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One of the easiest ways to be aware of what’s happening while you’re on the go is through your mobile.
Now that you know the best 5 apps that you can make use of for the purpose of keeping yourself updated regarding stocks and futures, don’t hesitate further.
Stocks Live has it all, real time quotes, scanners, calendars, heat map, portfolio and currencies. Schulze said he would finance the deal through a combination of private equity, debt and about $1 billion of his own equity. Schulze has also been in talks with past Best Buy executives who were interested in rejoining the company including former CEO Brad Anderson and former COO Allen Lenzmeier. Knight Capital will continue to operate after a group of investors saved the company in a $400 million deal, but will cost existing shareholders. China’s third largest oil company, CNOOC, has agreed to buy Canadian oil producer Nexen Inc for $15.1 billion. McDonald’s Corp (NYSE:MCD) reported second quarter results today and saw lower than expected profits.
The International Monetary Fund said it will support Greece and help the country overcome its economic problems. In an interview with French newspaper Le Monde, ECB President Mario Draghi was asked if the eurozone was in danger.
On Friday, Nasdaq OMX Group Inc said it will file for a $62 million compensation plan for firms who lost money during the botched Facebook IPO in May. Initial claims for unemployment jumped 34,000 to an adjusted 386,000 last week, one week after claims had fallen 24,000 due to auto plants shutting down for the first week of July. Morgan Stanley is planning to cut more staff this year and expects its workforce to fall by 7%. Earnings season continues and two of the biggest companies posted their earnings this week. GlaxoSmithKline is set to acquire Human Genome Sciences for around $3 billion, ending a three month pursuit of the company.
Citigroup reported quarterly results on Monday and saw earnings fall by 12% due to losses from its credit crisis era assets. The Department of Agriculture said corn will average 146 bushels per acre, down from its June estimate of 166 bushels per acre. Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced new taxes and spending cuts as the nation tries to slash 65 billion euros from the budget deficit by 2014 in order to meet targets it agreed on with the EU.
New single-family home sales rose to a two year high in May, giving some hope the housing market may be recovering.
The Historical Rate of Return for the major indexes is an important part of stock market history.  The rate of historical returns needs to include dividend distributions in order to get an accurate measure of the total return one would have gotten from investing in the stock market. Over the stock market history corporate earnings have gone up an average of 7% per year and the inflation history of the markets shows that inflation has averaged around 4% per year. What we have done is compiled data that shows the price change and dividend distribution to come up with the total market return. Learn the language of the stock market and how these terms apply to your life.Meet an 11-year-old who created an application for the iPhone that helps teach other kids about the stock market.

In a world where one tweet can send Wall Street into a panic, social analytics company Dataminr tries to be there first, scanning all of Twitter to find individual messages with the right combination of language, context, and location that might end up being breaking—and money-making—news.
We look at every user across Twitter and understand everything that they’ve published and their relative influence on any topic. Dataminr can find market-moving information not yet in the news because they aren’t limited to following some manageable group of friends or trusted accounts. On March 8, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship arrived in Port Everglades, Florida, with 105 passengers and three crew members sick with norovirus. The algorithm found that words within the tweet had some resemblance to tweets in the past that had turned out to be newsworthy, and that there was a clear immediate reaction to the tweet, though it had not yet rippled out to national news sources and market commentators.
In the case of Royal Caribbean, traders knowing market-moving news 48 minutes in advance probably meant a big one-time payday.
As a trader or investor who invests in the realm of stock market, it becomes all the more essential that there remains an app that can be help you stay updated as well as deal with the world of stock market more easily. Now, fact remains with iPhone and Android practically ruling the roost of the mobile phone dominion makes things all the more easier if you’ve got the right Android or iPhone app. However, this lot of information can actually get too much for you to handle more often than not for there are seriously too many resources out there. The best part is this particular iPhone app allows you to add stocks practically from all over the world including the BSE & NSE. It’s especially beneficial for it essentially serves the purpose of delivering real time quotes.
This particular app will actually help keep you updated with live quotes as well as company related financial quotes. Some of the other areas we focus are mac, iOS, android, social media, software, games, tips & tricks and tutorials. Schulze is also a former Best Buy chairman and owns a little more than 20.1% of Best Buy stock.
The company has been cutting jobs and closing sores as it tries out a new store format to improve its business. Schulze’s financial adviser, Credit Suisse, said it is confident it can arrange the necessary debt financing.
This group of investors will purchase preferred shares and will end up with a 73% stake in the company according to a statement from Knight Capital. This deal is a 61% premium over Nexen’s closing price on Friday as it tries to sell the deal to Nexen shareholders and the Canadian government. The IMF dismissed a news report over the weekend that said the IMF may refuse to continue supporting Greece.
These job cuts come as the bank prepares for weaker economic growth across the world and lower trading volume. Penney’s CEO, Ron Johnson, said its new pricing strategy would remain in place despite hurting sales initially. Investors also kept a close eye on additional testimony from Ben Bernanke in which he continues to pledge the central bank is ready to inject more stimulus as needed. Goldman Sachs destroyed analysts’ estimates with their earnings despite a big drop from last year’s earnings.

This steep cut caught some traders off guard as they expected a more conservative decline in outlook. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 indexes fropped by close to 1%, the equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars changing hands. But Dataminr said at least one client told them directly that the alert saved their firm money. With things moving as quickly as it does these days, things can get pretty difficult unless you remain updated about the stock market happenings by the minute. All this information is essentially gathered from Yahoo Finance, hence the name of the app. There’s a downside attached to this however, since it doesn’t really allow you to add certain stock markets around the world.
It has got a really simple interface that gives you the bullish or bearish potential of at least 5000 stocks.
If you have been using any other stock market app which you think is the best and needs to be in the above list of Best 5 apps for Stock Market then let us know in the comments below So that we will update it! Consumers don’t tend to buy things from Best Buy, rather they use the store to try out new gadgets before purchasing them for cheaper from online retailers like Amazon. The company also said that sales growth at established restaurants would slow down this month. Coca-Cola reported slightly lower quarterly profit on Tuesday, but revenue beat expectations. It essentially serves the purpose of aggregating all the stock market info that you need in one place. You can see the chart of the desired company as soon as you turn your iPhone into the landscape mode. As far as the US Indices are concerned, then right from NASDAQ, NYSE to Dow Jones all can be found there. Fact remains that you should also have the right apps at your disposal that’ll enable you to undertake the necessary options as and when required. Aggregation immediately makes things so much easier to find as well as sort through for then you’re better equipped to find exactly what you need. You’ve also got the option of selecting either 1 day or 1 week and so on up to 2 years in fact.
There are other features included in this app as well like exclusive video clips that you can get every day from various parts of the world along with customizable periods. The young business owners featured in each episode inspire viewers to turn their passions into profit, while stressing the importance of saving, budgeting, investing and giving back to the community. To help you more at these, here are the best 5 apps that would help you stay updated in the stock market world. Movie spoofs and comedy sketches help illustrate the ways young people can manage the business of their lives.

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