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Climate also describes trends — longer-term changes in weather that are distinct from the shorter-term variability. As far as day-to-day weather goes, numerous individual locations in Australia set daytime records for extreme heat. Records were set for the duration of extreme heat at both individual locations, and for Australia as a whole.
When it comes to averages over time, January 2013 was the hottest month recorded in the entire observational record for Australia, stretching back to 1910 (the first year for which we can confidently estimate national temperatures).
Six of the hottest ten summers on record have occurred this century, and only two occurred before 1990.
Under mid-to-high emissions scenarios, summers like this one will likely become average in 40 years time.
This essentially means that the record was consistent with warming trends, and achieved without an extra push from natural variability associated with El Niño. The defining feature of the heat of this summer across Australia has been its extent and consistency.
Nearly two-thirds of the continent had a summer that ranks in the top ten of the last 100 years. More often, a summer might be very hot in the south but cooler than normal in the tropics (like 2008-09) or hot in the east but cool in the west (like 2005-06, or, going back much further, 1938-39). January may have seen the most extreme heat, but December and February were also significantly hotter than usual. Apart from the heat, the summer of 2012-13 will be remembered for rain and floods along the east coast, especially those which fell in late January as the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Oswald tracked south just inland from the coasts of Queensland and northern New South Wales, bringing heavy rains along the length of its track. Further south, over 700 millimetres fell in one day at Upper Springbrook, in the Gold Coast hinterland, and Mount Castle. The rains along the east coast were locally destructive and devastating for communities affected. Away from the east coast, it was a dry summer (except for parts of Western Australia), and in many places it was a very dry one. December 2012 was the hottest December on record for Southern Hemisphere land areas, and January 2013 was the hottest January. Many parts of southern Africa had their hottest January on record, while the month was also much hotter than normal in large parts of Argentina, Chile and Brazil. This latest summer heat follows a pattern of extreme hot summers in various parts of the world over the last few years.
Six of Australia’s ten hottest summers on record have come in the last 11 years, meaning that very hot summers have been occurring at about five times the rate you would expect without a warming trend. Another indicator of the trend towards extreme warmth in Australia is the proportion of the continent which has a summer amongst the ten warmest in history. The summer of 2012-13 may have set a record in this respect, but several other recent years have also had a large area of the country where summer has been much warmer than usual. What I personally think is great to have during your holiday is all the tests that you cannot find the time to do during normal periods.
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Although much of the old content is no longer available, a new look and fresh content will make up for it. Mostly, are you worried about how you’re going to maintain a low-level buzz and still be able to drive to all those playdates?

We have some camps lined up, I’m hoping for some camping trips and creative home projects, and this year I will enforce some kind of reading to be happening around here, beyond reading instructions on Epic Mickey wii games.
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It describes the average weather experienced over a period of time — over either a single location, or averaged over a large region.
By the end of the 21st century, the record summer of 2013 will likely sit at the very cooler end of normal. Up until this year, six of the eight warmest summers, and the hottest three summers on record, occurred during El Niño years. January 2013 was the second warmest on record, following an unusually hot 2012, and a record hot 2011 for Australian-region sea surface temperatures. Not many individual places have had their hottest summer on record, but the extent of the heat has been unprecedented. In the summer just gone, every mainland state had temperatures at least a degree above normal.
Fourteen of the 112 sites used by the Bureau for long-term monitoring had their hottest day on record during this heatwave, more than has occurred in any other summer.
But perhaps the most exceptional temperatures of the event occurred in the interior of Western Australia.
A second round of heavy rain occurred in southeast Queensland and coastal New South Wales in the last week of February.
Overall rainfall in the Brisbane catchments was very similar to that during the 2011 floods. There was more than 300 millimetres recorded in a day in places, causing flooding on numerous rivers, especially the Hastings and Macleay. However, in a national context they brought above-average summer totals to only a fairly small area – southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales.
Across much of South Australia, the Northern Territory, western Victoria, and inland areas of New South Wales and Queensland, summer rainfall was near or below half normal levels.
Australia was a large contributor to this, but so were southern South America and southern Africa.
A particularly extreme example was the summer of 2010 in western Russia, in which seasonal temperatures exceeded previous records by 2°C or more. In the last decade, record high temperatures have outnumbered record low temperatures in Australia by a ratio of about three to one. On average, since 2000, about 25% of the continent each year has had a summer in the ten warmest.
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If your photo is featured here and you would like it to be removed, please contact me via email, and I will take it down immediately. Are you going to be home with your kid(s) this summer and don’t know what you’re going to do? This could be a free beach getaway, fun and practical ways to stay cool, summer concerts and barbeques, and summer clothing.

Some previous summers have been hotter in particular regions, but none have made the top ten across even half the country. This is a region which normally misses out on the most extreme high temperatures because of its elevation – higher areas generally stay cooler. A crucial difference, though, between the two years was that the weeks leading into the 2013 floods were fairly dry, and more of the rain soaked into the ground than was the case in 2011, when the rain fell on ground which was already saturated.
This rate of warming is slightly lower than for the other three seasons, mainly because summer rainfall has increased dramatically over the last 50 years in northwest and central Australia, holding back warming in those areas. About a third of the all-time record high temperatures at the Bureau’s long-term stations have occurred since 2000. The chances of such a warm summer in any given place in the post-2000 period are about three times what they were pre-2000. If you, before you go on holiday, initiate these tests, you will comeback to work after the summer with a fresh mind, but also with fresh intelligence about your business ready to act upon. With the right instruction, these guys can spend all summer building a long lead list for you to feast upon all fall. The 4th of July is a holiday that incorporates events such as fireworks, barbeques, and parades.  These events are great opportunities to focus your promotion on. Average temperatures beat the record set in the summer of 1997-98, and daytime maximum temperatures knocked over the 1982-83 record.
Over the next century, the world will likely warm by a further 2 to 5 degrees, depending on the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. From Mackay northwards, Oswald’s rains only made up part of the deficit from what was otherwise a relatively dry summer. Can you do that if you know that customers are calling your office phone, but no one is answering it?
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