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According to this fact that Iran Insurance industry has recently been in the path of liberalization and privatization, which implies that the insurance companies take steps to protect of themselves and retaining of the market share in the way of the adoption of strategic planning and appropriate strategy marketing.The present article,to identify of the subcategory of the exports insurance, by using of the ideal planning model provides the way for selecting and allocating of the enough resources to those areas that are placed in the higher priority. Globalization seems to be all communities moving towards a united world, in which everything is touched and regarded in a global scale. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of brand awareness to re-purchase intention of customers with trilogy of emotions approach. Customer satisfaction,in fact is utility amount that the customer acquire it, due to the different characteristics of the product. The potential and effectiveness of the newly developed Pareto-based Multi objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEA) for solving a real-world power system multi objective nonlinear optimization problem are comprehensively discussed and evaluated in this paper.
This paper investigates the relationship among firm growth, size, and behavior, such as R&D activity, on the data based 4-digit International Standard of Industrial Classification (ISIC) of firms in the Iranian electronics industry over the period of 1995-2011. Lack of knowledge about intellectual capital accounting and its role in the process of creating value cause the financial statements not to show most of the values for the shareholders and other users.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of trilogy of emotions (cognition, affection, and conation) on re-purchase intention of cell phone buyers who use Sony, Apple and Samsung brands, and examining the effect of awareness of these brands on emotions and re-purchase.
The main goal of all banks of country is collecting the savings of natural and legal persons and extending facilities to different organizations, corporations and natural persons. Ultrasonic sensors (also known as transceivers when they both send and receive, but more generally called transducers) work on a principle similar radar or sonar which evaluate attributes of a target by interpreting the echoes from radio or sound waves respectively.
Currently, economic activities, including providing services and producing products, take place in an intrinsically dynamic and uncertain atmosphere. The concept of brand identity which is an interorganizational element and one of the main topics in brand and marketing has been less considered. The service sector, today the major part of markets in many countries have allocated under control and dominate of itself.The complex nature of the service that comes from its common features,is along with the increasing growth of the service sector and thus the organizations need for searching the ways to improve of their financial performance and attraction of customers are largely confined in a current very competitive environment. Undoubtedly, small and medium-sized companies have an undeniable impact on the economic conditions of each country. In recent decades, following the increasing growth of internationalization of trade and the movement of companies to the global market, we are observing the intense competition of competitors to seize more markets. Monetary policy refers to some processes by which financial experts change the general liquidity of economy through the available legal mean in order to stabilize the price level and decrease the gap between actual and potential output. Economic development is required for progress of all countries in the world that this progress necessary gathering of all capitals. This study is a developmental research using a survey methodology based on library research. In this study, unlike other studies in the success literature, success criteria have been indentified and also classified with a new approach in terms of distinctions of project, program and portfolio.
Outsourcing is to deposit some liabilities to a company or a third party and contracting with them to do certain things. Classical methods based on finite difference equation guarantee linear stability, consistency and convergency of the discrete solution to the exact one.
The aim of the present study was to examine and develop the interactions among factors influencing organizational entrepreneurship. In this paper, the Economic Dispatch (ED) problem has been optimized by Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA). One of the most important problems that usually banks and financial institutions encounter is the credit risk or unfulfillment of obligations by applicant of the credit facilities in all over the world .The noticeable figure of outstanding claims bank show its importance and consideration. Many companies invest great efforts into achieving appropriate organization and through it better quality of products and services.
The Stock fluctuations usually known as Bullwhip Effect is a very challenging issue in supply chain management. Robert Putnam has been a leading scholar in research of social capital since the publication of his groundbreaking work Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy, in 1993. The Lagrangian nature of smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) lets track the interface between two different fluids without any need to an interface capturing algorithm. Effect of organization vitality on employee performance in Qazvin province Water and Wastewater company. In this research, effect of organization vitality on employee job performance is investigated. To outreach (Overcome) in service offering to customer requires having of a full commitment to the customer. This paper investigates a common framework in the field of Modeling, simulation ,optimization and control of chemical process with the emphasis on the oil industry. The purpose of this study was to determine the Effectiveness Treatment Exposure And response prevention On Reduce symptoms of obsessive – compulsive .The method of this research was quasit - experimental. The capital markets are considered as main pillars of each country and their purpose is collecting small capitals and transferring them to producers. Present descriptive survey type study is an attempt to define the very impact of consumer’s ethnocentrism and product knowledge on product’s country of origin and purchase intention.
