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Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac makes it easy to turn your photos & videos into your personalized home movies.
Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac is the best movie making software giving you the easiest way to make home movies with as many photos, videos and songs as you want. Not necessarily everyone is master in video Editing and having professional video editing software installed in their windows computer.
You can Download and install all of these Video Editing Software on your PC if you have basic knowledge of installation and once installation is over you can use for Editing Video.
Microsoft has provided simple and easy to use Video Editing Software for users with basic computer knowledge. This free software for editing video is little bit difficult to learn, unless you have some fluency in editing video. Wax is another easy to use video editing tool which can be freely available to download and use.
Free Video Editing tool named Avidemux is not much huge or professional video editor, but still having good capabilities of Video Editing. So, hope this post will surely help you to Download Free Video Editing Software if you are using your computer laptop with Windows XP, 7 or 8 operating system. Young, Dynamics, skilled Technocrat and Admin of Various regional and international communities on Facebook, Google. In Part 1, we set the table, presented you with our menu of software cuisines and recommended some tasty pairings of hardware configurations. There are, by my count, at least 43 different currently-supported software utensils for the slicing apart and sticking together of video.
For most casual users, the video software that came with your computer is adequate (Apple’s iMovie). Folks who cut on it tell me they love Lightworks’ straightforward, but fully customizable layout. Lightworks FREE can churn out 720p MPEG-4, basically for YouTube and other Web-based portals. Step into the domain of Blender and you join an expanding open source universe of visual effects artisans. You build your Blender workspace to your own ergonomic liking on a full-screen application window, subdividing it into hierarchies of frames that Blender terms “screens.” These can be split, joined or swapped. Video editing is a standard timeline paradigm, but—owing to Blender’s modeler worldview—the terminologies are different than what you may have heard in video.
Supported versions of Blender will run on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD (which is basically Unix).
If, on the other hand, time is your enemy, you might need to pony-up (pone, pronounced like the young horse, is Latin for money) for a better-engineered video NLE.
Next, in Part 3 of our series, we'll show you what you can get (and what you'll be missing) with video editing software titles priced around the $100 mark. Last time I tried Lightworks, it had draconian DRM with tons of obnoxious online-only requirements. Better still some of these software packages are available on other platforms (GIMP for example).
Built in video support, spelling check and different preview modes makes Windows Live Writer a must have blogging software. The Lite version supports only one account and for personal use I don’t find it a problem.
The user interface is very functional in nature and you can fine tune your torrent downloads using a number of parameters. However if you are an advanced user of MS Office, you might find Open Office not suitable for your work. Give Movie Maker a try and you will be amazed at its ability to create professional looking video compilations in a short time! Google Chrome is extremely lightweight and by default it provides maximum window space for content. We’ve done quite a few comparisons in the past year, to let you know of all the options available for a given type of software.

