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The strategic planning process in marketing and its benefits have longbeen in the eye of business academics and professionals who havetrumpeted its benefits and importance in the business environment(Carson, 2007). Using the strategic planning process diagram below (Ferrell and Hartline,2008), we can identify these levels of planning for each of the levels ofstrategy outlined.
Nonetheless, a single-product company will plan at all three levels but willusually incorporate all three simultaneously into their planning process(Stevens, 2007).Taking the format from the previous diagram, we can see that functionalplanning flows from strategic business unit strategy which in turn flowsfrom the corporate strategy. No matter what level of planning occurs at, the steps of the process willremainrelatively similar; they are as follows(Guiltmn, 1997). Diversified or conglomerate organisations will seek to use techniques ofportfolio analysis in order to determine how resources are to bedistributed (Wilson, 2005). With regard to marketing planning at SBU level, the process will beginwith a detailed analysis of the market place, quite similar to thesituational analysis made at corporate level(Fifield, 2007).
Once the SBU strategy has been defined, it is possible for the functionallevel of planning to go ahead.
Workplace Marketing™ was born to take on the challenge of changing organisational behaviour in such a way as to assure the customer of not only a well-managed and profitable relationship but an exceptional buying experience. Whilst Workplace Marketing™'s concept and methodology have been in development since 1993 and can now boast more than 160 practitioners internationally, its processes and practices have ever greater pertinence for a new millennium. There are few organisations who would not lay claim to being 'customer focused' , 'customer oriented' or 'marketing led'. SAM stands for Strategic Account Management and is also known as “Key”, “Global” and “Major” Account Management. Here you will find a number of highly practical templates, tools and methodologies to help you get strategic account management (SAM) in place in your organization.

Most of our tools are prepared in Microsoft Excel which generates charts automatically from the data you enter, can be printed easily and allow you to customise the format to suit your own purposes – without the need to invest in additional software. Note: Many of these tools are based on the experience of Mosaic, our specialist SAM consultancy which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Market2Win Ltd. The SAM2Win Simulator is the foundation for a serious business game used to develop many of the core skills needed to be a successful Strategic Account Manager.
In these uncertain times it is critical that you do everything possible to grow the sales to your most important customers: your strategic (or key) accounts. Many account plans devote too much attention to the commercial aspects of the relationship and not enough attention to the softer aspects.
Would you like to find new customer opportunities that your competitors have not even thought of? Once the initial account management solution has been tested and reviewed, a full roll-out  across the business to all the strategic accounts can be planned and executed.
Ansoff?s growth grid, and The BostonConsulting Group (BCG) matrix, or The directional policy (GE-McKinsey)matrix maybe useful tools for doing so (Johnson, 2008). This level of planning outlines the choices each singlebusiness should make to ensure that their selected strategy is going toprovide competitive advantage in the market place. It seeks to address the organisational mediocrities that drive even the most complacent customer to promiscuity and prositution.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has come to play an essential role within the vocabulary of marketing buzz-speak but for the majority of marketers, it would seem, its definition has more to do with data, data analysis and technology than it has to do with actually managing relationships.
Nonetheless, Strategic Management Resources' observations among literally hundreds of business and their directors and senior managers at work, make it clear that only a very small number, perhaps less than 15%, practice what they preach. This isquite common for single-product companies who have no need to createstrategic business units.

Ansoff?s product matrix BCG?s Product Portfolio MatrixThis should provide information as to which product line to cultivate orharvest, guiding management as to which SBUs to keep.
While corporate levelis based on five- ten- and twenty-year trends, depending on the industry,planning at the SBU level will only extends at farthest, 5 years (Smith,2002). Of course data and the knowledge it imparts is important … as is the technology that enables us to manage and analyse it … but what of the motivations, attitudes, standards and behaviours of those in whose hands customer relationships really lie, the workforce? By purchasing an Account Plan you get these tools in the right place in the Plan and connected to other relevant pages – as well as a complete Plan ready for you to use.
A common mistake is to poorly plan this step and to expand the solution too far , too quickly. Management will thereforeprioritise resources toward those that look to be a better investmentopportunities. Our Account Plans help you to ask the most important questions, capture the information effectively, manage the relationship, reduce risks and demonstrate the best professionalism. Wiles(2007) on the other hand, suggests that there are five levels of planning,the top level of planning being the organisation?s vision, with the mission,goals, objectives and operations following consecutively. Perhaps mostcommonly, levels of planning will be defined by corporate, strategicbusiness unit and functional level planning (Stevens, 2007 Gilbert, 1990;Wilson, 2005).
Has the plan been tested at all?  The SAM2Win Simulator provides the foundation for a serious game that helps you to learn and practice some of the techniques required to grow your strategic account business. To build our team so we can create more valueAt the corporate level strategy decisions will be driven by which industrywill create the greatest return on investment and how much risk will beinvolved in all the options available (Wilson, 2005).

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