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The graphics capabilities of smartphones give retailers a wide range of options for the look and  feel of their mobile ads. Still, one of the most trusted way to connect on a personal level is through simple text message – or SMS – marketing. SMS stands for Short Message Service, and it typically doesn’t require consumers to pay a data usage fee to receive. Straight text lets retailers get straight to the point, and it works because texting is one of the most common forms of communication in the world today. The fact that they do makes them candidates to join an opt-in program such as those being conducted by retailers like Coca-Cola, Starbucks and countless others.
This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged mobile marketing, SMS marketing, text message ads, text message advertising, text message marketing on March 18, 2016 by admin. As mobile phone users expand the ways in which they use their smartphones, so too do advertisers looking for ways to reach consumers on the screens that seldom leave their hands. In the broader world of mobile marketing, text message ads bump into plenty of competition. Couple that with a second equally appealing nugget revealed by Log My Calls during its 2013 report: 70 percent of Americans say they would like to receive mobile coupons from their favorite businesses. Armed only with those two pieces of information, small-business owners would be wise to realize the potential that exists in mobile advertising. People use their smartphones for virtually everything these days, from paying monthly bills and trading stocks to setting fantasy football lineups and checking Facebook.
Visit the InVenue Mobile Marketing website and sign up for a demo to see InVenue’s state-of-the-art text message advertising platform at work. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 7, 2014 by admin. Statistics telling why mobile marketing is not only an effective, but necessary, marketing tool are everywhere.
Many of these mobile marketing factoids are indeed impressive, and certainly serve notice that small-business owners should consider at least adding a layer of mobile advertising to their marketing strategy. The mobile gurus at Trumpia pass along a little nugget that all business owners can grasp, particularly those who have grown more and more concerned that the print ads or direct mail that were once at the heart of their advertising initiatives are not being seen as they once were.
Mobile marketing might be a confusing concept to some, but what could be simpler than that? This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged InVenue Mobile, mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on October 2, 2013 by admin. Text message advertising is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to limit the number of times a driver disregards a car care calling. In addition, auto service shops can send out text messages offering generic spring and fall check-up specials to help drivers ensure their vehicles continue to perform at a peak level.
Advertising is about offering customers something they consider valuable, and typically that means saving money. InVenue Mobile’s state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform lets car care professionals set customized appointment reminders for every customer. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Text Reminders, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on June 29, 2013 by admin. As communities across the country gear up for their annual summer concert celebrations, organizers of those events are boosting attendance and ticket sales by relying on the ease and impact of text message advertising. Text message alerts are low-cost, high-impact reminders that keep summer concerts top-of-mind to an audience of music lovers.
Jazz in the Park promoters got a jump on the season by including their text message promotions to all of their pre-season advertisements. As the concert series began, promoters also invited attendees to join by adding signage at the event. As the Jazz in the Park cell phone database grew, concert promoters began issuing text message reminders every Wednesday, with details of the coming weekend’s lineup.
When the season came to a close, the foundation was already set to use text message ads to promote Jazz in the Park the following spring. The challenge of encouraging consumers to opt-in to receive text message alerts is different with every campaign. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Text Reminders, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message appointment reminders, text message marketing on May 13, 2013 by admin. The mobile marketing industry is littered with statistics that support the high-impact nature of text message ads. Text message advertising is still in its relative infancy, but already business owners and consumers have shown a preference to sending and receiving offers via text message.
At least two-thirds of all mobile users between the ages of 18 and 50 utilize SMS technology. Numbers like those have small-business owners around the world testing the mobile marketing waters. While web banner ads and print display ads share page space with editorial content and other advertisements, SMS ads enjoy rare exclusivity when being viewed by target consumers.
