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Make your plan logical and be sure that it matches your business’ strengths and market-place opportunities – it will make all the decision making so much easier. All this analysis, examination and planning may seem boring, irrelevant or cumbersome but it will allow you to worker smarter and not harder, and will really, truly increase the likelihood of your business not only surviving, but also thriving and prospering.   How important is that? Thank you for your comments and suggestions during the GSU Diversity Strategic Planning process.
Georgia State University’s Diversity Strategic Plan sets forth a course of action that advances the University into the ranks of great public research universities. Balanced Scorecard – We have many years of combined experience with the Balanced Scorecard approach, and can bring your metrics and results into a comprehensive strategic management plan. This offering includes brief, yet highly efficient interviews of your leadership team and stakeholders. We facilitate your leaders in an objective understanding of the external and internal environment, which impacts your business or non-profit. A clearly articulated, multi-year vision, along with a winning strategy, are translated by your team into specific, well-defined strategic objectives.
We invite you to contact us for help in creating your organization’s vision and strategy. The objective of the strategic plan is to provide a framework for decision making and a platform for management communication, motivation and performance evaluation. An evaluation of the current state of the Company, its competitors and industry in order to identify key value propositions, competitive strengths and weaknesses.

We arrive at an understanding of how your business or non-profit works, your key people and their ability to grow to the next level, as well as other significant, often hidden, driving forces and dynamics within the organization. We are experts at facilitating your leadership’s vision about the direction and focus of your organization several years into the future. These objectives are arrived at through a collaborative process and help define the key imperatives in the short-term and medium-term, which lead you toward your vision. It’s critical to clarify and articulate your assumptions, and understand your priorities in moving forward. The GSU Diversity Strategic Planning Committee updated the Plan based on many of your comments and suggestions.
We must become leaders in leveraging every aspect of campus diversity among our constituent groups: students, faculty and staff.
We’ll get you clarity on the big picture, like no situational analysis or environmental scan has before. Clarity on the precise action plan that gives you the best chance of regaining health in five days or less. This objective, high-level analysis of your organization is foundational in designing a customized strategy process that is efficient and achieves the desired results.
This process also elevates the strategic thinking skills of your entire leadership team, so that it is not just the executive team thinking about strategy, it’s a broader management group. And we help ensure that all the stakeholders are involved with the process, since any plan developed without the input and buy-in of the implementers is doomed to fail.

One client avoided imminent bankruptcy, another got a failing $30M IT application rollout back on track.
We work with you to disseminate these driving forces throughout the organization, consistently and sustainably. Depending on your annual budget cycle, these objectives and the operational plans that result from them can be integrated into the budgetary process. Through this program we facilitate periodic strategic check-ins, during which external and internal changes are assessed, and course corrections are made. The Final Draft was overwhelmingly voted out of the Diversity Strategic Planning Committee, revised by the University Senate’s Planning and Development (P&D) Ad Hoc committee on Diversity Strategic Planning and unanimously passed by the University Senate on October 27, 2011.
Check-ins ensure that your team is continually in tune with changing forces and reality, and that they react and adjust course as needed. These meetings are also powerful at reminding teams about their vision and re-energizing leadership and their efforts.

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