In this study, a powerful method of tracking people was presented based on Graph Cut and Kalman Filter in some fixed cameras. So whenever any of the three ‘biggies’ have a developer conference, we as marketers have to sit up and take notice. At F8 this year, Mark Zuckerberg also outlined the 3, 5 and 10 year roadmap for Facebook; conveying with absolute clarity that they are here for the long haul. With over 60 billion messages sent over Messenger and WhatsApp every day, together they are three times bigger than SMS (20 billion messages daily) globally.
If your marketing strategy involves SMS in any way, you will have to seriously consider the new platforms, especially since SMS is now considered to be a medium for SPAM. Last year, Facebook opened up the API for Messenger, allowing developers to create fun experiences for users on the platform. Facebook has released a suite of tools which include buttons, plugins, ‘codes’ and short-links; making it easier for consumers to connect with brands and businesses. If you are a consumer brand, you must be wondering how you can keep up with the ton of messages you might receive. Imagine messaging ION Orchard asking them about all the latest deals at the mall and getting a well laid out response with the on-going promotions and details on how to get to the various stores in the mall. Imagine messaging RedMart your shopping list, a bot reads the list, provides the user with simple tap based options to choose between brands; totals the bill and allows you to pay directly using Facebook (that’s right, Messenger is now a payment gateway as well).
With Google and Microsoft investing heavily in VR and AR tech, Facebook’s first play has been to allow immersive 360 video content on the NewsFeed. You can expect Facebook to take it a step further and integrate the Facebook and Oculus experience in the coming months. Mere association with the largest online leak is outright damaging in the eyes of the public.
Next Media founder Jimmy Lai has stepped down from his role as chairman and executive director of the company, having handed in hi.. Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government on Wednesday requested the Centre to immediately declare the Puttingal Devi temple tragedy that claimed 113 lives and left several injured as a national calamity. The chief minister said the all-party meeting called on Thursday would try to arrive at a consensus on formulating a policy on bringing about restriction on fireworks.
Chandy said a section in society was not in favour of stopping traditional practices and rituals based on faith. The chief minister said DNA tests to identify bodies still in hospitals has begun and would be completed soon.

Chandy said police had received complaints that 21 persons were missing after the tragedy in the area and quoted experts as having stated that there was a possibility that the entire body of a person would have been charred, making even DNA testing difficult.
Government’s priority now was to provide the best possible treatment to the injured being treated in hospitals, he said. Chandy said a cabinet sub-committee of ministers, comprising Adoor Prakesh, V S Sivakumar and Shibu Baby John, would visit the accident site on Thursday and take stock of the losses suffered in the area.
Flaying CPI(M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan for demanding resignation of home minister Ramesh Chennithala in the wake of the tragedy, he said “some are trying to politicise the mishap.
He recalled the stampede at Sabarimala and Thekkady boat tragedy during the previous Left Democratic Front (LDF) rule and said United Democratic Front (UDF), then in the opposition, had not sought resignation of Balakrishnan, who was home minister. Asked about the delay in fixing responsibility for the mishap, he said a case has been registered and probe is on. However, Chandy made it clear that any person found guilty for the mishap would be brought before justice.
Perhaps you have implemented a new ad campaign that is working really well or have insights into how traditional advertising is being supplanted by newer methods. Trade name is considered to be as intangible assets of each company that is as a valuable source for companies.
To this end, reference can be made to economic consequences of globalization for the educational system, including more attention to the technical and vocational education and further utilization of the information technology. The main reason for its development in international trade is the price differences between countries which makes independent risk taker or buyers get into the market and they buy products in low-cost countries and export to countries with a high price and take advantage of price disparity. Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty and thus it will entail of increasing the company's reputation and also increase the company future profitability. The study applies a way Using GMM method to control endogeneity of R&D to verify the validity of Gibrat's law in the Iranian electronics industry. This research investigated the relationship between financial performance of the companies in food and beverage industry listed in Tehran Stock Exchange and the components of intellectual capital. Purchasing managers need to evaluate periodicals performance of suppliers to meet their needs in a timely manner. Up to now, the problems of loan portfolio management had been the main cause of credit institutes and banks bankruptcy. Ultrasonic sensors generate high frequency sound waves and evaluate the echo which is received back by the sensor.
Meanwhile, innovation, as an important indicator for business and effective strategy for economic growth, has gained prominence in the majority of services and production communities as well as governments. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of social identity of brand on brand loyalty in Mihan insurance company in Saveh city.