This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 26, 2013 by admin. Until text message ads came along, advertisements seldom were capable of meeting consumer demands. Text message ads change the game because consumers actually want to receive ads from particular businesses. Today’s consumer is drawn to text message ads for a number of reasons, but chiefly because it allows them to handpick the advertisements they will receive. Despite their clients’ call for mobile coupons, small-business owners have in many cases been slow to embrace the change. But other revealing mobile marketing statistics indicate that not only should business owners overcome those apprehensions, they have to. Adults spend more time consuming media on a mobile device than they do reading newspapers and magazines – combined. Mobile marketers like InVenue Mobile make it easier than ever for advertisers to make the transition by offering a mobile marketing platform that eliminates the need for businesses to staff an IT department.
InVenue Mobile offers full-service mobile marketing capabilities that enable business owners to use text message ads, mobile apps, QR codes and other mobile marketing features. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing News and tagged mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text message ads, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 22, 2013 by admin. According to a survey, 85% of teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 own their own cell phone.
According to a 2010 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 85% of teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 own their own cell phone, and 69% of kids 11 to 14 have their own cell phone. Kids today are more technologically savvy than ever before, and using their cell phones to communicate is an everyday practice.
Retailers might also be advised to recognize the delicate nature of texting with kids, and should keep in mind a few safe practices when marketing to teenagers with text messages. During the school year, only send text messages later in the day to avoid interrupting classroom activities. Include verbiage in your mobile campaign promotions reminding teenagers not to text and drive.
Remind clients, particularly younger children, that they should get permission from their parents before opting in to receive your text messages ads.

This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged marketing to teenagers, mobile coupons, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 16, 2013 by admin. Technology has enabled people to do more than consume media; it lets them get involved with media. Naturally, business owners can’t be expected to spend hours every day responding to hundreds of text messages from potential consumers.
Follow the InVenue Mobile blog and learn more ways to speak with consumers using text message ads. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Messenger, InV Text Reminders, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 15, 2013 by admin.
Selecting an effective text message keyword is both simple and critical for the success of your campaign. Twenty years later, you find yourself embarking on your first mobile marketing campaign and there’s this matter of selecting the right text message keyword.
Most mobile marketing campaigns are driven by an opt-in text message keyword, the campaign identifier that you will ask customers to text in as a point of entry. One of the reasons texting has become so popular is the convenience with which people can communicate. A misspelled keyword will not reach its destination – your mobile marketing database. Unless you plan to manage multiple mobile campaigns, there is no benefit to being too creative with your keyword selection. This entry was posted in More From InVenue and tagged mobile marketing promotions, opt-in keywords, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 12, 2013 by admin. If you take a close look at the behaviors of consumers today it is obvious that they spend a lot of time staring at their cell phone screens. Many companies have fancy apps and mobile websites but text messaging is the most commonly used application on phones today after taking pictures and voice dialing. Meanwhile, 98% of text messages are opened, and therefore, companies that market through text message marketing (SMS) have a far truer reach. With PlumReward you can send promotions, mobile coupons, event reminders, survey links and other calls to action via text which you can be assured your audience will see and respond to.
The biggest advantage to using our text message marketing feature is the fact that your customer doesn’t have to have a smart phone to engage. A Mobile Keyword is a one-word phrase that identifies a product, service, action, or business.
By including your PlumReward keyword with a mobile call to action in advertisements you can offer potential customers a way to immediately engage with your brand while capturing their information and driving new sales. As a merchant you will have the opportunity to send messages to subscribers from each campaign on the merchant control panel with our advanced filtering options and continue to increase customer loyalty! A couple weeks ago we gave our nightclub clients a nifty little tip for advertising their text message campaigns on Facebook, and this week we’re back with another Facebook text message advertising tip.
Did you know that your Facebook profile photo for both a personal and fan page can be up to 600 pixels long and 200 pixels wide?
Below is an example of what this looks like when a nightclub utilizes their profile photo real estate for their text messaging campaign. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. Have you tried creating an incentive for customers to join your SMS marketing campaign with our new reward message feature? To make this happen, all you have to do is use the code {DTE} anywhere in your reward message.
