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Because many of these companies are either new or small, I think it would be great if the community could dig in and provide their own critiques in the comments at the bottom. My goal here is to provide suggestions that might help others to solve similar issues on their pages. A common use of click-through pages is to warm up prospective customers for an ecommerce transaction.
To be successful, ecommerce landing pages need to have enough information to allow the visitor to make an informed purchasing decision. Relevant testimonials: The testimonials are targeted towards both target markets (developers and designers).
Payment options: The methods of payment are clearly shown beside the price which immediately answers a common question that every ecommerce transaction brings up. Product branding: Black bars at the top of a page can be easily overlooked (they blend in with the browser and the contrast from the page makes you start below them). Discount urgency: Try putting a time limited statement (til March 5th) or a numerical limit (the first 200) etc. Consistent CTA color: Simple rule, keep your call to action buttons the same color (people still break this for some reason). Secondary cross sell: Not a strategy I generally like as landing pages should perform better when focused on one thing only. Limited Edition: Increases the sense of urgency and makes it feel like your item will be more special. Testimonial style: Break the design of the page a bit by making the testimonials look like testimonials.
Implied urgency: Cinemas only have limited seating, which increases the desire to purchase in advance. Focus: The page is focused on only one of their courses which will help when achieving a strong message match with upstream ads, and quality score for PPC.
CTA secondary description: While the CTA has some plus points (mentioned above), it should describe what you get (the format).
Macgyver: Without knowing a lick of Japanese, I managed to mangle my way through the form on the subsequent page, which leads to a credit card payment screen. Social media oAuth features such as Facebook or Twitter Connect allow you to create more of a Single Sign On (SSO) concept, where the barrier to entry is reduced by letting people use existing account credentials to access your service. Know thy audience: The Gameground idea is all about socially connecting your game experience, so using a Facebook login is a great way to relate to your target. Competition: The leaderboard (at least I predicted that one) gives a sense of competition between you and your friends.
The major difference between this type of page and the ecommerce pages is that the destination page is a registration page – usually for an online product or service. Clear-ish headline: The headline area is nice and prominent, however you have to read all 4 lines to get the point. It tells a story: As soon as the second headline kicks in, you get the sense that they are really following the headline into an explanatory phase.
Trust indicators: Bags of trust points for having a slew of big brand clients presented in a color neutral way so as not to interfere with the power of the CTA. Strong and descriptive CTA: The CTA is dominant on the page and would easily pass a 6-ft test. Very clear statement of benefit: The headline (and subheader) spell out exactly what 99designs does and how much it costs.
Flow diagram: Not really a diagram, but by using numbers and arrows, they lead you through the process so you know how it works and what to expect.
Add some contrast: Some areas of stronger background contrast would really help chunk up the content and make it more digestible. Strong visual communication: The multicultural imagery (and language chooser) ties in very well with the language of supporting your community. Visual separation: The offer and benefits are clearly separated by the use of the enclosing gray area. Value reminder: The call to action could be enhanced with a reminder of what you could get when you join.
Many landing pages include forms: either to collect user data or to process their requirements for the purpose of looking up a second level of information (search, booking).
As the name implies lead gen landing pages are used to generate a list of customer leads (usually in the form of an email address or phone number) for the seller.
Give to get: You should be giving something away (the prize) to help persuade your visitors to part with their personal data. Balance the size of the prize with the effort required: An exchange of information should always be fair. Beware the fold: As much as I hate to use this old-school term, it still has an impact on some people. Directional cues: The whole page is designed with directional cues pointing at the email form.
Trust: Providing a big phone number lets visitors know that there are real people behind the business. Trust statement: The anti-spam trust statement in the footer about not sharing your email, could be connected to the email form a bit more closely.
Clean contrasting design: Separating the content from the action area (with the enclosing gray box) lets you know what you need to read and what you need to do.
Provide a preview: If your content is worth reading, stand behind it by offering a free sample. Radical design change: Another idea my insomnia just brought to bear would be to leverage the social proof in a more visual way. Social sharing devices: Music is very social content, as is the information surrounding it, so I like that there is a social sharing widget on the page. Try alternate social widget placements for higher usage: On a lead gen form like this, you can often get more action on your sharing buttons by placing them on the confirmation page.
Explicit value statement: You are told (nicely in the context of the form) that by entering your email you can become an exclusive beta tester. Clear bullet points: Bullets are much easier to scan (for the info that will trigger your particular conversion impulse) than a paragraph of text, and I also like the way the intro to each bullet is bolded to provide emphasis. Today’s successful marketing agencies seem to have superpowers – superhuman efficiency, x-ray analytics and lightning fast turnaround.
We asked several small marketing agencies why they use landing pages – and which strategies have brought them the greatest ROI.
The convertible elements give agencies the ability to scale, test and redesign instantaneously.
