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Some of the most effective and memorable social media campaigns are effective, and memorable, because they’re different. On sites such as Twitter and Facebook, sometimes simply having a wonderfully ingenious campaign strategy simply isn’t enough if you aren’t willing to pay for promotion. Social media also offers the invaluable opportunity for companies to connect on a semi-personal level with their client-base, creating a detached but somewhat personable relationship. For Twitter, an excellent way to be seen is to tag more visible but related content, thereby becoming visible to a larger audience without being intentionally obtuse. Sometimes, in social media, the key to generating a larger audience is not to directly promote one’s product, but to, rather, promote videos and posts with some relation to said product. Successful social media campaigns can be effective marketing strategies, but it can also be a severely damaging one if proper steps and precautions are not taken to ensure civil interactions with a business’ client base. Whether you want to build better campaigns or are ready to try your first one, there are certain pitfalls you should avoid. In this article I’ll share five tips for building and running successful social media campaigns. Social media campaigns offer a wide array of options, from voting contests to newsletter signups to interactive quizzes—and everything in between.
Different campaigns deliver different results, so before you begin, have a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish. An example of action-gating that asks entrants to provide their email address and answer a question. Promote your campaign on other existing resources to ensure you’re reaching your audience everywhere. Design your campaign with sharing features built in and incentivize people to share by rewarding them with extra chances to win. Broaden your reach by telling your website audience about the campaign (in case they didn’t happen to see it on Facebook). One of the mistakes lots of companies made in the early days of social media campaigns was giving away expensive prizes (like iPads) that weren’t necessarily aligned with their brand.
You’ll have better luck if you offer a prize that showcases your own products, services or expertise. The prize you offer doesn’t need to break the bank, but its value should match the level of effort it takes to enter. Basic forms are the go-to entry method for many campaigns because they’re a fairly low barrier to entry.
When you create an entry form, you can ask for just about anything: email address, mailing address, telephone number, birthday, gender, marital status, etc. Instead of making every form field a requirement, only require the information that is most valuable to future marketing efforts. Social media campaigns are fun, easy ways to gather demographic information and feedback from your audience, build email lists, enlist user-generated content, promote a specific product or service and more. For best results, promote the campaign across your existing sites and profiles (and invite entrants to do the same), and be sure people can access the campaign via mobile. Marketers out there are always looking for new ways to develop successful (and hopefully even viral) social media campaigns that will increase fans, followers, engagement and ultimately revenue. The truth is that the heart of any successful social media campaign is great creativity, originality and content.
If you’re successful and get your fans and followers to engage with your campaign, that’s great, but make sure you give them a reason to be there that will help move the needle for your company or business. Also make sure you use clear calls-to-action and then engineer the campaign to achieve those goals. I was watching my beloved Broncos play Sunday night football when I saw Adidas’ recent ad featuring Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose. Adidas actually created an entire web series based on Derrick Rose’s dramatic injury and his triumphant effort to return to the court.
Plus, by using the hashtag #thereturn to fuel the campaign, Adidas is also encouraging virality and user-generated content. We’d like to tip our hats to fellow Portland company Wieden + Kennedy for being the creative brains behind last year’s Old Spice campaign that made “best of lists” everywhere.
I’ve highlighted Sharpie before as one of the 12 best brands to follow on Instagram, but it turns out the permanent marker company is doing a good job of marketing themselves on more than just the photo network.
Sharpie realized that it would have to undertake a millennial makeover to remain competitive and relevant in the ever increasingly saturated office supplies market. Sharpie’s Instagram features colorful and playful images drawn from the markers, their blog features costumer stories and inspirations for DIY ideas, and Pinterest is full of DIY projects and ideas, which surprise surprise, use Sharpies.
According to Ad Age, while both pen and marker sales have been on the decline, Sharpie saw a 3% increase in sales in both categories – owing much of their success to the popular digital and social media campaign. Always impressed with small and seemingly “boring” businesses that manage to make a splash on social media, McKay Flooring also made my list of 8 Best Instagram Brand campaigns.

It turns out McKay Flooring is doing a good job of marketing themselves not only on Instagram, but also on Pinterest, Twitter and their own blog.