Of the 280+ million mobile phone users in the US, rarely is ones phone more than 4 feet away! A Pew Research survey suggests that roughly over 50% of adult cell phone users send and receive text messages these days, up from September 2009. QR codes are simple bar codes that, when read with a free QR reader, will link the viewer to a website, send a text message, receive contact information or instructions or even dial a phone number. Send text alerts to your mobile marketing database offering special sales to liquidate overstock or fill voids in appointment times.
Here are some major retailers using text messaging to alert their customer base of sales and other events. And no doubt the vibrant colors, video and animations, and hyperlinked headlines can make for compelling, attention-getting ads. Retailers can fire out bulk messages to any cell phone number in their database, and users can receive them without cost and without needing Wi-Fi service. That means nearly every one that walks in your store, sees your TV ad or stumbles across your Facebook page uses text messaging to communicate. Once they’re an opt-in member, you have a direct line of communication with them, a way to send them a message that will be received and read within minutes. By the end of a typical day, the average person has looked at his or her phone about 150 times. But statistics offered up by industry tracker Log My Calls tells us that even in the crowded world of mobile advertising, text message advertising continues to offer business owners the best path to reach consumers. Even in a day when popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter draw consideration from business owners looking to expand their mobile marketing efforts, the impact delivered by text message advertising should not be ignored. Often, though, the statistics are difficult to interpret, especially to entrepreneurs who are more adept at running a shop than they are at navigating the often-complex world of digital marketing. Contact InVenue Mobile to learn how our state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform makes it easy to reach more customers. Auto service technicians can use text message advertising to provide a service that many drivers crave. Every driver’s vehicle information can be entered into a system that features preset, date-sensitive reminders. But the potential of text message advertising and appointment reminders gives auto service shops the chance to offer something that many consider even more valuable – fewer dates to track in an often-hectic, fast-paced life. The program’s success relies on accumulating cell phone numbers of people who have a demonstrated interest in the music being showcased. The message appeared in print ads, on their social media sites, and on flyers that were distributed around town. Fans could text in to enter to win a season pass to every Friday show throughout the summer. Fans could text in to enter to win a meet-and-greet with a select artist scheduled to appear during the summer. Contact InVenue Mobile to learn how a state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform makes it easy to stay in contact with fans and customers. But one of the most compelling truths about text message advertising isn’t a statistic at all. When they appear on a cell phone screen, text message ads do not jockey for attention with other messages. InVenue Mobile offers state-of-the-art mobile marketing capabilities that let business owners stay in contact with customers, generate customer loyalty and increase sales. Their apprehension is understandable, given the increasing number of advertising options that are available today. Typically advertisers direct their marketing messages to the people who control the purse strings – the parents. Those numbers continue to grow, and they present an opportunity for retailers who cater to a teen-aged client base.
Kids today are also independent consumers more than ever before, and they use mobile coupons issued through apps and social media sites that weren’t available to teenagers even 10 years ago.

Heading the list of differences is the fact that text message ads enable consumer participation. InVenue Mobile features a state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform that makes the entire process a seamless one for both parties. Remember when you first had a company website created and you had to settle on an effective domain name?
To generate as much response as possible, it’s important to market the right text message keyword. Put potential keywords through this five-step test to give yourself the best chance at success. Be cautious of uniquely spelled business names or words with more than one commonly accepted spelling, such as DONUT vs.
Since people spend so much time on their phones text message marketing has easily become the best method of communicating information to consumers.
Although an important marketing channel many companies are caught up in the hype of social media marketing but what they dont realize is that 84% of Facebook news feed stories aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets get ignored and 88% of emails go unopened.
Sure many people have smart phones that can download apps and do other fancy things but only 50% of phones are smart phones which means 50% of your customers can’t download an app or access a mobile web browser. When your keyword is texted to 81018 customers can opt in to the loyalty program as well as mobile offers.
Short codes act just like any other regular 10-digit phone numbers that you can send text messages to but cannot be called. Why not use this valuable Facebook real estate to advertise your nightclub text messaging campaign? If so, did you know that in the reward message, you can include the date of opt-in for each individual subscriber?