Because a landing page can be refined in a matter of minutes, agencies have the freedom and creativity to test daring design – without the risk of wasting time or money. With a learning curve that’s as soft as Zuckerberg’s peach fuzz, bringing landing page strategy into your repertoire is accessible and intuitive. With Adwords getting more and more complex, it’s refreshing to work with a tool that actually makes my life easier.

Because landing page stats are so easy to collect and analyze, agencies can drastically increase efficiency, no matter how small the team.
Here are the landing page strategies that worked for the marketing agencies we spoke to – and tips for how your agency can do the same. When testing a lead gen landing page for their client Advanced Grass, Disruptive Advertising found that the traditional one-page lead capture wasn’t working. Generally, this is thought to be against best practice because too many fields on a form will increase the perceived friction of filling it out. He implemented a two-step sign-up process to avoid adding perceived friction to the original landing page.
Because landing pages are so easy to build and test, Disruptive Advertising could afford the risk of breaking best practices. When the little tweaks aren’t working, Andrew Miller of Your Search Advisor says just start over. The original landing page promoted community relationships and intangible benefits of local contractors.
According to Andrew, the new page converts seven times better than Variation A for email leads and four times better for phone leads. When working on a lead gen project for a mortgage company, Theresa Baiocco of Conversion Max wasn’t only looking to increase conversions. To do this she needed to segment the most valuable leads (those that resulted more often in a sale) and convert them. Variation A (left) had a prominent phone-in CTA, whereas Variation B (right) made the email opt-in form more prominent. It wasn’t enough that Variation B generated leads – the form fills didn’t result in as many actual sales.
According to Theresa, prioritizing the call to action of a phone call resulted in a 25 percent improvement in the value of conversions.
Now that you’ve got all the superhero secrets, it’s time to put landing page strategy on your agency’s tool belt. Even with few resources and a tight budget, landing pages can help you create better marketing campaigns for your clients. That’s an excellent point that email allows for lead nurturing for prospects who are early in the buying cycle, Blaze. Landing pages are a blessing for those who spend their marketing dollars to acquire traffic with an intention to generate business inquiries and sales. When you build a house, you don’t consult the painter first, you consult the architect to make the plans.
So many people worry about building pretty websites, that they forget about actually testing and improving their marketing. Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to connect directly with your existing users and bring in new visitors to your site.
We can help you simplify this process by offering some really cool email template designs that can help you quickly launch an email campaign. There is never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution; the key is to fine tune the landing page and keep testing it until you find that magic formula that works for you… and then keep fine tuning! A compelling design is only one small part of the formula to a successful landing page, and we can help you get that right with our huge library of customizable landing page templates.
From logo design to video animation, web development to website copy; expert designers, developers and digital talent are ready to complete your projects. Here's a free video course on how to install WordPress, add new content, use themes and plugins, customize your site, and more. Purchase and download converting mobile responsive landing page designs, ppv landing page designs, PSD and THML website templates to create your online marketing campaign successful and profitable.
Convert your business marketing effort, time and money into in to leads, sales and profitable by using a custom converting landing page design by our professional and experience landing page designer.
Increase your business conversion rate for your online marketing campaign with our mobile responsive landing pages on affordable price starting from $40. Mobile responsive landing page designs are most effective rather than regular landing pages in respective of traffic, leads, sales and revenue generate.
It will make your marketing campaign successful by generating quality leads and sales for your product and services.
Mobile responsive landing page design will increase conversion by converting your website visitors into clients by click on call to action button or fill up the form. High converting mobile responsive landing page design capture more leads, sing-ups, customers and conversion with targeted of your marketing campaign.
At Unbounce there is a giant pile of cool small-to-medium sized businesses that are creating landing pages every day, so I trawled through the community and asked some people to share their work. As usual, I’ve given them a mini critique to explain why I like them, and a couple of ideas they could use to optimize and test their pages for higher conversions.
Conversion specialists, designers, usability, copywriters and marketers – perhaps you can make a name for yourself by lending a hand?!?!?
But more than anything, I wanted to show some of the diversity that’s being created in online marketing.
An intermediary page where the purpose is to persuade visitors to click through to a subsequent page. The funnel conversion goal is the purchase of an item (perhaps a book or a mobile app) which will occur on the payment or cart page following the click-through page.
So I would recommend making a bigger deal of the brand (and possibly a logo) for the product itself. Aside from that, it also adds an emotional and human connection to the products being sold. This could be achieved by changing the color to differentiate it from the rest of the page, by giving it extra whitespace to make it super obvious, or by breaking a visual design plane (e.g. If you buy extra tickets (which you always would – who watches a family movie alone?) you get them at a perceived discount. The copy from left to right is in conflict – ensure they agree with each other so people know what to expect. One thing I found a tad confusing was the mix of English and Japanese in the title and branding. I’d prefer that the entire button (not just the arrow) was treated with the green color to make it pop out from the page.