I wrote about AJ Bombers in my post on 5 Successful Foursquare Marketing Campaigns, but I think the Milwaukie burger restaurant is worth noting for it’s successful presence on more than just the location-based social network.
AJ Bombers uses Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook to savvily market the restaurant online, and a one-time special Foursquare offer drove sales up 110% on one day alone. The day Sorge ran a “Swarm Badge” promotion on Foursquare, he saw increased sales of 110% that alone, and confirms that his restaurant continues to see increased sales, more word of mouth marketing and growing customer base due to his efforts in online marketing. AJ Bombers is now up to over 15,000 check-ins, in a city that had fewer than 500 Foursquare users last year.
When the first Paranormal Activity came out in 2009, the low budget horror film also had a small marketing budget, and in turn looked to social media networks as the ideal place to run a successful marketing campaign that they hoped would get people into the theaters. The movie, which had cost $15,000 to make, ended up grossing millions and spawned several successful sequels.
After the consumer generated marketing campaign, the studio held celebratory premiere parties for the areas that demanded the film most. This entry was posted in Social Media Marketing and tagged best social media campaigns, social media campaigns, Social Media Marketing by Julie Blakley.Julie Blakley was the Digital Marketing Manager for Postano, where she was in charge of managing everything from content creation to social media to SEO.
In order to establish a successful Facebook ad campaign, it is very essential to create a facebook business page providing the essential and accurate contact details with link to the website. Online businesses can achieve higher rate of success through consistent and regular sharing of information with the most active audience by analysing the click through rates. It is very essential to ensure that the ad campaign is optimized on a consistent manner by analysing the click through rates and the performance of the same by using numerous ad options and choosing the best out of the same that would provide a click through rate in the range of 2 – 4 %.
Vikas Singal, Co-founder and CEO of Ribbun Software, is a well known expert in the industry of search engine marketing. Proper successful social media campaigns can make an entire advertising campaign financially abundance, so choose your words, posts, pictures, audience and, well, everything, wisely. These campaigns go against the grain, so to speak, doing something, invariably, that fails to follow current norms and leaves a sort-of shock factor in the minds of its target audience. Promoting posts, accounts and tweets on either page is oftentimes a numbers game, as with much else in life.
It is for this reason that, when marketing using social media, companies have to make certain to keep likes of communication open, posting often and holding full-fledged conversations as well as taking advantage of the unique opportunity to settle attempted disputes and discrepancies in a professional and public manner. LinkedIn allows access to a, supposedly, more professional target audience and offers unique opportunities for users to be alerted when someone views their profile. Remember, the internet has a strange fascination with videos and ‘memes,’ giving you a good way to show your client base that your company is, in fact, comprised of humans and not alien robot overlords. With your goals in mind, research and choose the type of campaign that works for you, and then decide how you’re going to build it. As you look around, you’ll find some that are free and others that cost thousands of dollars a month. Increasing numbers of people are accessing the Internet exclusively (or nearly so) from mobile devices, so look for a service that builds campaigns that are responsive, look good and function smoothly on smartphones and tablets (in addition to looking good on desktops, of course). And use a tool like Hello Bar that helps you easily create and install header notifications. While an iPad or other valuable prize is sure to catch people’s attention, the majority of those people are probably not your targeted customers or leads. For example, if you work in the travel or hospitality industries, give away stays in one of your hotels or a gift card to your restaurant. Most people are willing to share a little information to gain access to something (giveaway entry, coupon, etc.). In other words, the same principles that drive successful advertising campaigns are now applied to the social world as well – where great, engaging content that inspires us and triggers emotion will drive all those shares, likes, links and more. Although not a Bulls’ fan myself, I was captivated by the ad that showed the horrifying moment when the star basketball player went down with a knee injury with 1:22 left in the Eastern Conference quarter-finals in 2011. Adidas did a lot right with this campaign, making it inspirational, relatable, emotional – showing how even a major basketball star had to work hard and through setbacks to get back to where he wanted to be. In fact, a quick Instagram search this morning showed that nearly 15,000 photos had been uploaded to the hashtag- and many of them were user-generated (free marketing). But, while the TV spots were amazing, one of the most impressive parts of the campaign was the amazing success it saw on social media and online. Enter Greg Burney, a UK based artist and clothing-label designer who pledged to draw the first 3,000 new Twitter followers he gained. Sharpie also makes excellent use of their blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to help cultivate an extremely engaged community. In response, Sharpie undertook a drastic overhaul in advertising, digital content and social media engagement in order to be proactive and interactive with its consumer base. McKay Flooring is a great example of how you don’t need big budgets or a big brand to pull off a win in today’s social media landscape – and how a little creativity can give your company great reach and awareness.

