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A tailor made approach is essential when it comes to strategy development the systematic analysis of the factors associated with customers and competitors (the external environment) helps the organization to meet the challenges of modern society. Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy or course, and making decisions on resource allocations to pursue this strategy. Much of this codification is the work of three leaders whose books are listed in the bibliography.
This article identifies best team practices for single strategic business units and explores how team structures, behaviors and methodology impact the success of strategic management. Understanding of these distinctions requires that we study the characteristics of each as summarized in Table 1. Clear roles in areas of responsibility remain constant throughout the group effort, seldom differentiated by individual vs. Katzenbach dismisses the Effective Work Group approach and argues strongly that every leader should develop the capability to utilize both the Single-Leader and Team Disciplines in the right situations. The following paragraphs expand on Table 1 as to how the Team Discipline differs from the Single-Leader Discipline. Given the substantial opportunity for collective work, the Team Discipline will produce better outcomes than the Single-Leader Discipline, but will typically take longer.
Katzenbach cites a focus group example, in which a market researcher collaborates with a product designer and a sales representative to design, set up, conduct, and debrief a focus group.
This trade-off leads us to the obvious question, "So, which discipline should we use in our context of Strategic Management?" The answer is both, but let's explore why.
As illustrated by Figure 1, Strategic Management is an iterative, overarching, organization-wide, management process. Robust strategic planning processes like Simplified Strategic Planning (SSP) 4 will involve Strategic Planning Teams comprised of the organization's senior management plus a Process Leader. The execution phase will require Action Plans developed and accomplished by a multi-disciplinary group led by an Action Plan Leader and will typically involve activities that cut across organizational lines.
Clearly, the success of Strategic Management is tightly linked to the proper mix of Team and Single-Leader Disciplines and Structure. To explore the significant impact of team behaviors, we will focus primarily on the Best and Worst Practices of Teamwork offered by Lencioni and Maxwell. Avoiding these negative practices highlights why it is crucial to have a strong Process Leader as part of your strategic planning team.
The entire Strategic Management process from beginning to end suffers when any of the following five dysfunctions Lencioni cites in his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,2 persists within your Strategic Planning Team. Unfortunately, the significant existence of any one of them suggests that they all exist to some degree, because they are inter-related.
For a process like strategic planning that is predicated on free, unguarded sharing and the synthesis of knowledge, ideas, opinions, skills, passions and relationships, any one of these dysfunctions can spell doom. From launching rockets to releasing new products, all large projects require the guidance of a project manager. Although a degree is not absolutely required to find work in the project management field, it can enhance your resume and job prospects. Associate’s degrees take two years to complete, bachelor’s degrees take four years to complete, master’s degrees take one to two years to complete, and doctoral degrees take around three or four years to complete. Specific job responsibilities for project managers vary from one industry to another, but project managers are generally tasked with planning, executing, and closing projects. Successful project managers tend to be high-energy, extroverted individuals who are comfortable interacting with people and groups everyday. Earnings for project managers vary depending on education, experience, and geographic location.
Prior to the recession, PMI estimated that one million project management jobs would be created each year from 2006 to 2016. Having a degree or certification is not a requirement for becoming a project manager, but a formal education can demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and competence.
Office Management Training: Learn to Run a Business Smoothly Managing a busy office can be a challenging endeavor.
Strategy management planning process flow chart showing key business terms analyze, develop, plan, execute and monitor. Management Systems has developed a unique, proven methodology for strategic planning that has been used by hundreds of organizations to grow successfully and profitably over the long term. Management Systems methodology for strategic planning consists of six steps, as shown in below.
Identify and work to resolve specific strategic issues – identified through an analysis of information collected about the company’s environment and internal capabilities. Strategic Mission Statement:  A broad statement of what an organization wants to achieve during the planning period (typically 3-5 years).
Identifies how financial resources will be invested to help the organization achieve its plan. Identifies any problems or anticipated problems with respect to achieving Goals and develops plans to address these problems.
Discusses and works to resolve any other issues that might affect organizational performance.  These include new opportunities or threats presented by the market and changes to the company’s internal operations. Strategic planning is the process of formulating, implementing and evaluating strategies to support the cross functional decision of the company.

