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Kobe Bryant ends his historic 20-year NBA career by willing his old NBA body to a 60-point performance while simultaneously willing his young Lakers team to a 101-96 victory over the Utah Jazz. The Villanova Wildcats have captured their first college basketball National Championship in 31 years, in one of the greatest Final games in NCAA Tournament history! Does Brock Osweiler, on the basis of 7 starts, deserve the $72 million ($37 million guaranteed) that he has coming to him? Keep in mind that we are not talking about some billionaire owner being subsidized by taxpayer dollars to build a stadium, largely with seasonal workers and jobs with no benefits.
He would be the idiot not to get every dime he could get and only those with a poor understanding of the economics of playing NFL QB are unclear about this. History shows that a dominant defense is a better predictor of winning the Super Bowl than an upper-echelon QB.
I submit that as long as the false narrative of needing elite QB play is more prevalent than the reality, which is that there simply are not 32 dudes on this planet that can play NFL QB at an elite level, about a 3rd of the league will continue to chase that which simply does not exist in a quantity large enough to meet the demand. Smart economics would stop going for the home run at QB and instead load up on defensive talent. You may have never averaged a triple-double for a whole season in today’s basketball game! And yet I still have no doubt that you are one of the greatest players the game has ever seen.
This saga is as much about the evolution of the basketball as it is Curry and his haters, especially the 3-point shot. It is no accident that it grew as the back to the basket big man began to go the way of the dinosaur. Projecting if players could do the same in another era is inherently flawed due to the failure to project the player to all the unique factors of that era, be they societal, training, or others. The argument can be made that adaptability is the single most common denominator among the exceptional athletes, even beyond basketball.
So too would Steph Curry, Oscar Robertson, or the Bad Boy Pistons, if called upon to do so. The more nuanced answer is that the Chip Kelly the talent evaluator was the primary reason he lost the very sort of talent that might have helped him avoid his fate. I suppose coaches should be expected to fall for this line of thinking that they matter more than they do, especially in football where I contend they matter most. He didn’t and it’s hard to know if the reasoning was SEC bias in favor of Derrick Henry, or regional bias in that all too many voters don’t bother to make it a point to watch the later showing west coast games, or the simple anti-stereotypical reality that McCaffrey is white and voters have a mold of the football running back that he simply can’t accommodate.
What I do know is that even if race did play a role in McCaffrey not winning the award, it is in no way a validation of the existence of reverse racism, and to make such a comparison amounts to a false equivalency on steroids. Those who make this claim are either being shamefully disingenuous or have a child-like understanding of the concept of racism and more specifically in this case, white privilege. No matter how many armchair coaches and talking heads try to give you a basketball-based explanation, resist. Bryce Harper was the best player in the National League in 2015….perhaps in all of baseball.
Bryce Harper was not the most valuable player in the National League and that was not his fault.
The most valuable player is the player whose team’s level of success would be least likely without!
If we look at Harper’s value from a pure costs benefit analysis, it’s a more compelling case than pure baseball statistics in that he greatly out performed his $2.5 million salary for the year.
Part of this challenge is the inconsistent history of what the writers are actually looking for in the MVP.
The point is as great as Harper was in 2015, his absence from the Nat’s would have been no more than a distinction without a difference on what really matters: winning!