The CEO of McKay Flooring, Richard McKay, has established himself as one of the leading influencers in wood flooring globally, and has amassed almost 50,000 Twitter followers.
Pinterest is like a large catalogue of our products, creative ideas and DIY tips (these do not all have to be about flooring, but finding a common ground with your audience is a must). When the restaurant’s Foursquare page featured a tip about the Barrie Burger—from that alone (there was no advertising), sales for the item grew 30% in the first week. Amy Powell, EVP of interactive marketing strategies and film production at Paramount Pictures, thought audiences would respond to the film, if they could see it. They also allowed fans that had worked to promote the film to add their names to the film’s credits.
A University of Oregon Journalism graduate, Julie found herself working in the world of digital marketing and media after college and hasn't looked back since.
With competition being extremely intense, it is absolutely unavoidable for the businesses to ignore creating a presence on the social media channels. The ad creation in Facebook starts with the business page creation with a customized application that helps collect the email addresses of the visitors who click on the ads to get more details about the offer or discount extended by the company or the new product or service launch done by the business. By creating active interaction through the Facebook channels, online businesses can personalize the content sharing and discussions leading to enhanced acceptance.
It is very essential to keep optimising both the ads and the resultant email addresses list for high relevancy and to match the current need of the business and target audience leading to higher success.
Since 2002, Vikas has been involved in developing successful search engine and social media marketing campaigns for large and small businesses.
If you want to host on a platform other than (or in addition to) Facebook, do your homework. This change upset a lot of marketers because like-gating has been a common practice for several years and it’s helped a lot of businesses grow their fan count quickly and consistently. If you’re giving away an international vacation, you can make entry a little tougher by requiring people to submit photos and videos for a voting contest.
The campaign totally snowballed and Burney ended up acquired almost 6,000 new Twitter followers in just a few short weeks. Relatively quickly, Sharpie went from =a static brand to the recipient of TED’s Ads Worth Spreading award. The great thing about Pinterest is that people can store their interests into different categories and go back and forward to them when needed. Five years later, she's applied her innate curiosity (and inner geek) that led her into journalism to the world of tech, web writing, social media and marketing businesses online.
One of the most effective and popular social media channel used by most of the online businesses is the Facebook platform. In order to enhance the call to action from each of your Facebook ad, it is very essential to provide valuable and useful information to the target audience by leading them to the correct and suitable landing page and giving access to relevant and timely information helping them in decision making. One of the most important feature of the ad campaign should be to ensure that the navigation and access is kept easy with no complex processes and it should be highly sharable thereby enhancing the ability to reach larger target audience. One of the key factors that can drive up the success ratio from a Facebook ad campaign is the ability to connect with the audience through relevant information and consistent contacts through content sharing. In addition, the popular campaign ended up making several “best of lists,” providing exposure for the artist as well as links back to his company website.
The film also got the online community to create enough demand for the film that it opened nationwide in theatres across the country. The advertisements on this platform are packaged in such a manner that most people of the audience do not even realise that they are responding to the advertisements. By offering relevant and valuable information to the target audience, businesses would be able to enhance the call to action rates effectively. In order to get enhanced acceptance, online businesses should motivate the existing audience to share the same for offered incentives. By establishing higher degree of trust through valuable information, online businesses can build long term relationship with the target audience through the effective Facebook ad campaigns. No matter what you’re advertising or what stance you’re taking on an issue, somebody will be upset and somebody is going to threaten to boycott your product or service. Facebook ad campaigns are packaged and shared in a creative content sharing manner to pass on subtle advertising messages to the target audience without forcing anything on them. Online businesses can customize the advertisements in the form of creative contents based on the target audience niche, needs and interests leading to effective engagement of the audience in active interactions and discussions leading to brand creation and long lasting relationships.

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