Sony Vegas Pro is, along with Adobe, one of the biggest names around and usually include in video editing software reviews—and comparisons of course. Corel VideoStudio 2015 is closing the gap quickly and might soon be the name you say when asked what is the best video editing software?
Do you disagree with our assessment, tell us about it in the comments and don’t forget to come back for more comparisons on Rocky Bytes.
You provide the photos, videos and background music, while we have the magic to help you make hollywood-style home movies. But everyone wants to do basic editing in their personal video they have captured using their mobiles or personal handy cameras. They can use this free video Editing software to edit their personal videos using easy available functionality.  This software supports most of the video format and you can simply drag and drop your video clips and easily can be arranged in required order with special effects you wish.
Though lots of help and manual you may get, but still it may take sometime to use this free Video Editing software. Wax is designed in a way that it can satisfy most of the basic user’s requirements to edit their personal videos with nice effects.
A very user friendly and pretty clear interface of this software will help you to avail lots of video editing features. Some of the quirky outliers may have tricks that fit your purpose, but I will concentrate on the more widely used tools. If you lean toward 3D animation, you’ll probably want more than a basic edit hardware config: at least a quad-core processor, a full gigabyte of graphics memory and at least 6GB of system RAM. I am not talking about open source or GNU software, but rather software which you can download without paying a cent (legally of course). Some of these software packages are so good that you may not be find a good alternative for Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu and Fedora. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to run Windows Live Writer (the best of the lot) on Wine. Windows Live Writer (Blogging Software) – I have never come across a software which is as good as Windows Live Writer when it comes to desktop based blog publishing. AceMoney Lite (Personal Finance Manager Software) – AceMoney Lite is a very simple personal finance manager software to keep track of your money.
To unlock the full potential of torrents, you might have to use port forwarding on your wireless router and utorrent can detect this. Open Office (Word Processing Software) – Microsoft Office is a very good word processing package.
Windows Movie Maker (Video Editing Software) – Photography is one of my hobbies and many times I also take short movie clips. Pidgin (All in One Instant Messenger Software) -  I have multiple instant messenger accounts and hence an all in one instant messenger is convenient than using an array of different instant messenger software packages. Free Download Manager (File Download Manager Software) – Not all downloads are available as torrents. Google Chrome (Backup Browser) -  I like Internet Explorer and most of the time I use IE for browsing. I use IE, Firefox and Chrome regularly as part of Web application testing and I find Google Chrome distinctly more useful than others.
However you should ensure that auto update of Windows XP is enabled so that any browser vulnerabilities are patched as soon as detected by Microsoft. You need to confirm subscription by clicking on the link sent by feedburner to your email address.
In terms of power it’s right at the top and if it can be done to or with a video, you can be sure Sony Vegas can handle it. Adobe has the record of accomplishment and industry support and if you bundle it with the company’s other tools you have the most complete suite in the world.
Most of the professional video editing software are not freely available and you might need valid license to avail them with full functionality. Once you have command over this editing software, you may use plenty of effects and functionality to edit colors, lightings etc.
Using this free video editing software you can Add Logo, Crop, Flip, Rotate, Resize, Sharpen, Remove Noise, tweak brightness, contrast colours and more to your existing video.

As an old audio guy, I especially like that Lightworks’ clip-based audio editor goes down to quarter frame time resolution, which is perfect for re-syncing dialog.
True to its open source precepts, the Blender Foundation nurtures open movie and game projects every few years.
I use it every month to see what are my major expense categories and to see whether expenses are within my means. But why should you pay for it when you can get almost the same functionality out of the free Open Office suite? Pidgin is the best tool for this and supports Yahoo messenger, Live messenger and Google Talk.
Most of the small software packages are still available as direct downloads and a download manager is a must have item.
That and the ease of use are its main selling points but the software lacks a bit in terms of finesse and options. Clean interface, no clutter, a plethora of training videos, fantastic support and community and kickass editing options. Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac's wizard and instant effects make getting started a piece of cake.
But I will give you today few Video Editing software Free of charge and you can download them to your windows XP, Windows 8 or Windows 7 computer or laptops. If you can’t afford expensive commercial video editing software then WAX is definitely a good choice for you.
One huge plus: Lightworks’ can render in the background—and even import and export as well—while you continue to edit.
If you fall in love with the interface (it’s hard not to), you may want to buy into the big leagues. And the time you invest in learning its interface can pay off when you someday want to produce that Great Desktop Animated Feature Film that’s been kicking around in the back of your brain. Whether you want to edit a word document or to create a slide show, Open Office is the ideal software.
The best free tool available is Gimp and it has almost every image editing feature you need. For example, I can quickly convert a number of photographs to a movie with titles and background music! Using multiple threads Free Download Manager squeezes the last bit of your broadband bandwidth to accelerate downloads. It’s good for simple cuts and edits but if you need to really dig in and heavily modify a video, there are better options. In fact, the latest version X7 has no significant drawback to speak of that puts it on a lower rung to Adobe’s powerhouse. Windows Movie Maker is good for beginners and for small projects and Sony Vegas is perfect but only if you can put up with it, as it can be quite frustrating to use.
The best thing is that it is compatible with MS Office and can open documents created by MS Office. Windows Movie Maker also supports various video transition effects and video editing effects. From personal experience I can tell you one of its flaws is how bad it compresses video, leading to some extremely large output files. You have two options, subscription to the creative cloud or purchasing the Essentials versions and neither is cheap. The only thing to mention is that it’s not free but has a $45 price point, well below the Adobe pricing standard. And in a task as difficult as video editing, you want as few frustrations as possible and you want the tools to help you instead of hindering you.

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