This phase help out company to determine financial and strategic objective for the company.Financial objective consist of budget,revenues and sales and strategic objectives comprise of market share,customer base and sales. Company deal with two environment one is internal as discussed above and other is external. EFE matrix is the famous strategic tool to evaluate the external environment of the company.EFE matrix with combination of porter five forces model can give valuable findings to the strategists.
Strategy is the road map to achieve goal and objectives of the company.The result of internal and external audit will allow the company to develop strategies by looking at their strengths,weakness,opportunities and threats. People who involve in strategy development should become the part of the implementation team. The implementation of strategy is monitored and if any discrepancy and bottleneck are found it should be removed during that time to avoid future loss.This phase can revert back to any other phase of strategic management cycle for correction or improvement of the strategy. Strategic #planning is the primary step in the process of strategic #management which can be outlined from at least two perspectives: First, #strategy is the “broad programme for defining and achieving the #objectives of an organization and implementing its #mission”. There may not be any immediate impact out of strategic planning, but the consequences in the long-run prove to be gradual and significant as well. More and more organizations are focusing on formal approaches and concepts for planning their long range process.
In the organizational world the terms "team" and "teamwork" are used so frequently and so loosely that teams that aren't teams are called teams (see what I mean?). It marries the insights on teams from the authors above with the insights on strategic management and teams gleaned from the experience of CSSP consultants. As evident from the table above, the Single-Leader Discipline is the appropriate choice when the outcome will result from the sum of the separate, individual contributions of group members who can be directed by a single leader.
This process differs from the characteristic, one-on-one negotiation between each member and the leader in the Single-Leader Discipline. It aligns current decision-making, planning and execution with the organization's longer-term strategy, while simultaneously feeding new learning from up and down the organization into the next cycle of strategy reformulation.
This Process Leader has special expertise in strategic concepts and the use of the process. Although both disciplines will be used for guiding team activity, the Team Discipline will predominate due to the value of the mutual charter, goals and accountability (see Table 1).
However, before going there, consider Katzenbach and Smith's list of "Thou Shalt Not's" for Team Leaders. Note also that several "Thou Shalt Not's" disappear when the CSSP practice of insisting that all team members "check their egos at the door" is adopted. Lencioni illustrates the inter-relatedness of these dysfunctions by using a five-level pyramid, with "absence of trust" on the bottom as the most fundamental cause and "inattention to results" at the top as the ultimate effect of all five. Key employees in an array of industries, including engineering, construction, information technology, manufacturing, architecture, and pharmaceuticals, project managers are responsible for managing resources and motivating and directing team members to achieve the goal of project completion.
Project management schools offer degrees at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Graduate programs and some certificate programs will require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. To put it simply, project managers oversee all elements of a project and are required to set and achieve reasonable and attainable goals on time and on budget. You can begin developing your leadership skills as early as high school by seeking out formal and informal leadership roles for sports teams, school projects, volunteer groups, and more. According to a survey commissioned by the Project Management Institute, full-time project managers earn a median annual salary of $96,000.
Although job growth slowed down along with the economy, the job outlook for project managers is beginning to get back on track. Project managers are increasingly in demand, and every industry has a need for project management. These Annual Surveys help our Management Team develop specific objectives and goals to address opportunities for improvement, and support our overall commitment to Continuous improvement. It should be noted that the development of a strategic plan and budget is an iterative process – it may be that an organization will need to adjust its strategic plan, depending upon the financial resources available to support it.
In short mission statement communicate the reason of existence of the company both internally and externally. Mission and vision is vital for every organization whether its small or large does not matter, both the statement act as a soul for the company.
Internal environment can be controlled by the company [adsense1]but external environment is not within control of the company. Strategy that company adopt will works as company thought is totally depend upon this stage. All the team performing activities should have the full understanding of the strategy otherwise without knowledge they can misunderstood and can be implemented in the wrong direction. Secondly, “It is the pattern of the organization’s response to the #external environment over a period of time”. It provides with the necessary action plans to make a difference in vital areas concerning #development. Specifically these challenges are a result of increasing rate of change, the complexity of manager’s jobs, the increasing importance of fitting the organization into external environment, and the increasing lag between the preparation of plans and their #implementation in future.
