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Now imagine a world where you knew how many sales you could close, just by the amount you spent on online marketing. The way it works is a very simple formula, and to get started all you need are a couple of things from your sales team.
So finally, we would use our online marketing tools to drive 2,000 visitors to your website. As you can see, using this formula you’ll be able to see exactly the return on your online marketing investment! Our Brand Center technology ensures proper branding throughout your sales channels, guaranteeing brand standard compliance, while providing the flexibility needed for local area marketing.
Marketing supply chains are getting ever more complex, comprising many partners, brand managers, marketing services, buyers, print services, fulfillment houses, promotional product suppliers, web designers – the list goes on – often connected through complex relationships with little or no assurance of efficiency.
We help you attract customers, embrace brand standards, and ultimately sell more by managing all phases of your event. Successful integrated content marketing strategies require more than just understanding content marketing.  It takes someone that has years of experience in executing integrated marketing plans to achieve business results!  The New Marketing Lighthouse team adds more than 150 years of combined knowledge and experience in executing integrated marketing strategies to your business team! Our integrated content marketing strategies includes Starter, Economy, Professional, and Premium packaging and pricing that bundle service hours, web planning and design, professional content development, publishing and promotion into 12 month campaigns that deliver a clear path to better business results.
And since every package includes the option for campaign management services (consulting, meetings, emails, calls, daily monitoring, monthly reports) you can get the most out of your marketing budget. Contact us to learn how we can help you develop new marketing strategies to grow your business. New Marketing Lighthouse did a fantastic job in making The Glass Window Movie an online digital product. When you provide free items to your clients, they will then return to you for future business and become the loyal customer base you want to create.
To provide a free giveaway could be as simple as sending a postcard to the clients with an advertisement on the card. You can use an online service to send out your postcard marketing annually or at other time throughout the year using your well maintained mailing list. Use the cards to state the easy payment plans, offers, and other important business aspects that you want to relay to them. Use a referral program with your current customers so they can receive a gift or discount on the products and services you provide..

Generally, until the customer is aware of the business’ referral program they will not share their information with friends and family. Increase the benefits of the postcard by adding a tear off coupon for the services to the holder of the coupon for a free product or service.
The coupon will also serve as a reminder that will eventually have the person remit the coupon for services. You can do a lot of damage by sending out free gifts which are of a poor quality, this marketing strategy only works if you provide value.
However, if you make your free gifts useful to your clients’ needs and of high quality, they are a great way to establish yourself as an ethical, competent professional interested in helping people and you will have effectively hooked in your potential clients so that they pay to receive more products and services from you. You will never lose out on a marketing strategy that gives away the right free gift to the right people.
Marketing strategy solution, business development process, workflow planning optimization and market analytics.
Flat 3d isometric illustration strategy concept design, Abstract urban modern style, high quality business series. Fontis combines the right solutions with the right people for a complete program, from concept and design to fulfillment and warehousing.
Our technology offers self-service out of a web-based location for all branded print, promotional items, uniforms, digital assets and direct marketing tools. We’ll collect purchasing history, customer surveys, demographics and appended profiles, then build customized programs to develop one-to-one relationships with your clients. We listen to what is being said about you and your competitors online.  Then we build an integrated hub and spoke content marketing strategy designed to achieve your business objectives including  web planning and design, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media services, video marketing services, training, and management consulting to help grow your business.
Of course, we will gladly customize packages specifically suited to your goals, timelines and budgets. We’re that way too!  If you know what you need, and just need some help, pick your marketing services requirements and build your own plan with us. The website, custom Facebook pages and Facebook Advertising were a tremendous boost to our business. Use the postcards to announce holiday and seasonal offers that will bring the customers to your business. Using this service only takes a small amount of time but the benefits are great for your business.

Once you get the new customer to your business, you have reached out to create a new client, all due to the coupon you sent out as an advertisement. However, your information product should be of a high quality to fulfill this function adequately. They won’t open your e-mails as you will have shown them that it may not be worth their while reading what you have to say.
This advanced ordering tool includes templates that let local facilities customize materials within locked-down brand standards.
What you’re after is a unified, streamlined supply and distribution, with materials to match your market without waste and duplication. Allow Fontis to help simplify the launch by kitting marketing collateral, promotional products, uniforms and training materials and distributing worldwide. We make sure your branding is consistent during the event, from graphics displays, sales collateral to uniforms and promotional products. It can establish the link between a client’s needs and showing how your product or service can help meet those needs. No system is better for establishing and maintaining compliance throughout a rebranding program and campaign. Then we’ll build awareness in the broadest possible market with direct campaigns, web and social media support. We design and package easy-to-build kits with detailed installation instructions, combined with eye-catching creative, best-in-class distribution and reporting metrics.
We’re the integration specialists who routinely minimize costs and maximize ROI for diverse national networks whose essential resources are scattered. One of the greatest challenges of marketing network-wide is managing the brand consistency, especially in local area marketing. Sync up your brand effort with Fontis Brand Center, advanced technology and web-based brand expertise combined in one of our most innovative solutions.
See our Fontis Success Stories and watch how we help major national companies turn tired programs into profit centers, customer relations problems into customer retention solutions.

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