The basic resolution is two awards: a Most Valuable Player award which must be tied to the player’s contribution to the teams NOTEWORTHY SUCCESS and a Player of the Year award which can be driven by statistical production alone.
What is more useful is to discuss the threshold of proof necessary to acknowledge the mistreatment of some, particularly women, Black, and Latino folks.
On due process terms, it seems to me that only the Dallas Cowboys can take any action against Hardy and we all know that if they did cut him, more than a few teams will be lined up to sign him.
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When I read autobiographical texts, I am always looking to see how much the author is willing to look inside and expose the bad and the ugly along with the good.  Mr. Marshall Thompson may have had the most interesting entrance of the evening, dressed in a Spartan helmet, with entourage in tow.
Adi started the fight very aggressive, attempting a couple of submissions until being hit below the belt.  This slowed him down for a brief minute but he then exploded with a knee followed by hammer fist which gave him the victory in the 1st round by KO. Martinez wins the entrance war by entering the ring to Big Pun’s 100%.  This makes me take notice but again the entrance wars mean nothing as Grebb wins by triangle choke in the 2nd round. No interesting entrances to speak of in this match but this was one hell of a fight that went back and forth until Mackin was saved by the bell in round 2 after being put in a rear naked choke.  Mackin seemed to be drowsy and the fight was stopped giving Baker the victory. Gustavo wins the entrance by using music from Hip Hop artist The Game but the fight was a different story.  This was a close fight with Sullivan winning a unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27. I haven’t written about Football in a while and after watching LeBron fail to give full effort in the NBA Finals, it reminded me of a certain football player. I personally don’t know your pain tolerance but I do know you appeared to mentally check out of the Chicago Bears’ game in the playoffs last season.
Initially I heard you had an MCL sprain, then after it seemed as though the entire world called you a quitter, it became a tear. Anyone who doesn’t think you quit is either a delusional Bears fan or someone who has a low football IQ. The fact that you are a complete jerk made your peers think it was cool to talk pork chop greasy about you.
At the heart of it all is the failure of the baseball, and sports writer culture to make a distinction between the best player and the most valuable player.
Simply put that means without Bryce Harper this past season, instead of winning 83 games, the Nats would have only won 73 games.
The process also reeks with personal gripes, surely at times stemming from which guy gave them interviews when they wanted one. Cecil Fielder leads the league in homers and RBIs and is first to hit over 50 (51) since 1977.
Lifting weights can aid in the increase of bone density which can help slow or reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Though nothing guarantees that you won’t fall, weight training will ensure stronger muscles, which means more stability. You will not only create beautiful muscles, you will stimulate increased blood flow to the muscles you are using. Increased self-esteem; research has shown that women who lift weights are more confident and content with their lives. One reason I personally started to lift, other than wanting to compete, was because I wanted to have curves! I was just a skinny little girl with an ass, and now I’ve all the curves in all the right places. Subsequently if the team had little or no success, how valuable could any one player have been?
If our task is to measure value in the context of the team’s success to that I say, WHO CARES?

Unless he dramatically regresses, the Nats will have to pay for their 2015 bargain with the highest arbitration award in the history of the game in 2017 and highest contract ever to keep him in 2019 when they will surely be competing with his childhood favorite team the Yankees. The majority of those who experience bad falls is usually associated to poor balance and weakened muscle fibers.
These movements include sitting, standing, running, walking, sleeping, lifting, pulling, and other daily movements.
As your muscles strengthen, it takes less work to make them contract, which means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard.
In all my years of going to see baseball games, he is the only player that I have seen hit multiple upper deck homers. Apparently not valuable enough for 2014 NL manager of the year Matt Williams because he got fired. How valuable can any one player be on a team that regressed 13 games from the previous season? The general writers’ response to his losing to Henderson was that Henderson played for a contending team. One was in the playoffs against my Giants (I did not particularly love him at that exact moment) and the other was against the Dodgers.
In football both Seattle with Russell Wilson and Baltimore with Joe Flacco illustrate cautionary tales in paying to compensate past bargains at the expense of addressing other team needs. The next year, Cal wins his second MVP on an Oriole team that finishes in 6th place over Cecil Fielder and his league leading 44 homers and 133 RBIs for the second place Tigers.
The fact that anyone needed pictures to get to this level of outrage means that this is much bigger than Greg Hardy.
However, while you’re in the midst of lifting your blood pressure may temporarily rise, so people with uncontrolled high blood pressure or significant heart problems should check with their doctors before starting a weight-lifting program.
But at least their decisions can be defended by the players’ value to their winning a championship. Early in the year his improved pitch selection and overall plate discipline forecasted trouble for pitchers. Murray was arguably the most feared hitter in the league, a switch hitter with power and a clutch rep similar to what we have seen with David Ortiz in recent years. It’s clear that women being brutalized by men and Black and Latino folks by police requires a certain level of visual proof beyond that of most others. When a guy with his power restricts his swings to strikes, the results are career highs in both homers and walks both nearly double previous highs.
Consider the assessment of teammate and Hall of Famer Jim Palmer when asked who he believes should have won that award, “Eddie Murray missed 7 games that year. Meanwhile Ozzie Smith didn’t hit a home run all year……but he drove in 80 and batted .303 while playing his routinely great short stop for an offensively challenge Cardinal team that advanced to the World Series. But there is a distinct difference in justifiable scrutiny of the truth and hoping one is not being truthful so that we can maintain our business as usual world views about women, Black, and Latino folks being primarily responsible for their mistreatment.
That’s value and due to no fault of his own, Bryce simply did not have that for a historically underachieving Nationals team this year. Certainly not for condoning violence against women but because Hardy’s arrogance and indifference is fueled by the very fundamental fact, be it conscious or subconscious, that he knows I and most of you will keep watching the NFL.

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