Some times planning highlights the objectives only and the planning premises may not be fully reliable.

This choice is fast, efficient, and comfortable, since most organizational units have followed the Single-Leader model for decades. Moreover, in the Team Discipline the group clearly differentiates between individual goals and collective goals." Investing the time to establish these shared goals heightens commitment and motivation within the team, resulting in time savings later and higher quality of the shared work products. The different, but complementary perspectives of the three people working together result in a better set of focus group questions and interactions, as well as a richer interpretation of the response.
It includes a multiple step planning process and a continuing management phase, both of which involve groups of people ideally utilizing either the Single-Leader or Team Disciplines. They make poor decisions based on poor input and unwillingness to "hash things out." "Silo" walls thicken and harden, sometimes even to the extent of reducing transformational, organization-wide action plans to feeble, trivial single-silo action plans. The good news is that the strategic planning process itself has the ability to build the team and whittle away at these dysfunctions.
This CSSP consultant did so by examining each teamwork principle carefully in the context of Strategic Management and concluded that none of the Laws is disputable.
As we have determined, one of the huge payoff factors is how well an organization "does teams." In contrast to other major factors such as external environmental forces over which an organization has little control, Team Structure and Behavior can become, over time, almost entirely within the control of the leadership of an organization. The crucial question remains, "What will be your response?" Will you revise the structure of your teams?
If you would like to become the face of important projects, consider taking project management courses. Certificates in project management are also available for those who seek a quicker path to a career in project management or those who hold an undergraduate degree in another field. Some project managers receive bonuses in addition to their salaries, particularly after the successful completion of a project. In order to obtain the education necessary to secure a sought-after position as a project manager, start pursuing project management training today. We administer these surveys annually, so that progress can be measured on a year over year basis— Kevin G.
Strategic planning is now become mandatory process to clearly define company objectives,goals,internal resources,external factors and to evaluate overall cycle for eliminating bottlenecks.
You can always associate innovativeness with strategy since it explores new #paradigms and tries to enhance the impact. Each #business unit should be categorized based on its performance level to decide on the resource share to be allocated. The concept of formal teams has evolved from narrowly defined, shop floor, self-directed teams to formal teams at senior executive levels.
If only one of these three people conducts the focus group, or even if each of them conducts a separate focus group, the value of their merging perspectives would be largely lost." Here is a classic case of trading-off loss of efficiency for greater effectiveness.
Indeed, these 17 laws are not only indisputable, but are worthy of a continuing team effort to learn and adopt them. In addition, a body of "Best Practices" now exists to elevate significantly the "art" of team management. Project management training programs can prepare you to take charge of complex endeavors while keeping resources and schedules on track. Certificates in project management are offered at colleges and universities, as well as through industry organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI).
Internal weakness are overcome with time and company will look forward to convert these to strengths to avoid risk for the future. Strategic planning is the process that classifies the long range #goals of the organization and opts for the precise means (strategies and polices) for achieving these goals, allocates resources, and develops long range plans to reach the destination.
When the size of organizations expands, they are broken down into strategic #business units (SBU’S) for the purpose of functional excellence. You need to infuse cash flow into ineffectual units and divest funds from dying units into other profitable ones. Two heads are better than one is the philosophy of brain storming where a group of people with knowledge and expertise assemble to lay out clear plans that will steer the organization smoothly even in times of rough weather. Paralleling this evolution has been codification of best practices covering the structure and behaviors of effective teams. Dramatic improvement can occur through the joint efforts of a strong, but sensitive, process leader and a strong, yet humble, CEO willing to model and encourage desired team behaviors. Internal audit performed by different method include statistical, mathematical and ratio analysis. The ultimate aim is to build up star performers that will be the perennial source of income or revenue generation. The strategic management tool IFE matrix evaluate company internal factors on the basis of numeric values. The third is Patrick Lencioni, president of The Table Group and author of several books on management topics, including teams. The assessment of strategic plans of the business units must be made periodically and effectively.

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