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The Executive Teleprompter will arrive at your doorstep ready to assemble and use within minutes of opening the box. QStart prompter software comes equipped with dual-screen functionality that can be used with any teleprompter made by any teleprompter manufacturer.
The QPro prompting software is a robust software-only application designed for Professional shoots, without the need for live edits or newsroom interfaces.
1) Close QStart if it is currently running2) Right-click the desktop3) Select “Properties”4) Once the new box presents itself, click “Settings”5) Make sure it is set to “Extend my Windows Desktop onto this monitor”. 1) Close QStart if it currently running2) Right-click on the desktop3) Select “Screen Resolution”4) Make sure the #1 and #2 monitors are coming up.5) Click the drop-down down arrow next to “Multiple displays” and select “Extend these displays”. 3) Click on the tab under that box that says “Display Sensitivity”.4) Click and hold in order to move the slider to the left.
1) Right-click on the desktop2) Select “Properties”3) Once the new box presents itself, click “Settings”4) Once you have the display settings window up, adjust the resolution down to 800x600 by moving the slider as far to the left as possible.5) Click “Apply”6) Click the down arrow under “Color Quality” and change the setting to “Medium (16 bit)”7) Click “Apply”8) Click “Ok”9) You have now optimized your display settings as much as possible for the ability of your machine!
1) Right-click on the desktop 2) Select “Screen Resolution”3) Click the down arrow on the same row as “Resolution” and select the lowest (bottommost) resolution you can.
10) You have now optimized your display settings as much as possible for the ability of your machine. 1) If you receive this error you will need to ensure you are running QStart from an administrative account and that QStart is set to run as an administrator. If the dongle is plugged in and QStart is still stuck in evaluation mode then try plugging the dongle into a different USB port located elsewhere on the machine as pictured below.
Software support for teleprompters, scripting, newsroom and video servers is available immediately during working hours from any of our offices (London & New York). In addition we provide 24-hour support for those customers covered by an annual maintenance agreement. Out of hours help can be obtained by calling, choosing the Support option given by the answering system, and then leaving a message including a clear contact name and number and a description of the problem. Software support for Teleprompters, scripting, newsroom and video servers is available immediately during working hours from any of our three offices (London, New York & Charlotte). This unit comes complete with a heavy duty tripod, camera mount, laptop tray, and beamsplitter glass along with a free download available for MirrorScript: our teleprompter software.
All you have to do is place it on top, and position a camera behind it, and you’re all set to start recording. Includes framed teleprompter mirror, black cloth hood, L-brackets, teleprompter software, and instructions. Make sure the external monitor is set to VGA input (*If the monitor allows multiple inputs, i.e.
How do I set the prompt output if it is not going to the right monitor or not showing at all after I have enabled multiple displays? If performance is still unacceptable consider upgrading to a more powerful computer that can handle dual-monitors effectively for prompting.a.

If you want it to take up the whole screen enter in the value “100” or click “Full Screen”. Glass should be carefully removed from the hood and cleaned in warm soapy water, or using a non-abrasive detergent.
What is the latest version of the teleprompting, scripting and newsroom software and where can I download it? The latest release build of all our teleprompting, scripting and newsroom software can be found in the downloads section. In the first instance, you should contact your local dealer who will be able to provide first line support. The standard length of the foot control cable is 8m but it can be extended to a maximum of 100m on request.
If text that has been marked as 'Not Prompted' within ENPS rundown yet appears on the prompter regardless check 'follow ENPS commands' is selected within the ENPS interface options.
This can be accomplished by selecting all text (Ctrl A) and toggling the case by pressing the Toggle Case button in the menu bar (a=A).
Most prompter operators reduce the size of the font for large words so that they fit on a single line. You are not restricted to just one format and there is built in formatting and search functionality.
You can also contact our sales team for an upgrade to QPro if the output on just one monitor is smooth while the other isn’t. After installation when I run it says it is an evaluation copy and will not let me prompt for longer than fifteen seconds. If you use a standard glass cleaning product, you will remove the reflective coating on the glass and it will need replacing. To find you local dealer, please go to the contact page and click on "Find your local dealer". All our Professional Series monitors, Starter Series monitors, controllers and other hardware carry a 1-year warranty. You can also use the quick key command Alt F3 for all caps and Alt F2 to return to sentence case. If you can separate the beginnings and endings with spaces, it will make it much easier to read. It cuts down the visual clutter and when combined with the all-caps presentation, the script is very easy to read and is very standard across the industry - including videotape, news and live-event productions. Be sure to check the actual output of the prompter monitor so you can estimate the required font size for the application. If talent has trouble with white on black, try yellow on black (this is the highest contrast color combination for the human eye). These cues would include: - Item Title - Talent Name - Next Camera - Mark SOT or Video Clip You can invert text by selecting the word and pressing the inverse toggle button on the menu bar (AA) or by using the quick key Ctrl E.

6) Click “Apply”7) Click “Ok”8) Check to see if the screen is now showing up on the other monitor- if so you have succeeded! The second method involves reducing the resolution and number of colors under Window’s display settings.
QPro will allow you to run in a copy-cat mode where the same screen appears on both and because of this your computer will no longer have to do double the work (this is not offered in QStart because it requires a broadcast standard monitor that features a hard-flip switch to flip the display). If you are unable to find a dealer near you, please contact our sales team directly who will be able to help. Also ensure your PC's screen resolution is set to no higher than 800 x 600 and 256 colours.
These commands and shortcuts can be found under the FORMAT menu found at the top of your QMaster program window. Also take care to put more spaces at the end of an item - this will prevent the presenter from continuing to read when the item has come to an end.
Remember that font sizes that are too big will cause scroll speed issues for you as well as contextual issues for talent.
You can do this very quickly by using the quick keys Alt A to select all text and Alt 4 to change the text to yellow. If talent prefers to read black text on a white background, use the command PROMPT -> INVERT COLOURS. Our Starter Series products can be purchased directly through this website or over the phone, and they can also be purchased from your local dealer.
Software support is provided free of charge during office hours to our Prompting & Presentation customers for the lifetime of the product. Also keep in mind that offering fewer options can keep your job from becoming unnecessarily complicated- more likely than not, if it's good enough for you it will be good enough for talent.
You can invoke this cue timer by clicking the white clock on the menu bar and start the countdown by clicking the red clock on the menu bar. You can then open any story in the edit window independently from the position of the on-camera prompt output.
You must delete the scroll control and restart QPro each time you want to test a different COM port. Adjust font size by clicking the font button (TT) on the menu bar or use the quick key combination Ctl F.

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