Once that’s been done, new subscribers will see the date (as you can see below) instead of {DTE} in their text message. Text message marketing allows businesses to communicate with their client base in a cost-effective manner that is convenient to the client. Text messaging marketing campaigns deliver your message near instantly in your customeris hand. Now you can use text message marketing business cards by telling your prospect to simply text your name to 32020 and receive a text with all your contact information. Per Nielson Mobile, less than 40% of marketing emails sent are actually viewed whereas over 90% of text messages received are viewed within 15 minutes.
QR codes are essential in printed advertising, business cards, promotional items and product catalogs or point of sale displays. Instead of having to wait for printed ads, a customer can show their phone at the point of sale for a discount. Many consider email today to be the new 'snail mail' in that most people will look at a text message sooner than they will check their email.
Mobile ads can take on a variety of forms, from mobile-optimized email messages to scannable QR codes. As the three-month mark approaches, for instance, a driver will receive a text message with a reminder that it’s almost time to change the oil. So not only are text ads received and read, their content is absorbed by people who are not distracted by other nearby messages. People whined about commercial breaks in their TV programs, or glanced passively at the ads in a newspaper.
Advertisers have a familiarity with traditional print outlets that is difficult to break, despite evidence that those vehicles aren’t as impactful as they once were.
But in today’s world, retailers can take a more direct route and reach teenagers on their cell phones. Here are just some examples of businesses that can use text message ads when marketing to teenagers. Sports radio phone boards light up with calls from fans who want to participate in the reporting of their team’s latest win or loss. Business owners can populate the InVenue system with pre-selected messages, which are then sent to consumers in response to the text messages they submit. As with creating a domain name, coming up with the most effective opt-in keyword is often simple.
Over 98% of phones have text messaging enabled and most customers are familiar with sending and receiving texts. Typically they are used for business purposes for consumers to purchase products or to request additional information about a product, service, or business. You’ve seen mobile keyword and short code technology on TV shows, radio commercials, billboards, print advertising, and websites. There may not be a company in your local area, of course, but you should be able to find one that specializes in local marketing. Text messaging is known to have better response and conversion rates than traditional forms of marketing. And since every car and truck is loaded with various parts and fluids that require maintenance checks at differing intervals, text appointment reminders can be issued at various times throughout the year.
Use the promotional efforts employed by the organizers of Jazz in the Park, a summer-long series of Friday evening jazz performances, as a blueprint. Concert promoters like those of Jazz in the Park might have limited success by simply inviting people to join their mobile club to receive future alerts, but response is likely to be greater if the return is more tangible.
It’s a staggering number that harkens back to the days when subscribers actually looked forward to coupon packages in their Sunday newspaper. In addition, there is a perception that running a text message ad campaign requires a certain level of technological savvy that leaves some business owners uneasy. Text message ads allow some of those same qualities to live in the advertising world, giving consumers the opportunity to hold conversations with business owners via text message. In either case, a customer is left to feel special, in part because he or she was able to participate.
SMS advertising is fairly new technology, so the market is not yet saturated with providers.
This is actually a very good thing for your business, because doing business with a company that utilizes new technologies as they come to market can help your small business in other ways as well.Looking online is a good place to start searching for an SMS advertising company. Some smaller companies only offer support through email, and that may not be enough if you need help right away.2.
Who will set up my SMS advertising campaigns?With some companies, you will get a username and password to access their SMS advertising software yourself, and you have to set up all your own campaigns. Other companies will assign someone to you, and they’ll have full control over your campaigns.
The best kind, in my opinion, are companies that set up regular SMS advertising messages for you, but also give you access so you can send out messages as well. Do you want to send out coupons with a bar code that can be redeemed either once or several times depending on the promotion? You want to make sure the company will serve you for a long time and manage your SMS advertising campaigns the way you want them done and have all the features you need available to you.
Her greatest joy lies in helping small businesses compete with larger companies by creating and leveraging a strong online presence.Click here to find more about affordable and easy to use text message advertising (SMS advertising).

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