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Identification of the market segment leads a firm to decide how to approach the selected markets.
Undifferentiated marketing: Undifferentiated marketing refers to an approach when a firm produces only one product or product line and targets all of its customers with a single marketing mix. Differentiated Marketing: The differentiated marketing refers to the approach of the firms, which produce numerous products with different marketing mixes. Also, my intention was not in any way to say that applications is the way to go in mobile marketing. Few can argue against the importance of mobile as a personal device, which is always with you, and which is the centerpiece of social interaction.
If you are reading this blog, you probably already agree with the premise and the importance of mobile in the marketing and content mix.  Now back to the question on whether to use app, wap, sms, etc as a mobile marketing tool. So why is there such a fascination with apps and particularly on the iPhone among marketers? I'm a Digital Strategist that uses a practical, no nonsense approach to help companies learn how to leverage the dynamics Web 2.0 to achieve organizational goals and create business value. This is the biggest problem outbound marketing has, consumers just switch off to these intrusive messages. A big reason why outbound marketing is a dying marketing tactic is not just that we switch off mentally to these forms of marketing but we also switch off using technology. Ability to pause live TV using set top boxes, gives consumers the power to skip adverts on TV. With inbound marketing you are moving on from old a€?pusha€? or a€?interrupta€? outbound marketing tactics, to the modern a€?attractiona€? or a€?pulla€? inbound marketing. According to marketers, the average cost per lead is 61% lower via inbound marketing as compared to outbound marketing. The increasing power of inbound marketing is because it responds to the changing way that people want to research purchases and make buying decisions. Now using the Internet, buyers can research the product without having to first go to the seller. Mass marketing is dedicated to a wide audience and personalized marketing is targeted to a specific group or an interested consumer. Mass marketing aims at delivering messages to the largest number of people that is possible. The main benefits of mass marketing are a broad audience and low production costs per each person.
In opposition to mass marketing, personalized marketing analyzes the specific needs of each individual and reaches the target group by providing tailored offers of products and services.
Personalized marketing comprises the customers identification (collecting information about their interests and needs), segmenting clients into more specific groups, choosing the best communication channel to contact with them and personalizing products or services in order to give them exactly what they want. One-to-one (personalized) marketing is distinguished by several advantages such as particularly targeted customers that tend to be more loyal, less competition and higher profit margins.

People face over 3000 messages a day, what means that it is crucial to make messages relevant to customers by reaching their preferences and characteristics. SALESmanago is a cloud based online marketing automation platform used by over 5000 companies all over the world that manage databases of over 200 mln customers.
Datanyze ranks SALESmanago as world’s TOP6 marketing automation platform and Venturebeat Insights places it as global leader of marketing automation for Small & Medium B2C companies. However, there are many firms, which do not segment the market and would work for the aggregate market.
It is most effective technique for small business users to sustain, build and grow their own brand. However, an example from the real business world should ideally be added to all four types given.
In fact, at Storyz, a key point for us was that our wap site can do almost everything our apps can do (with the exception of address book and camera integration, which we’ve created workarounds for on wap). Precisely for the same reason users have embraced apps and the iPhone: It is easy to understand.
And at that point it is not a discussion on whether to focus on SMS because the reach is higher or cost is lower, but simply because SMS may work for certain things, MMS for another, mobile sites and interaction for other reasons etc etc.
Samsung, Nokia and Apple, in that order, were the biggest movers of handsets, though the latter two change places when it comes to smartphones -- Espoo only shipped 35 […]This Year, All Publishers Go MobileThis year will be a seminal one, marking the first time 100% of publishers will format their content for mobile, according to an Alliance for Audited Media survey of 210 media companies in North America. I use a practical approach to teach organizations how to achieve business objectives using the dynamics of Web 2.0 Please drop by with a blog comment or feel free to connect with me on Google+.
Ita€™s not about asking, a€?Hey, do you want to buy this product or use these services?a€? Marketing is now making sure that target customers come across your products or services when they are looking for them and are ready to purchase.
When was the last time you actually took time out to go through a flyer that you found in your letter box at work or home? When was the last time you paid attention to an advert on a billboard whilst driving in your car? People have always hated being marketed to, and in recent years they have been able to tune out more and more unwanted marketing messages. A study conducted recently showed that we are exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages a day! Our partners at Hubspot produce the a€?State of Inbound Marketing Reporta€? each year and the facts in these reports back up that outbound marketing is dying and Inbound is here to stay. Take buying a car for example, when we wanted to buy a car we had to make a trip to the dealership or garage to get the information we required on the car such as price, specifications, mpg etc. Before even stepping foot in a dealership, the car buyer can research what options are available, the selling price (and the dealera€™s price), reviews, safety data and any other information they require.
People are more receptive to inbound strategies and find certain outbound tactics annoying and intrusive. Although, this strategy has serious disadvantages such as high advertising costs and high development costs of products, a fierce competition and ignoring the particular needs of clients. The main drawbacks are the lack of “economies of scale” and higher production costs per each person.

Now, when personalized marketing is expanding to more and more sectors, it’s starting to be a strong competitor of mass marketing.
SALESmanago unique Digital Body Language features, real-time personalization engine enable marketers to deliver 1-to-1 offers via all marketing channels including e-mail marketing, dynamic website content, ad networks and direct sales. SALESmanago is based in Krakow (Poland) but has offices and subsidiaries in New York, London and Bangalore (India).
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In Mass Marketing, the market coverage strategy essentially ignores the market segment differences and goes after the whole market with one offer. In this approach, instead of marketing one product with a single marketing program the firm approaches the different consumer groups with products customized for each group. Marketing is no longer about hunting down customers, but more about making the customers come to you. At that point, the sales person would come over and influence you into taking a test drive and ultimately trying to persuade you into a buying decision. Outbound marketing does have a place in a marketing plan, but it is clear to see that inbound marketing should take over as the dominant tactic when developing a marketing plan. Thanks to deep integration with another product APPmanago, a mobile marketing automation system it offers world’s only marketing technology platform that is actually ready for mobile revolution. There are different kinds of targeting approaches and each marketing firm has its own unique way of targeting its customers. Each niche market essentially defines specific product features such as product design, price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.
The reason this worked in the past is because the sales person had the all power, since they had all the information on the car.
This will enable you as a business to reach more leads at the fraction of the cost of outbound marketing. Usually the idea is to broadcast the message with an aim to reach the largest number of people possible. The differentiated marketing essentially requires market segmentation and incurs a higher production cost, inventory cost and marketing costs.
It’s used by companies that offer products that usually aren’t dedicated for one client and are sold in large quantities. Examples of mass marketing products are toothpastes, which are not made especially for one consumer group or segment and are sold in huge quantities.
Other examples are furniture, artwork, automobiles, residential communities, cola drinks and personal computers.

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