But the three feature boxes at the bottom get negative points as they all link to the same page as the Facebook CTA. B2B software as a service (SaaS) companies with monthly subscription models are a common use case.
This type of design really adds a professional feel to the page, very Apple-esque in many ways.
Putting a nice intro video 1-3 minutes into the iMac image would be a really nice way to increase engagement. Firstly, it let’s you know that you are going in the right direction to get a logo created, it also warns you subtly that there will be a few steps involved (by using the word start).

This probably only relates to getting your account set up but that’s half the battle.
So your eyes can naturally shift from left to right, figuring out what they do, ending on the call to action. Currently there are so many colors floating around the page it’s not immediately clear where you should be clicking.
I’d suggest either focusing on one larger image or making it interactive to allow people to pop up enlarged versions. It would be good to explain explicitly why they are a good idea and provide examples of companies that use them successfully (and what types of information they use them for).
While it’s important to give weight to the core benefit of registration, it could be done in a less interactive looking way. In marketing, the most common use of a form is the former and is known as lead generation (lead gen) or lead capture.
Anyone who’s moved can relate to the feeling of moving into a new home (and the associated stress).
Whether through an asterisk (*) on the text inside the form to indicate that people should read the statement below, or moving the text to the area directly below the form.
Pull the juiciest of these and boldly state it on the landing page to lift the level of persuasion.
The important details are spread between the headline, the small red statement above it and the content below. Try-before-you-buy is a tried and true technique that can be utilized here by offering up a free chunk of the white paper to whet the appetite. Localized pages need to make this very clear to avoid getting false leads from people who don’t realize.
The blog will do two things: provide extra content that may help people believe in your business concept and extend your contact methods via a potential RSS subscription. In a circumstance like this, I often find a diagrammatic representation of how the system works is worth a million words (and this page is a touch text heavy).
Especially for smaller marketing agencies where resources and deadlines are tight, this superpower is especially vital. Agencies can empower current employees rather than hiring expensive experts or additional team members. According to president Johnathan Dane, they didn’t want to wait to receive a quote by phone.
Not only did adding a micro-commitment incentivize people to finish the sign-up process, but filling in the extra fields reassured visitors they would receive a real, personalized quote. With such fast turnaround, if the strategy hadn’t worked, Johnathan says they would’ve quickly tried something else.
Using a landing page design at my homepage (with a clear call to action), I managed to increase inquiries by 3 folds. Creating an email template that aligns with you website’s design, and helps you convey your message, would require some serious skills and effort. Now all you need to do is give the user the information they are looking for, and make them an offer they can’t refuse. Collect leads, convert your visitor into customer, increase sales and boost your business with success with our clean, creative and professional design from us. Our conversion centered mobile optimized responsive landing page design will boost your business with quality leads and sales to make your marketing successful. Download mobile responsive landing page design to experience best and effective conversion for your marketing effort.
The final section adds a nice human touch, showing a nice photo of the designer and family, and a list of previous apps for credibility.
In my mind I want to know what it is first, then read the benefit statement (the rockstar title) second. Remember, this won’t have any impact by itself, but many micro changes will make a more powerful page.
You could solve this by changing the headline from FIREFLIES to FIREFLIES – Underwear that glows in the dark! Break out the information into chunks, highlight the fact that a portion of proceeds will go to Haiti, use a logo or badge from the organization involved in the donation. Or ideally, a color that didn’t match the bullet points and sub headers elsewhere on the page.
There’s nothing wrong with having different copy on the buttons, but they should be identical stylistically. This is impossible with long forms, so you have to employ visual cues to help point the way. This will also make people more inclined to talk about or share the page – helping you to gain valuable word of mouth exposure. But a good portion of your visitors will leave before putting in the effort to read all of it.
Emily now reports on trends in new media marketing and technology while traveling across North America.
Leaving email does not make for a qualified lead most of the time but it also leaves a chance for further nurturing.. Offer your visitor fully customized responsive landing page design that support all screen size and device that your visitor use to browse.
They will head to the main site where they may become overwhelmed by the selection and leave – or they might by something else. But this is about testing – so set up a variant with autoplay on and see how it affects your conversions.
Showing a screenshot of this in context or explaining how you’ll be able to brag to your Facebook friends would be enticing.
That way the expectation is set right away that you’re offering help in the form of a guide.
Remember that even if someone downloads the whitepaper, they might not read it now (or ever), so if you can plant a salient and powerful stat in their brain, you have armed them with a water-cooler topic. Gathering a list of interested potential customers before you launch, so you have someone to market to when you open the doors. My recommendation would be to hide the count until the number is vaguely impressive and then show it.
When a visitor arrives at a successfully-targeted landing page and looks at the information presented to them, they should want to take the next step and become your customer. Rendering what could otherwise have been a successful campaign a failure from a metrics and conversion perspective.

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