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Have you ever launched a marketing campaign yet it didn’t yield the results you envisioned?  Did you take the time to thoroughly research your campaign idea before executing it?  Important elements to a sound campaign encompass identifying your product or service and your consumers. What is the purpose of your marketing campaign?  Creating a strategy involves anticipating the future outcome, while making decisions in the present.  By developing a strategy, will help you stay on track with your goals, while creating action steps to achieve them.
Have you considered the time it will take to manage your campaign?  Time is the most common factor that needs to be incorporated in your campaign to prevent it from losing its effectiveness.  So, as you plan your time, it should include the date your campaign will end. How do you determine if you marketing campaign have succeeded or not?  Measuring your progress is crucial!  Why? Google Analytics gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Social Report, a social network analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your social space and marketing effectiveness.
In conclusion, by pre-planning your campaign allows you to target your market and track the results to determine your return on investment or (ROI).
Facebook and social media marketing success is often displayed when big brands and stars with millions of fans and deep pockets run a campaign that also attracts mainstream mass media attention. This can be seen with the wildly successful Old Spice campaign that saw millions of YouTube views, Twitter tweets and Facebook likes.
The reality in small business struggle street is that often the big buckets of money are not available and resources are limited. So how do you launch a Facebook marketing campaign and make it successful? How do small businesses use Facebook to get big results! The rise and the continuing maturing of  social media has seen the arrival of a plethora of tools and apps that make it easier for businesses and brands to implement marketing campaigns that are simple and cost effective. Here are five of some of the successful Facebook marketing campaigns achieved by companies using their tools. Sometimes brand awareness and postioning your company as a thougjht leader in its industry are the campaign goals. Sugarbush Resort wanted to increase the number of fans on their Facebook page and also grow their email subscriber list.
If you want to see more successful case studies from people usingConstant Contact ‘s social tools you can find them here. My book – Blogging the Smart Way “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. Twitter is a social media network that has had its business model challenged by media and bloggers over the years.
It’s not serendipity but rather a culmination of hard work and innovative thinking that turns an idea into a successful marketing campaign.
But once you do have a viable selection of ideas, your best course of action is to keep them organized by using an editorial calendar or Google Docs. By keeping your ideas organized, you’re able to easily sort through everything and determine the best course of action for each one.
When coming up with ideas for marketing campaigns your target audience should be top of mind. Launching a marketing campaign on a platform where only a small portion of your target audience is active isn’t a very efficient strategy.
Once clear objectives are determined, you need to decide which metrics you’ll use to track them. If you’re looking for even more analytics to help define and measure your campaign, try Sprout Social for free with a 30-day trial!
Back in 2010, Old Spice launched its campaign which was originally designed to promote a body wash. The campaign was quickly expanded to include other products, and even led to a follow-up campaign based on user feedback. Brands work selfies into marketing campaigns quite often, but it’s unique to see something so often considered to be self-centered used in such a selfless way. The campaign encourages followers to help bring back the disappearing honey bees by removing the letter “b” from their Tweets or by purchasing a limited edition lip balm. Obviously don’t manipulate viewers into taking action by toying with their emotions, but a genuine campaign that tugs at the heartstrings can be a success. While not a marketing campaign per se, Flo has been a consistent piece of Progressive’s evolving marketing strategy for years.
Flo’s commercials and social media presence are fun, whimsical and pull in viewer engagement. You might not be aware of your current policy details or even thinking about switching your insurance, but you do know Flo. Additionally, consider the marketing campaigns that have caught your eye both as a marketer and a consumer. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
SUCCESSFUL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS EXAMPLESCause marketing campaign is in full swing nowadays .
On marketing blogs everywhere (including this one), you hear a lot of lip-flapping about the importance of meticulously planning your marketing campaigns. But what many don’t address is that marketing campaigns aren’t specific to product launches – if you want to achieve measurable results with your marketing, you need to treat every single one of your marketing activities as a marketing campaign. For every single project you take on to move the needle for your business, you’ve got to have a master plan: a set of clearly-defined goals, a finite start and end date, and a means of tracking your successes (and failures).
Here’s a step-by-step blueprint for planning and launching your next campaign – with a selection of hand-picked tools to help you through each step. Planning your next marketing campaign?Steal Unbounce's Campaign Strategy Brief template to help you plan for measurable success. By entering your email you'll receive weekly Unbounce Blog updates and other resources to help you become a marketing genius. I’m willing to bet that you’ve got more brilliant ideas floating around than you realize – but are they getting lost in the shuffle?
