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What strikes you most about Jerome Moo when you first meet him is his calm and gentle manner. Jerome, 30, was born hearing impaired and he “listens” by reading lips, but you won’t be conscious of that.
This talented Malaysian grew up marveling at the wondrous scenes in epic movies and is now living his dream.
He started out as a concept artist for the games industry at Kuala Lumpur-based GameBrains for almost three years. In 2006, Jerome heard that US film production company Lucasfilm was recruiting artists at his former college for a new company in Singapore. Jerome, who was awarded the Dean’s List Scholar of the Academy by The One Academy of Communication Design when he graduated with a Diploma in Illustration in 2002, explains that he had originally applied to work with LucasArts, the company’s games division.
Jerome moved to Singapore to work as a digital artist for the Digital Artist Group (DAG) that was part of Lucasfilm Animation Singapore (LAS), providing post-production visual effects work and pre-production art for major Hollywood films that included Iron Man and Star Trek.
A few years later, Jerome’s former college presented him with the Platinum Achiever’s Award for his success in the film visual effects industry. Since early 2012, Jerome has been working at Animal Logic, as part of the visual effects team for the upcoming romantic drama film, The Great Gatsby, which stars A-list actors Leonardo Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire. He has always enjoyed drawing otherworldly scenes and creatures because he likes creating “something new and unique that we don’t see in the real world”. He prayed often to God to help him realise his dreams, despite his disability, which he thought would be a great obstacle in his career. Jerome’s parents, and now his aunt in Sydney, always encouraged him to read the Bible more and ask questions to make up for what he had missed out on at church. Through their support, Jerome’s faith has grown and helped him weather the storms in his life.

If you look through Jerome’s portfolio on his website or have the opportunity to view his sketchbook, you will not only marvel at the otherworldly creatures that he has conjured up but may feel a shiver down your spine or cringe in horror. Is it all right for a Christian to draw or admire scary-looking creatures, which some may even say are “demonic-looking”? Jerome invites us to study nature: “If we look at nature itself, there are some animals or insects that look really scary and demonic, like spiders, goblin shark and giant isopods. However, Jerome understands that Christian parents may be reluctant to let their children watch movies with scary, mythical creatures.
Jerome has no particular favourite film because he is inspired by so many for very different reasons.
He enjoys reading Neil Gaiman’s books for their whimsical themes but he tries to broaden his reading in all genres to enrich his ideas and further his creativity.
ASIAN BEACON, a contemporary Christian magazine, has been impacting lives in Malaysia for many years.
Please contact the editor for permission to reprint or repost articles, content, photographs and illustrations. When he talks to you, he looks at you intently through keen eyes behind black metal-framed glasses. During that time, he worked hard on his portfolio, designing conceptual and graphic art for video games, and also expanded his personal portfolio by taking on freelance jobs. He was “pleasantly surprised” when they offered him a job with their film department instead. DAG, which worked closely with US-based Academy award-winning company Industrial Light and Magic, was later renamed Industrial Light and Magic Singapore, while LAS became Lucasfilm Singapore. He worked at the Lucasfilm Singapore division for over five years before moving on to his current place in Sydney, Australia.

He loved watching movies and TV shows such as The Neverending Story and Steven Spielberg’s The Amazing Stories, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Jerome’s parents brought him and his elder brother Wesley,also hearing-impaired, to Emmanuel Methodist Church in Kuala Lumpur, but the two boys had trouble following the service. It was my father who untiringly trained me to speak better since young, so I always thank God for him. We are used to the general idea that twin horns on one’s head represents the devil, yet harmless and cute animals such as the deer, ram and even cows have them.
But at the same time, give your children a chance to watch some really great, wonderful and meaningful movies instead of completely taking them out of their lives because they also need inspiration and creativity in their lives to grow as individuals,” he says.
It is distributed for FREE throughout Malaysia in churches, Christian bookstores and organizations. His eyes may travel slightly to your lips, but mostly they maintain contact with your reciprocal gaze. The artist can certainly dazzle you with his skillful drawings in the heavy sketchbook, which he carries with him everywhere. My hearing friends and colleagues have had no problems communicating with me and also never looked down on me,” he says. Artists always look to nature when designing something alien-like and scary, whenever required by the material, so that means we are inspired by what God actually created.

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