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If you still do not have a mobile website, you must take a look at these rising statistics on mobile usage and optimization. The question for this post is, once you have a mobile version of your site how do you make the most of it?
This is probably the reason it is predicted that small business spending on local mobile marketing will double every consecutive year for the next five years. Whether it is the smartphone or feature phone users, marketing text (SMS) messages are getting increasing exposure to all these people who are hooked to their mobiles.
This is the perfect old-school small business mobile marketing method that is still very viable in today’s times.
Since iOS phones automatically resize emails, you should opt for overall dimensions between 320 to 500 pixels for non-iOS phones.
For further reading, take a look at this post titled 7 Tips to Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly. Make sure your Facebook page contains a complete information profile about your place of business, especially the location, contact number and operating hours. Download the Pages Manager app on iTunes or Google Play Store to adjust your settings and view your mobile page activity. You can use your Facebook page as your mobile PPC landing page for brand building and likes if it has a heavy fan-following. Before we jump to ads, let’s first make sure you have claimed your business on FourSquare and Yelp.
This will also help you test the presence of your customer-base on FourSquare before you try the newly launched FourSquare Ads. If you have a business that is driven by customer reviews, an ad on the Yelp app will also give you an extra push toward brand building and mobile marketing. You can choose to invest in one or both of the platforms depending on whether you have more reviewers on Yelp or more check-ins on FourSquare. The basic rule necessity for ranking highly in mobile SERPs is to build a site that is mobile-friendly. Another thing to note is that mobile SEO is enhanced when your social media presence is strong.
Read this insightful article for tips on driving traffic to your mobile site through mobile SEO. Most text messages are read within a time of 4 minutes of being receivedA survey in 2012 revealed that the majority of all individuals prefer to receive coupons and other special offers via their cell phoneSMS marketing for small businesses works on all types of cell phones, not only smartphones, so you’re not missing out on a soul.SMS marketing has higher success rates than both email marketing and social media combined. You have an SME in UAE with great ideas and is running short of marketing ideas to reach the target audience? As mentioned earlier, bulk SMS marketing within UAE is definitely going to give higher advertising benefits than your print media reach.
Promote a new product launch, let them know about the discounts you are offering or simply advertise a new service with the help of just a 60 words SMS. If you would’ve asked any small business owner a few years ago what they thought about social media marketing, they probably seemed indifferent.
Now, let’s switch over to text message marketing. Is this modern mobile communication method an accessory or necessity? Compared to the 10-15% of people that see your social messages in their newsfeed, or the 20-30% email marketing open rate, it’s safe to say text message marketing takes the win when it comes to exposure and reach.

If you have finally decided to get on it and want to make a mobile website with optimized elements for rich user-experience, you can find some handy tips in one of our popular blog posts titled, 6 Tips & 15 Free Tools to Make an Awesome Mobile Website.
As a small business there are a myriad of mobile marketing options but these five will get you going. Forty-one percent of small businesses are already planning on increasing their spending on mobile marketing.
Due to this it is very important that your marketing email messages are kept mobile-friendly. So, it is important that you claim your business on Facebook  and encourage customers to check-in at your physical place of business via Facebook, then request that they leave feedback or recommend your brand on Facebook. The public interface of your page shows photos taken by visitors at your place of business. These are two major user-oriented sites that can make or break the success of small local businesses like yours. To increase brand exposure to your FourSquare-savvy customers, you can invest a little in FourSquare Specials. The good thing about these ads is you only have to pay when a customer clicks the ad or checks-in at your place of business.
Yelp has very recently launched their mobile app and with Yelp ads in the picture small businesses can easily take advantage of being exposed to Yelpers on mobile.
Google has shared its guidelines for mobile-optimized sites where it emphasizes factors like using videos that are mobile optimized, using proper redirect codes to the mobile version of your website and not showing a 404 error to mobile visitors. Having reviews and ratings from users, local citations, social media mentions and large fan followings on social media pages are a plus as far as search engines are concerned. With 95% of all messages being read, there is a good chance it will work for you.These are just some of the many reasons that SMS marketing is so popular, even for small businesses. And, are looking for a platform to share your products and services with millions at once?  No, the answer is not print media.
Understand your customers and send the message across to them on the time most suitable to you. Here’s 3 reasons why you should hop on the text marketing train before your competitors do.
Beyond this, our paid plans are incredibly affordable, and give an immense return on even the smallest marketing budgets.
Some of these options may need an upfront investment of money but they are totally worth it. On the other hand, about 40 percent of top consumer advertisers have not yet optimized for small screens, which leaves you room to cut your mark in this arena.
Even when people know they’re about to open a marketing text message they usually still go for it because they know it will only take a second. Include discounts and offers that have no hidden conditions, send a link to a video or image that gives more information about your promotion or include a toll-free reply option if you want to make your marketing message interactive.
Keep in mind that for this to be possible you must have good WiFi at your place of business. While just being on FourSquare can help you market your brand effectively, paying your way through it will give you that extra push. Currently Yelp offers a six or a 12 month package, which comes with an enhanced profile that is free of competitor ads.

Most other optimization elements for mobile SEO are similar to that of a desktop site, so you can also try and beat some of your mobile SERP contenders by optimizing your site for local SEO. As with most things, social networks are increasingly being accessed via smartphones, so social signals via mobile may also play a significant role in the ranking of your mobile site. Future marketing strategies center around mobile communication because, simply put, it performs. The public mode is how your users will see your page; notice that public users are unable to look at the complete timeline on mobile. Facebook is looking to expand its free WiFi service to small businesses – something to look forward to, right? You also get additional call-to-action capabilities that help you track the activity on your ad.
So, make sure that your social share buttons are optimized for your mobile site content and are placed prominently for your mobile site visitors. Incorporating bulk text messages into your business marketing campaigns in UAE can significantly cost less than advertising on the television, radio, newsletters or even a door drop campaign.
Now fast forward a few years, and you see small business pages all over Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media outlets.
Not only will it grow your bottom line, it will also strengthen customer relationships and increase brand loyalty.
Even the naysayers are hopping on the bandwagon, as they now see that this method gets results. Let's just say that it is really hard to ignore   a device calling for your attention from your pocket. Text message marketing for small business really works, and with it you could turn your company into the next best thing.
Benefits of Text Message Marketing for Small Business Text message marketing is profitable, fun and easy, and considering it is also more than affordable for even the smallest of businesses it is also beneficial for all.
With SMS marketing you can build your brand, create an interest in your products and services, gain more customers inside of the doors of your business, gain subscribers to your marketing list, put more money in the bank and so much more. How to Get SMS Marketing Subscribers First off, remember that you should tell everyone that you know about your SMS marketing list and the great deals that you are going to provide to them when they opt-in. For example, if you are a restaurant you could provide those who opt-in for your marketing list a free beverage with their meal, or maybe even a small dessert. Advertise your campaign in every way that you can, from a special shout out on your website, info on social media sites, placed on banners and more.Benefiting with SMS Marketing Text message marketing for small business really works.
You should ensure that you are sending text messages that are relevant to your business, as well as enticing offers that will make the individual want to patronize your business.
A good  SMS marketing company working with you can very well ensure that your small business finds the marketing success that it seeks, and the costs are just pennies per message that you send.
Some SMS marketing companies even offer a handful of free messages per month, and even 30-day (or more) trial offers that enable you to try before you make any type of commitment.
These are both great options for those who are just starting out with their business or those who want to see the results for themselves.

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