Organizing your ideas goes a long way in helping to identify the opportunities with the most potential.
As each campaign gets off the ground, move the card through each stage of the planning process, from “Validating” to “Underway.” Keep a “Done” column as well so you can track your progress and prove that you’re getting shit done. Organizing things in this way helps you prioritize and holds you accountable for your ideas from start to finish. There’s a reason why people say, “The customer is always right” – at the end of the day, if you give them what they want, they’ll thank you with conversions.

Once you’ve identified a ripe opportunity, get super specific about what you expect from the marketing campaign.
I’m not talking about simply declaring that you “want more sales.” You want to be as specific as possible so you can measure your success later. Ask yourself which key performance indicators matter most to your business and what results you can expect. If you want your campaigns to inspire action, then you’ve got to make the intended goal crystal-clear. If you agree, then you’ve got to create a dedicated landing page for every marketing campaign you launch.
Having a dedicated landing page for every marketing campaign allows you to direct prospects toward the goal in a concise, compelling manner – and allows you to easily track the success of your campaign.
That includes talking about benefits, not features – and making sure you supply prospects with all the information they need to make a decision. A simple way to achieve this is to be sure that your landing page includes the five essential elements of a winning landing page. Maybe it’s a complex offering, or maybe you want to show your product in action so prospects can picture themselves using it. Including a video on your landing page (with the help of a service such as Wistia) could be exactly what you need to counter objections that prospects have when they just don’t get what you do. I could link to a super convincing case study that indicates that videos increase conversions on landing pages.
If you do go with video, remember that it’s a time-intensive venture that will require lots of resources.
As people fill out the form on your landing page, you want them to be added to a relevant list that you’ve created in your email service provider (such as AWeber). Then add a follow-up message that delivers the offering, or deliver it on the confirmation page.
If you’re going to invest time and resources into your brilliant ideas, you’ll want to know how your campaign is performing. Google Analytics can be useful in tracking straightforward goals and conversions (such as an ebook download) – but often, campaigns involve more than one touchpoint with prospects.
Tools like KISSmetrics address some of the frustrations marketers (especially SaaS marketers) have with Google Analytics. KISSmetrics makes it easier to tag your campaign data and build a simple custom report to display results. Then you can set up funnel reports so you can see the point at which people are dropping off – and optimize accordingly.
Funnel reports like this one pulled from KISSmetrics give insight into where prospects are dropping off in the conversion funnel. After you’ve created all the things and set up all the tracking, you’ve gotta devise a game plan for getting it all out there. Whichever channels you choose, remember that distribution and promotion should never be an afterthought.
All this prep work should run parallel to content production so that much of the legwork is done before your launch date. Your fans on social media have followed you because they’re interested in what you’re doing and what you have to say.
Create a variety of social assets that have design and message match with the landing page you created earlier. Tag the URLs you are using to distribute content on social so you can measure the results of your campaign (check out a simple tutorial on that at the end of this post). Schedule promotional messages in advance with tools like Hootsuite to coincide with the launch date and avoid last-minute scrambles.
If you’ve already got a group of engaged readers on your blog, why not use it as a platform to break the news about your campaign?
You could write a post on a related subject to pique your readers’ interest, and then insert a CTA at the bottom of the post for your campaign. Explicitly announcing the launch of our latest ebook (instead of burying the lede in a post on the same subject) resulted in more views to the campaign landing page and a higher percentage of ebook downloads.
Your campaign may have a finite end date, but your blog post is around forever – so make sure that you pay attention to SEO and do appropriate keyword research. If you’re running an evergreen campaign, also consider optimizing your landing page for SEO so that people can stumble on it organically.
As Joanna Wiebe explained at last year’s CTAconf, your subject line has one job: to get the prospect to open the email.
The CTA for this webinar announcement email is easy to spot and finishes the sentence, “I want to _____.” Click for full email. There are of course tons of other methods for getting your campaign out there – I haven’t even touched on paid methods such as PPC (WordStream can help with that!). You’ve got to find what works best for you – and then find ways to do it better than everyone else. No matter the goal of your campaign, you want to continue the relationship so you can make leads into customers and customers into repeat customers. You’ll want to keep track of those interactions (Customer Relationship Management tools such as HubSpot can help make this easy) – and then find ways to keep offering value. The more details you have about your leads, the more opportunities you have to send them targeted offers that will make them happy – and more likely to do business with you. When we recently launched an ebook campaign, we set up separate email marketing campaigns to fire based on answers prospects provided in the opt-in form.