One of the tools that helps companies in this way is the correct use of porter’s competitive strategies. By reviewing theliterature ofconstruction investment projects and also meeting with the directors of the client, operator, contractor and management contractor, 24 success criteria have been selected. In other word, in the basic concept, outsourcing means that a part of company’s activities are outsourced. But usually the essential qualitative properties of the solution are not transferred to the numerical solution.
ICA is a population based stochastic optimization technique, originally developed by Eberhart and Kennedy, inspired by simulation of a social psychological metaphor instead of the survival of the fittest individual. Therefore, various efforts have been done for presenting an efficient model in order to more accurate evaluating and ranking of applicants" credit facilities. The Bullwhip effect can be considered as amplification in the fluctuation of order, from the retailer to the partners placed upstream of the supply network.
The core of his social capital theory is that activities in informal and formal social interaction settings can create norms of cooperation and generalised trust, leading to positive results for society as whole. This characteristic has nominated SPH as an attractive method for simulation of complex flows. The purpose of this research is improvement of employee performances using organization vitality. One of the main ways in which organizations can differentiate their services from the other competitor organizations, is that continuously to provide services with superior quality to other competitors.
Oil and its deviations are very important substances and have an inevitable impact on the mankind's role.
For this purpose, 30 subjects Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (both female and male) who referred to health centers then in two Groups of training and control group were replaced The experimental group received the Exposure and response prevention therapy training and the control group did not receive training. The statistical population consists of consumers of home entertainment appliances of Tehran City out of which 262 persons were chosen through simple random sampling as research sample.
You can disagree with me, but it is now true more than ever that Apple, Google and Facebook together have reshaped the way we get entertained, find information and interact with others. It is important for us to understand the worlds they’ve created and the future of those worlds. At the first F8 in 2007, Facebook launched the Facebook API – taking its first steps into evolving it from a social networking site to a social media ‘Platform’.
Facebook, with a suite of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger), has now achieved considerable scale on products other than Facebook; and is attempting to make Facebook Messenger a platform as strong as Facebook itself.
Currently, over one billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses on Messenger each month. This year, Facebook extended the API and announced additional tools for businesses to connect with consumers on Messenger. With the NLP (Natural Language Processing) bot engine Facebook has made it easy for developers to create custom bots for limitless use cases.
For any mature platform, monetisation is the inevitable next step and Messenger is no different. It is an amazing feat of engineering, to compress and deliver 360 video content over 3G on your mobile device.
Brands have to get creative and invest in creating more 360 content to be delivered within the Facebook ecosystem. At F8, Facebook launched the Live API, allowing developers, publishers and device manufactures (like DJI Phantom) to integrated live feed into their experiences. Basically, the article loads much faster without the need to open a browser and then load the clunky webpage.
If as a marketer, you are creating any long form content, it is best to now deliver it on the Facebook NewsFeed as an Instant Article. He said that a section in society was not in favour of stopping traditional practices and rituals based on faith. The CM declined to comment on Kollam district collector’s report that district police had failed to prevent the fireworks display, despite a ban issued by the authorities. On the one hand, establishment of more cultural links and identification of other cultures can be regarded as opportunities in the disposal of training and education.
As the research sample, 384 people who went to cell phone shopping centers in Yazd province responded to the questionnaire. Usually this type of import occurs in external distribution channels of firms’ channels, networks and legal channels. On the other hand, services has been known widely as the main explainer success of an organization in today's competitive environment. Results show that firm size has a negative effect on firm growth in the case of Iranian electronics firms Therefore our results reject the Gibrat’s law.

Suppliers are a critical component of an organization that can have many effects on organizational performance. The study population comprised all the people in Yazd, and 384 people who went to three cell phone shopping centers in Yazd province for purchase have responded to the questionnaire. In emerging economies such as Iran's, it is highly needed to create a transparent, effective and flowing financing system to encourage entrepreneurship and achieve developmental goals.
Sensors calculate the time interval between sending the signal and receiving the echo to determine the distance to an object.
The purpose of this study is to primarily model production stages of a new product through Markov chains to answer the question how probable it is that an idea leads to a successful product. Therefore, considering the effective factors in improving their export performance could have a significant role in the country’s economic boom. First, the literature on total quality management (TQM) has been discussed in order to gain a better understanding of how to use TQM in business and in improving organizations’ performance. And if fact the company will be out of the process and tasks are performed by a third party. In ICA, the system (imperialists) is initialized with a population of random solutions (colonies) and searches for optima using cognitive and social factors by updating generations.
