emailmarketing segment delivered by expert Willie Crawford we talk about split testing #splittesting and how to maximize your return and response. Our social media #socialmedia expert Dallas McLaughlin continues the discussion about Twitter Search based on demand from the listeners. Our Legal Tips #legaltips attorney Paul Ticen gives us trade secret information and advice. Improving display and click through rates is, naturally, one of the ultimate goals of email marketing. Good split testing gives you an unbeatable insight into the elements of an email campaign that will really engage your audience.
One subject might see huge amounts of recipients opening the message to find out more, whereas another one will get barely a single display.
Don’t get me wrong, the subject line is extremely important, but you can test other hugely influential factors as well. If you split test your sending times or the layout of your email, paying attention to the click through rate is invaluable. Try putting your biggest call to action button in different positions on two different test emails and see which receives more clicks. If we’d plucked a subject line and sending time from the air, the response could quite easily have been far lower (see the 0% click through rate at 6pm for “A poor website” for instance).

Now 32 teams are split into 8 groups, with each team fighting to top each group.  Competition is extremely important when split testing ads.
Even as a fairly experienced PPCer myself, it sometimes become repetitive with some text ads, sometimes using the same calls to action and phrases. The same goes for split testing ads, having been in this text ad writing game for quite some time, I have made many mistakes and one of these mistakes was letting a poor performing ad be shown the same amount of times as a top performing text ad.
Feel free to give us a call on 0207 289 3218 or fill out the contact form and see how we can help your business grow! Comparing and setting up a type of elimination system, between your ads similar to the champions’ league group stage with all adverts fighting for that number one spot (ie: better conversion rate or other KPI). Here at FirstClick Digital, we are responsible for writing ads targeted to different countries around the world and in an increasing number of languages, which makes the process of split testing ads just that little bit harder. Relying on Google translator or another form of direct translation of your English text ads can be risky, a quick example would be something like, ‘’because’’ and “because of’’ are translated differently into Spanish, and the English word ‘’since’’ often means the same as ‘’because’’ but doesn’t always, if you get my drift. In Google Adwords, I used to use the ad setting ‘Optimise for clicks’ and just left my ads to ‘optimise’ on this setting.
Write two similar ads but change something small, like a call to action or even as little as an exclamation mark, or change something in the headline.
This is a good way get some ideas for split testing ads, in order to find out what might convert best.
This is where you get that special player from another country to assist your striker, in older to enhance your team. I have noticed a lot of people do the same, but the only thing is, they don’t set it up to ‘optimise for conversions’, which I now do. Proceed with split testing ads against each other, and once you have collected enough data based on your key performance indicators. We often pair up to look at each other’s campaigns and see if we can come up with ideas to beat the current top performing ad text. In other words a translator or native speaker, to go through your text ads and write their own edition, in order to right any wrongs, for example spellings, idiosyncrasies and calls to action that might be unique to that particular language that can make all the difference to the Click through rate when split testing ads. Providing you have a good number of ads variations, you will soon have the top performing text ad, scoring the most goals in your split testing ads competition! The winner of this ‘split testing ads’ match then moves onto the next round to face a new opponent, perhaps the same ad but with a slight variation, a price or something of that nature. Remember teamwork makes the dream work, does the Barcelona team of 2010 – 2011 come to mind? Over the season you will eventually find out your split testing ads champions league winner is.

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