For example, if they answered “We don’t use landing pages” to the question above, we sent them a follow-up email schooling them about the importance of landing pages (and telling them about Unbounce). Taking this approach gave us insight into the behavior of each subscriber, and allowed us to target subsequent offers based on their answers. Holding meetings like this and keeping the notes on record allows the entire team to learn from each others’ mistakes and become better marketers.
If you’re deliberate about all of your marketing activities and break things down into smaller, digestible chunks, then you can get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. While this is a solid start to running a marketing campaign, there are tons of other considerations that I didn’t touch on here. Great resource list and basic overview of what is needed to make a marketing campaign successful. The thing that i struggle to do is come up with goals for a new project when I have no previous data to previously compare to.

What must also be kept in mind that obtaining more likes in Facebook is cool but what small business really wants is more sales! Constant Contact is one of those companies that offers email and social media marketing tools that make it easy and cost effective to create a Facebook custom tab that produces results. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
The link takes me to the Amazon UK page and, because there is no price on the book, there doesn’t seem any way to put it into my basket.
Make it easy for team members to continue suggesting new ideas or adding feedback around existing ones. Everything you put out on social media and other marketing mediums should resonate with that specific group. You shouldn’t build a target audience around an idea, but rather build an idea around your target audience. Dig into social network demographics to be sure your campaign will reach a majority of your desired targets.
You never want to be manipulative with your social media marketing strategy, so tailor your campaign as much as possible to the interests and needs of your customer base.
Since many, if not most, of your marketing campaigns will take place on social media, familiarize yourself with the metrics that are worth tracking. The 33-second video, which depicts a shirtless Isaiah Mustafa addressing viewers in rapid-fire monologues, was watched almost 6 million times in the first day alone. Mustafa ended up recording 186 videos responding to Tweets and Facebook posts from Old Spice fans. The brand increased its Twitter followers by 2,700% over a two-day period, its website saw a 300% increase in traffic and campaign impressions reached 1.4 billion. It took something as boring as a personal hygiene product and turned it into a quirky yet memorable marketing campaign.
Wanting to reach millennials, it turned to Snapchat to raise awareness for endangered animals through selfies.
Within a week, WWFs in different countries began localizing the campaign for their respective regions.
Despite this, brands like Progressive have found success through humor and its perky spokesperson, Flo. Selling car insurance is dull, and the idea of engaging with insurance companies makes some people cringe. And Progressive is counting on your connection with her (and therefore the brand) to convince you to consider it when you’re ready to start looking at other car insurance options. Are the same questions appearing in blog comments, on social channels and with your customer support team?
Create a dedicated list or segment for that campaign so you can track sign ups easily and keep in touch. We’ve found it extremely valuable that the tool allows you to pull customer data from your billing system so you can accurately track their progress all the way down the funnel – and even after they become a customer. And there are tons of other tools that go into the planning of a campaign (at Unbounce, we’re big fans of RealtimeBoard and Basecamp to name a few). Depending on the campaign, looking at industry benchmarks for conversions might be a good place to start. A very comprehensive overview of some awesome tools (and Ryan Gosling doesn’t hurt, either). She is also founder of National Association Women on the Rise, a virtual community for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog.
If you’re bored by the status quo, then use these tips and examples to help transform your outreach strategy. A Trello board, for example, is a great way to promote team collaboration and engagement around specific projects.
We also encourage you to learn more about defining and measuring your goals with our guide to measuring social media ROI.
The initial video ads were fantastic, but it was the video responses, in our opinion, that gave this campaign its edge. Designed around time-sensitive content, the platform was the perfect choice for stressing how little time these endangered species have left. The campaign was a huge success and the organization was able to collect its monthly donation goal in just three days.
Happiness, for example, is one of the main catalysts of social media sharing according to psychologists. Progressive found a way to humanize its brand and that is what’s driving its marketing success.
This recent post, which makes no mention of the company’s product at all, received more than 6,660 views, 160 reactions, 43 shares and 15 comments.
The association’s mission is to provide professional and personal resources while uplifting and empowering women entrepreneurs through collaboration, education, mentoring, spiritual and peer support, leadership and networking. Social media was often touted as a way to connect with customers, and these videos proved that use case. And sadness, while not something you want to invoke often, was actually found to promote connection and empathy.
Don’t overcomplicate things or stifle creativity by imposing a lot of structure on this process.
It never hurts to see what it takes to make successful marketing campaigns and then use those qualities in your own. If you’re giving people what they want, they’re less likely to feel like they’re being marketed to and more likely to feel like they’re part of a conversation.
Review each campaign with your team and see how you can improve the next one and the next one after that.

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