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What’s New?  We see images of 4 new product elements, which are there to spark curiosity and (hopefully) convince users to scroll down for more information. Helpful Blog.  In the top menu, we see a link to a blog that is updated multiple times a week with helpful email marketing tips. First thing you land on when you click on a advisement link is obviously your landing page. Below are 40+ landing page design inspiration, they include landing pages of different types….you can take a look and get inspired by them.
About UsWeb3mantra is an exciting platform designed for Bloggers, Designers & Developers to explore different web and graphic design techniques, latest trends and best practices.
If you’d like to become a contributor or author to Web3mantra by either writing a post or tutorial or by sending any script or freebies feel free to send an email. As an illustration, leta€™s say your website is attracting 5,000 visits a month with landing pages converting at 10%.

Just using a a€?contact usa€? only attracts spammers, and people don't get excited over sales brochures. This allows you to elaborate on your offer, but you should still try to keep it short and sweet. No matter how concise your bullet points are, some people might not stick around long enough to read them.
Youa€™ve got them on a page with a form, dona€™t let them get distracted and have them click away!
Give them something to do next that might encourage them to move further down your sales funnel.
Experiment with new landing page features by building two identical ones and switching a feature, like a shorter form or a different image.
Let us know by commenting below or connecting with lonelybrand on Twitter. Want landing page optimization tips?

Have a bullet-pointed list with several specific benefits theya€™ll get from filling out the form. Also, be sure to add social media sharing buttons so that they can share your offer with their friends.
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If your landing page is good and creative enough then only the visitor will stay for a while or will come back to visit again. Landing page is also called lead capture page that is it leads you to capture loads of visitors if you design it properly.

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