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Studio mixers are instruments that organize numerous sounds from instruments such as guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, trumpets, etc.
This software gives you the opportunity to improve sounds coming from the various channels. It is necessary so that you can scale up, use lots of tracks, use hardware synths without putting any strain on your computer. Here’s a video that provides more information on why you may need an external studio mixer. You can use the audio mixer in a live setting as well, fiddle with the settings to achieve the right tone and effects from your guitars, vocals, and drums.
There are various types of studio mixers namely analog, digital and the latest one in the market combines the technology behind analog mixers with additional features such as USB and Firewire.
For all those who spend a lot of their time mixing stuff, it is easier to do things on something physical; it is easier to turn knobs and use faders on a physical equipment.
FL Studio is amazing production software and my personal favorite for hip hop and electronic music production.
For those of you using FL studio as a complete audio production software package you may have the need to render out high quality or CD-quality files. When composing a beat I find it best to keep all similar elements near each other in the step sequencer. Ghost helper is a tool within the FL Studio piano roll that allows you to see other melodies and chord progressions you have created as you compose. The chord tool within the FL Studio piano roll is a very powerful tool for beginners without a lot of music theory knowledge.
Quantizing is an automated function that involves correcting recorded performances, matching them to the grid, and placing them on time. The quick chop functionality in FL studio can be used to chop up notes into smaller segments.
When you have an audio clip in the FL Studio playlist you can use a tool within FL studio to detect the tempo automatically. When working in FL Studio sometimes I will need to detect the tempo of a beat, song, a cappella, possibly a sample.
How To Get Better At BeatmakingBeatmaking is certainly one of those things that you get better at each time you do it. Make Better Drums For Your Beats With Pads And A Midi KeyboardOne of the secrets of professional producers is how they make their drums.
The Essential Steps Of The Beatmaking ProcessAre your making your productions without a plan in place?
How To Use FL Studio Group Mixer TracksThere is one element of mixing that will not only improve your workflow but it will make your tracks gel together better. This website was created to educate and help others through the love of audio production and beat making in FL Studio. Here’s a guide to buying a studio mixer, be it for your home studio or for a big project. Not really if you are just using soft synths and probably a mic or two to do all the recording. FL Studio has many different rendering options for the various types of files and quality that you want the output to be. To stay organized on your mixer you need to have the ability to move tracks and arrange them in an order that works best for you. The most important reason is to be able to assign tracks to the mixer for further processing using effects such as reverb, delay, compression, and more.

I find that keeping related elements near each other optimizes my workflow as I compose the beat. The process of quantizing makes this an automated function opposed to manually editing recorded performances.
As this is the place you can create melodies in court progressions for correct notes that were played with your midi keyboard for pads. There are a number of different ways that you can reverse a sample in FL studio but the easiest way is using the channel settings window. Volume automation is essentially an envelope that allows you to adjust the volume of a specific track or clip. Using the browser is the best way to get samples in because it is billed directly NFL studio and all you have to do is drag-and-drop. When you listen to professional productions you will often notice that the drums have feeling and a groove to them.
Are you jumping from thing to thing ending up with incomplete beats or unfinished productions? You can do all the adjustments using use the mixer which the software provides, and a good audio interface will ensure that the sound quality is good. This list should serve as the ultimate list of FL Studio tips that will be updated weekly with more and more information.
If you want to render to CD quality in the renders settings window you want to set the type to WAV and you also want to make sure that you render it at 16bit.
Knowing how to render your music to mp3 is an essential part of the audio production process every producer should know. There are multiple ways you can assign tracks to the mixer and there is also different ways of doing it. It also makes it easier when I assign the tracks to the mixer for mixing because all the elements related to one another will be next to each other on the mixer. It is important to note that this functionality only works when you are in the same pattern as the original melody or chord progression. To use this tool you can drag a waveform from the waveform preview and drop it onto the FL Studio piano roll. When I am making a snare roll for a beat I will often chop up the snares into different sized notes.
If you’re like me and spend a lot of time there you need to know your way around and ways to optimize your workflow.
In the channel settings window you can enable the reverse sample button and it will instantly reverse your sample. With an envelope you can add notes that you can then set to gradually increase or decrease volume or even completely drop or raise the volume. When making transition effects I like to use panning to sweep the sound from one side of the stereo spectrum to the other. Another great feature of FL Studio is the tap feature which allows you to tap on a button by using your mouse and FL Studio will detect the tempo from the tap. Other methods consist of using Windows Explorer opening multiple folders to get to a sample.
Unfortunately it’s usually an element that many producers struggle to get right in the mix. To move a track on the mixer hold down the alt key on your keyboard and use the left or right arrow keys to move the track left or right. Using the quick chop tool from the FL Studio piano roll I can quickly change the size of each individual note.

One feature that I use a lot is the soon feature which allows me to quickly zoom in and out on the score in the piano roll.
You can even review it by clicking on the waveform in the area at the bottom of the channel settings window.
There are a number of different reasons why you may need this feature so how do you do it? In the playlist find the audio clip you want to detect the tempo on.
So basically you will listen to the sample or song you were trying to tempo map and while it’s playing you will use the tap feature to tap along to the beat and FL Studio will detect the tempo based on your tapping. See you want to make sure that you use your browser NFL studio to optimize your workflow into easily find the samples you need.
To get the highest quality when rendering to mp3 there are a few settings that you must take into account. To move an item on the step sequencer you hold the alt key on the keyboard and use the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to move an item up or down. Once you have chosen the type of chord you will then need to select the root note for your chord. Sometimes when I’m editing I would like to see the entire picture in view all the notes that wants where other times I need to zoom into a specific region or no to make sure it is correct. I find this feature most useful for reversing things such as cymbals and sound effects to be used as transition effects between parts of my tracks. Left click the drop down area on the top left of the audio clip then choose sample, detect tempo. To add additional force in the NFL studio browser you just want to go to your NFL studio settings in the browser options. Assigning tracks to the mixer can be done in the channel settings window or from the mixer itself. Learning how to move items on the step sequencer is an important part of staying organized when composing. That is where this feature is really handy and all you have to do is use a few shortcut keys. Once you have an audio clip in the playlist you can left click the drop-down box on the left side of the audio clip.
From there you can navigate to the Ford or that you want to add to NFL studio to be visible in the browser. Once you have selected a chord type and root note you can then paint the chord in the FL Studio piano roll. For best results be as organized as possible when naming your fours and samples to make them easy to find later. Once the automation clip is created the bottom for the left side and all the way to the top is the right.
So for example if you wanted to sweep something from left to right you put your first node on the left side and your second node all the way to the right side. I really like using this effect when trying to build a dramatic transition from one part to the other.

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