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TestimonialsIt came to me as a surprise when I submitted my essay to this editing service thinking that not much would need modification, but I was amazed to see how many errors were in my paper. I never thought having my paper editing by a professional editor would make my paper so different and improved. Everything about this editing service is simply outstanding, be it the quality of editors, their affordable prices, timely delivery, or efficient customer support. Before you even think about a paper-editing career, you need to examine how much control you have over your sleep. You need to be able to get to bed on time, be fully rested, and must not be the sort of person that falls asleep without being in bed because if you are doing your proofreading job correctly then you may end up feeling like you want to sleep at your desk. If you get a real paper-editing job then you will probably have to work from an office, but it is a quite job.
The more qualifications you have then the more likely you are to get a job with a mainstream paper editing and proofreading company. Looking for a job ten times per week means you apply for two jobs every working day (Monday to Friday). While you should really know your suite inside and out, it still leaves out how to develop an eye for editing.
Pointing this out seems a bit silly, since you obviously can’t make an edited film without cuts, but as an editor, you should understand that this is your most powerful tool.
Taking in how others have cut their films is one thing, but doing it yourself is quite another. A paper editor and proofreader must have a lot of disciplined control over his or her sleep because the job demands it. There is pressure involved, but it is more fun than manual labor and some paper editor jobs can be very well paid. You could apply to see if they take on apprentice workers and such, but on the whole, you are researching to see if there are lots of places to work, if there are any near you, what it required and what they pay. You are learning how to become a proofreader and editor, so offer to proofread and edit their essays for a small fee.

Apply to them, especially the ones that demanded the qualifications you didn’t have when you first looked. In this series of articles, we’ll leave the software aside, and focus on the actual building of a film through editing. Virtually every film is comprised mostly from cuts, with a transition or two thrown in there somewhere. It can be wielded in extremely different ways, you can make a seamless cut that the audience doesn’t notice or you can jar them with a smash-cut.
One game that I played when I was learning how to cut was taking a scene from a film, watching it, and then estimating how many cuts were made.
You can learn quite a bit from these films, and maybe even more so than you would just watching great films. I may get some flack for saying this, but what suite or software you edit on doesn’t matter. Go out and shoot a narrative video with friends, or a bunch of random shots, and start splicing shots together. Basically you ingest a Hollywood movie into your computer, and re-edit it to your heart’s content. Part of this is because I’m a big believer in trying to intuitively know when to cut, and the only way to do that is to just jump into the deep-end and start. Writing online professionally for 4-plus years and has produced and performed in over a dozen films and webseries. I just loved the way editors worked on my essay – they found several errors and replaced it with better phrases to make my essay even effective. There is also a chance you may have to work remotely, which means less money, lower job prospects and means it is easier to get fired, but it also means no commute and you can work in your pajamas. Few qualifications will mean you end up checking blog posts for a few dollars, but many qualifications may have you proofreading and editing federal papers for a massive wage. You may earn a few dollars extra that you may use whilst studying instead of having to get a job as a glass collector in a bar to earn extra cash.

But you’re looking primarily at cutting from one shot to another, to turn raw footage into a film.
Pay attention to how scenes have been cut together, and when the shot switches from a close-up to a medium shot to a wide shot and when.
Then go back to rewatch it; pause it every time a cut was actually made, and compare how many cuts you thought were made against how many were actually made.
The difference between a free NLE, and one that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, is negligible-to-non-existant when you’re learning. These will be terrible, but the act of just doing them will start to train your eye where to cut, and you’ll begin to get a feel for editing. This is can be a lot harder than you realize, because you also need to cut around audio issues and visual cues, there’s no b-footage lying around for you to use. But understanding why an edit works is also important, so in the next part of this series, I’ll introduce you to Vsevolod Pudovkin. He has also been everything from a social media consultant to managing a JUNO award winning musician. It can be a boring job and it does take a lot of concentration and discipline, so be sure you want to be a paper editor before reading on. Nothing will make you realize how many edits are made in a film by watching it, and then pausing at every cut.
I’ve even gone as far to edit a few films by hand — and I mean actual film, with a splicer, by hand (see image above)! So grab your copy of The Phantom Menace and try to fix it, or The Matrix sequels, and try to cut that down to a single 2-hour film.

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