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Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. The bell curve above illustrates how customer feedback has traditionally been given: in person, comment card, telephone and email. If people are texting twice as much as they are talking and they’re using text messaging and mobile apps on their phones to update their status and communicate with friends, companies need to make themselves available via the mobile channel. We soft launched a mobile advertising response product with a few marketing and advertising agencies and are getting great feedback.
This entry was posted in best mobile crm, mobile crm software, mobile phones, mobile reference, Mobile Software as a Service, Mobile Technologies, Net Promoter Score, online text messaging, SMS Text Messaging Customer Satisfaction, Text 66746 (MOSIO), Text a Comment, Text Messaging 800 Number, Text Messaging Customer Service, text messaging from a computer, Text Messaging Questions and Answers and tagged 800 number, mobile customer service, mobile software, mobile web, mosio, Net Promoter Score via Text Messaging, online text messaging, sms, sms text messaging, SMS Text Messaging Customer Satisfaction, Text a Comment, text messaging, text messaging from a pc, texting from a computer, toll free on December 1, 2009 by nc. The most efficient way to receive and respond to patron questions, whether they are online or on-the-go. The first place to start is by watching our video on writing the perfect text message advertisement.
Check out the paper coupons below, see how each deal is always at the top, and the qualifier below it?

People are posting their loves and dislikes for a product or service on social media services because it’s easy to do so.
The system lets customers help themselves get more information immediately using their mobile devices. Most offers including the a deal (receive a free soda), and a qualifier for that deal (when you purchase any regular sushi roll). The popularity and usage of texting is no surprise as the on-the-go lifestyle ends up being more like living than a style type. But with the growth of social media, customers are being heard by their friends, co-workers and strangers whether they are happy or unhappy with a product or service. Integrating text messaging gives companies an opportunity to start a customer conversation using the medium customers prefer and keep the conversation between them. Text messaging as a method of responding to ads, whether they be print, TV, billboards, posters or flyers is going to be a huge hit in 2010 and beyond.A Used in customer service, direct response or as a helpline for a brand, mobile text messaging is still in its infancy.
The key when writing any good text message advertising copy is get the deal portion as near to the top of the message as possible, while the qualifier can hang out below.

The truth is, people are still going to use the phone to talk, but the growing usage of text messaging across all demographics shows more people prefer text messaging. The mobile medium offers so much to traditional advertising with more and more research showing mobile getting better response rates than online advertising. The reason being is that the deal is there to hook people, so you want the hook, the part that grabs their attention at the start of your text message advertising copy, not at the end. No, but it opens up dialogue with more possible customers at a fraction of the cost of 800 tolls or chasing down posts online.

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