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Home Interviews Marketing Advertising Minyong Ordonez BTB Marketing Louie Castaneda Brand Marketing Harvey Ong Competitive Marketing Sen. Old truth 1: To win in the marketplace, your marketing mix must be superior to that of your competition.
Old truth 2: Partition the market via market segmentation and periodically talk to your users about what they like and dislike as inputs to your marketing plan.
Level 1 is simply having a marketing mix differentiation where the marketers look at the market segment as is, attempt to optimize their marketing mix for growth so as to be the winning preference of consumers. Level 3 differentiation involves growing beyond winning market shares, going for winning market penetration, by being the pioneer in a new category or sub-category instead of merely competing for brand preference. Finally, level 4 differentiation is where a firm innovates with their business model, to have a winning position in the marketplace. Today, instead of starting at the marketing mix level and the market segmentation level, I teach clients how to look at differentiation from the entire business model level, both in the five interconnected elements of the offering model and the five interconnected elements of the operating model, incorporating a focus on unserved and underserved markets using the nine new demand tools of market-driving strategy. If marketers see differentiation from the same marketing plus strategy plus innovation fusion lens, the result would be more strategic. Bestselling author Josiah Go is the Chairman and Chief Marketing Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. Marriott Hotels today launched its first traveler-inspired innovation – a healthy vending machine, featuring handcrafted salads, sandwiches and snacks made fresh everyday using local ingredients. We define "hotel marketing" as creating better travel experiences for hotel guests and driving revenue growth for hotel owners.
Inbound marketing professional specializing in lead generation and lead nurturing via paid search, email marketing and marketing automation tools.
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Similarly, when a person learns about the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotions) as a way to attain marketplace advantage, he may apply it without questioning the bigger picture for validity.

In the convenience store industry, players have mostly parity products and even higher pricing, yet 7-Eleven is a clear leader because of its superior supply chain and not because they have a superior marketing mix. The tutorial industry began with its core market as students with flunking grades thus, the stigma associated with having a tutor where some parents avoid admitting their children are being tutored.Yet clearly, there are more non-customers than customers, or more students doing well than those at the bottom of the class, thus providing a bigger business opportunity which a good marketing plan should include. Differentiation, which should be the core of marketing, can be classified into four levels — two in the marketing strategy functional level and two in the business strategy level. Level 2 differentiation is having multiple market segments where the marketers assemble a different market mix to satisfy a new segment they are entering, aiming to have winning participation in these market segments.
Instead of doing the usual market driven, brand switching, promo-focused tactics, it identifies the biggest unserved and underserved markets and formulates a market-driving strategy to shift the consumer’s preference. Here the firm deliberately questions each critical factor they compete in, aware that while firms in levels 1 and 2 try to be differentiated, they actually do so in the same way using exactly the same critical factors for success as other industry players.
With the entry of AirBnB, an online portal that connects hosts (condo owners) and travelers for cheaper lodging, a new market space (level 3) and a new business model (level 4) have disrupted the hospitality industry.
Im interested to join a seminar regarding 4 levels of differentiation please update me when where would be the seminar will be held and also how much?
The working prototype debuts in the lobby of the Chicago Marriott O’Hare, offering travelers healthy food options available all day and night during their journey. The innovation was inspired by Anjana Kallarackal, a 21-year old college student, who answered the call to join Marriott Hotels in co-creating the future of travel as part of its Travel Brilliantly campaign. Add it here…Hotel Marketing Strategies is a crowdsourced collection of photos and screenshots showing creative hotel marketing in action. You won't find articles, interviews, videos, infographics or press releases published here anymore. Nol Montalbo Darlyn Ty Edgar Sia II Dexter Chee Ah Anson Dichaves Chad Sotelo Pam Tiu Takai Earl Valencia Q&A Fresh Grad Mansmith Market Masters Awards Didith Morales Margot Torres Retail Marketing Anson Dichaves Katsumi Kubota Winston Lim John Henri Lhuillier Victor Paterno Sabrina Uy Frances Yu PRA Turnaround Marketing Pet Bautista Malu Dy Buncio Riza Mantaring Donnie Tantoco Advocacy Chiqui Escareal-Go Entrepreneurship Family Business Issues Sarah Roxas-Wage Adeline Ang-Te Walter Lim Josh Baron Gonzalo Co It Andrea Lorenzana Donnie Tantoco Entrepreneurship Abe Olandres Neil Gosingtian Dr.
My journey in analyzing marketing as a lifelong student continues to allow me to discover new truths and discard old truths that are inadequate in order for me not to fall into the trap of seeing everything with a myopic view.

Their supply chain is exploited to the max with daily store delivery as each convenience store typically offers 2,000 items in a small 100-square-meter space. To improve market penetration then, marketers must speak with non users whose opinion matter more to improve market penetration.
Firms in level 4 combine the lens of marketing, strategy and innovation to find new ways to create, deliver and capture value by not doing what some existing competitors are habitually doing, while also introducing a new element to the industry.
AirbnB has been valued at over US$11 billion (as of mid-2014) as a company, and they now want to be in the entire value chain of the hospitality industry to include airport transfers and restaurant reservations. Below are two truths being practiced by over 99% of marketers but which present problems seldom challenged even in the boardroom. With stores close to each other, it is regularly delivering three times a day to ensure fresher food, a lesson they learned from the Japanese who like to eat fresh sushi and sashimi. The new business model escapes immediate retaliation as existing players tend to have a look-see attitude not knowing what to do with a level 4 player, and many times mistakenly in denial that they have other existing strengths to bank on. 7-Eleven has been able to exploit this advantage by redefining their differentiation to the franchisees (daily store replenishment) rather than to the consumers (parity product and higher prices). Ahead Tutorial has lsucceeded in tapping the non-users (students who want to get ahead even if they are already doing well). Note that in the business model framework, supply chain is part of a company’s operating model and does not tackle directly the usual marketing concerns which is the offering model.

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