In this essay, we have tried to investigate and review the efficiency of the logistic regression models and neural network for ranking of the applicants of the Meli Bank. The purpose of the paper is to clarify the purpose of implementation of ISO 9001 and, in relation to this purpose, to analyze different possible benefits resulting from its implementation. In this paper, we describe the network type impact on the accumulation of the individual uncertainty in demand estimation. In present study a multiphase SPH method is presented for Newtonian multiphase flows with a special consideration of surface tension effects at the interface. The statistical community of research includes staff of Qazvin province Water and Wastewater company include 400 person witch the number of 196 person were selected using classified random sampling. This study sought to evaluate the service quality in Export Development Bank that to evaluate the relationship between the service variables in this research, 200 questionnaires were distributed and gathered among the customers, employees of Export Development Bank branches in Tehran city.
In this regard, the prediction of its properties and operations could be very important and is necessary to draw an optimal process so as to minimize the waste and decreasing the costs of refinery. One of the most complicated and challenging topics in financial literature is securities management and investment factors of market, means the factors or irregular conditions of investor, it seems that with a proper planning and knowledge of the relationship between risk and return, many uncertainties of investment will be resolved and the problem of choosing investment by a decision maker can be solved.
Since then, each time a marketer has foolishly assumed they are a website, their digital strategy has backfired.
With over 900 Million monthly active users on Messenger, the platform is bigger than Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest put together. This means that marketers now need to actively invest in formulating a Messenger Strategy (just like how they currently have a Facebook strategy).
Almost any business or brand can now provide useful, relevant and timely information to users over Messenger. It’s not really new, but instant articles have been around for sometime now with access restricted to select publishers. You can be assured of better engagement and higher open rates for Instant Articles over link posts. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
The brand name cause to happen positive behaviors from the costumers' side like loyalty, mouth-to-mouth advertisement, visiting, and re-buying, and that is very important in relational marketing. So, globalization poses opportunities and challenges ahead of the educational system in general and of Iran in particular.
Cronbach's alpha was used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire, and its values was 0.87. In this regard, given that one of the most important factors in borderline markets is gray marketing issue.
Any decrease in customer satisfaction due to poor quality of services has cause of concern within it. Pulic’s value added intellectual coefficient was used to measure the performance of intellectual capital.
One of the key financing systems which leads to above-mentioned goals realization is credit assessment. Secondly, the study seeks to propose a new tool for evaluating and screening new product ideas. The research data were collected through a questionnaire consisted of 342 clients of Mihan insurance company and the descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (Pearson correlation coefficient test, regression and structural equation) was used to analyze the data. In this study, effective factors to improving outsourcing in Qazvin welfare organization were studied. The proposed methodology is validated for a test system consisting of 13 thermal units whose incremental fuel cost function takes into account the valve-point loading effects. The paper emphasizes that in accordance with its conformance purpose, ISO 9001 is successful in building conformance capability and that by using ISO 9001 practices companies can also benefit in relation to production economics through improved process efficiency and to other competitive capabilities. False demand estimation may cause the factory's production rate greatly exceeds the retailer's sales rate.
At first, some basic definitions are presented and after that a common framework is presented so as to reach an optimal process optimization. This method uses the matching of target points on individuals’ busts as their characteristics. Brands that create the first useful use cases will seen as pioneers and will most certainly receive great PR and much applause. This in essence could eliminate the need for websites altogether (they are clunky and slow on mobile anyway). To examine the effects of brand awareness on purchase intention, structural equation modeling and AMOUS and SPSS softwares were used. Kolmogrov-Smirnov and Mann-Whitney U tests were used to analyze the information about 127 firms-years of 23 active companies in the industry. Effective factors on the selection process of supplier can be referred to quality, timely delivery, price and service. This paper tries to find reasons and justification for the ISO9001 based quality management system and balanced scorecard. This will increase stock level in supply network partners, and this effect is amplified in network upstream. The resulted pictures were changed into binary pictures using graph cut segmentation, and the junction points that indicated the individuals’ position were separated from other parts of the pictures. It is still early days, but expects a more detailed announcement by Facebook in the coming weeks. It’s time to shift from a prescheduled monthly content calendar to a Live Content Calendar. The impact of network type on Bullwhip effect is briefly discussed, by illustrative example. Businesses can also run ads on the Facebook NewsFeed with a CTA encouraging users to Message them.

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