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Watch how your customers respond to each of your campaign variants, in real-time via a dashboard reporting interface. Split test reports utilise the same detailed, dashboard style report like any other email campaign in MessageFocus.
Split testing Icegram messages is the easiest way to improve your results with little efforts. With the Icegram Split Testing addon, you can quickly and easily create dozens of different versions of your Icegram messages – making changes to headline, call to action text, content, images, form, display trigger or even message types. This way, you can create different versions for individual messages or all messages within a campaign. Once you’ve collected sufficient data, keep a winning variation and discard the rest. Message types – For example, which message type gets clicked the most – popup or action bar? Create as many experiments as needed to see which optimizations help your customers convert best.
Coupled with Icegram Analytics, you can see the status of your experiments in real time as customers are visiting your site. All purchases include one year free updates and support.Renewals at around 50% of initial price. Why Icegram?Icegram is the best open and free WordPress plugin for optin forms, newsletter subscription, call to action and visitor engagement.
13,750+ savvy users are actively using it and our goal is to make it the most loved plugin in its category. Twisted pairs can be a hassle to build and test but they are necessary in some cables and harnesses. Conventional tests such as continuity, resistance, and insulation tests will not sufficiently find all errors associated with twisted pairs. To use coaxial cable – all twisted pair points tested must be connected through an individual coaxial cable center conductor, and the shields of all the coax wires must be connected together and grounded to the tester chassis. To shorten interface cables – test directly on Cirris adapter cards plugged into the tester. For best results with this type of poor-quality cable, keep all adapting cables short and use high quality twisted pair wiring or shielded wiring in your fixturing. If a twisted pair wire is too short to test accurately, make the twisted pairs twice as long as needed and test from both ends (only one end is required for a twisted pair test).
Certain Cirris testers can perform twisted pair testing by checking that specific wires behave as twisted pairs. These testers are able to add a specific test instruction to the test program that will measure cross-talk and help find split pairs.

A Cirris twisted pair test is not a substitute for CAT5, CAT6, or other types of RF testing and performance certification. If you found this information helpful, sign up for our monthly newsletter to learn the latest trends in cable and harness testing.
Tests can be as simple as a different subject line or more complex multivariate testing of the email content itself.
You’ll have the option of either launching your email campaign to a sample of your mailing list, followed by the most successful campaign variant to the remainder. You might choose to personalise the subject line in one variant and in the other alter the layout of your email content or call to actions.
You’ll clearly see the performance metrics for your split test campaign and be able to make an informed decision as to which variant performed the best. You create two (or more) versions of an element and a metric that defines success (for instance – clicks on a button). People have reported 5x better conversions just by changing some text, color or button placement. You can independently track visitors and conversions for each version, and determine which one is converting best.
Testing twisted pairs may be confusing at times, but there are tricks to use that will help you achieve accurate results and ensure twisted pairs function correctly in your cable.
If the wires are too short or the quality of the twisted pairs is poor, you will need to compensate for the limitations. If you cannot avoid longer interface cables, or if you cannot maintain the same twisted pair pattern in your interface cable, a coaxial cable can be used instead. A Cirris twisted pair test only ensures that the quality of the twists is consistent, and that the cable is free of split pairs. We usually make intuitive choices, but split testing allows scientific decision making, based on real data. It uses proven scientific winner selection techniques and selects the best performing variation as the winner. Signals are sent down the wires such that when one wire in the pair becomes positive the other wire becomes negative by the same amount. A split pair error occurs when one wire from each of two different pairs gets swapped identically on both ends of the cable. The result will be two cables which have both been through twisted pair testing and only need continuity testing after terminating the second end.
After testing for twisted pairs cut the cable to length from the reel and terminate the other end. To check performance characteristics (propagation, impedance, frequency, cross-talk, packet loss) you will need a different type of instrument.

You wouldn’t pick a flavor of ice cream the same way, so why let the possible fate of your business rest on a guess? You then measure which version was more successful and then select that for continued usage (or further experimentation). This interference is called cross-talk and it occurs between wires even when the wires are separated by insulation.
Neighboring wires close to this pair will be affected by cross-talk equal to the sum of the two signals. The result is a cable that will pass a standard continuity test, but will have serious cross-talk problems, and will most likely not perform adequately at specified data rates. Using a standard continuity test will now guarantee that the cable has been pinned correctly. In the 4-Hour-Workweek, author Tim Ferriss talks about his need to test everything, not just the flavors at Baskin Robbins.
The additional length of the cable on the reel will also give the tester more margin while measuring for the presence of twisted pairs and will produce more repeatable results. By investing a small amount of money or time into split testing ideas, advertising, copy, content, marketing, and anything else, Ferriss never has to make a business decision on a whim. Let’s take a look at all the parts of your business you can test.Test Your ProductIs there a market out there for your product or service?
Ferriss recommends doing this before you actually shell out a bunch of money to a manufacturer or suppliers. This means you can’t actually capture the orders or credit card info but you can see how many people are actually interested.
Split testing headlines and slogans goes back to long before the internet, but with web tools like PPC ads, Tweets, and Reddit you can compare the success of different product headlines quickly, simply, and affordably.
No need to assume, go with the headline that generates more clicks.Test Your CopyEverything on your site and blog is a key element of your sales and marketing strategy. Today, you don’t have to spend a single dollar to zero in on your target market and get their input on how to make the product work better for them. Hit the Twittersphere, Facebook, or even your email list and ask your users or potential customers what they want from your product – no more guesswork required.Using Metrics The Right WayWhen you test everything, you also need to measure everything. When split testing, there’s not much to it except comparing the number of clicks between A and B. When testing things like your website, your content, and your product, you need to look more on user behavior.

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