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The term “Strategic Communication” gets tossed around a lot and most of the time, I see it used by those in our field who want to give the impression that their plan is something larger than just a communications strategy.
The term Strategic Communications became popular in government and has evolved over the last 5-10 years within both the Department of State and Department of Defense.
I think the definition needs some work, but the part that jumps out to me as being different is at the very end when it discusses the synchronization with the actions of all instrument of national power (i.e.
Strategic Communication is a process that involves not only communicators, but players from all different aspects of an organization.
There is no one person who possesses expertise in all of these areas, so the process occurs in the discussions and synchronization  about what we are trying to achieve.
For a non-government organization, this essentially would mean that an SC Plan would not be just about communications, otherwise it would be called a Communication Plan. The evolution of SC over the years has produced “little beyond the huge volume of PowerPoint slides, issue papers, and studies, with few actual measures taken to develop a synchronized, coordinated interagency national program.”[1] This is obviously speaking about SC from a DoD perspective, but the same could be said about the corporate perspective as well.
The question that needs to first be asked is what is the difference between your Communications Plan and a Strategic Communications Plan?
Do you agree that PR and Legal are commonly–perhaps even fundamentally–at odds? The primary goal of Theme A is to improve scores on the Communication Scorecard by 20%.
The primary goal of Theme C is to meet milestones in the plan by incorporating the sustainability definition and meeting certain milestones in the Plan by the end of the year. Your source for personal emergency communications information, latest technology, tips and more.

It covers basic questions you’ll need to answer, and gives you a framework for creating your own, realistic emcomm plan.
Hi, I am in the process of writing down what is currently mainly in my head as a family preparedness plan. I’ve read many Strategic Communications plans that are nothing more than some analysis, a list of stakeholders, and some tactics directed at a communication objective.  If going back several years, many would have called this a Communication Plan.
It is a process because while the communicator may often times help facilitate that process, it is rarely ‘owned’ by any single department.
A Strategic Communication plan should be a process, which involves all aspects of a company working together toward common goals.
I read as many of these articles as I can find, but most of them only involve the communication aspect.
If your plan only involves communications and communicators, than it is probably a Communications Plan. Army Public Affairs Officer currently assigned to the ISAF Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a Strategic Communication Planner. If they are the same, then we inevitably get asked very basic questions which cannot be answered. It has interactive dropdowns and you can edit it directly on your computer. If you’ve been itching to make a pretty, typed-up plan, now you can! My book, Personal Emergency Preparedness, covers the questions as well as many equipment recommendations in detail. And even for people who can think on their feet like you are doing (sounds like you have some great stories!), it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

I travel quite a bit and want the comfort that my family will have something to work to if I am away and they need to react.
This means that communicators are getting into areas that they have traditionally not been involved in, and those that have not been involved in communications are having to get into communications. As a Strategic Communication planner for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kabul, we are attempting to synchronize and coordinate all the actions – to include kinetic and non-kinetic – in order to reach our objectives. It would involve R&D, operations, management, legal, logistics, and any other department that makes up the company. In my mind, this is nothing more than a re-branded Communication Plan, which we have done long before SC became the term-du-jour over the last decade. The much harder SC route is to try and involve areas out of your lane of expertise, departments that don’t want to be synchronized, and ambiguous organizational goals that cross multiple parts of a company. If everything comes at them from individual department stovepipes, it forces the boss to try and synthesize everything. If that process is identified in your plan, than in my mind we’re getting more towards Strategic Communications.
Strategic Communication is getting the staff, primarily led by the communicators, to do the integration and syntheses of the issues before bringing it to the boss so that they are recommending actions that are collectively working towards common objectives.

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