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Once it was a time when editor and writer used the Adobe Acrobat Reader to create the PDF files.
PDF Eraser is a Windows based application that makes every kind of editing regarding erasing text, images, logos and all unnecessary objects and marks from PDF files. Foxit Reader is another small, fast and feature rich PDF editor, creator and conversion software. ABOUT USTechoPolitan provides comprehensive information about tech industry as we always bring the best and accurate tech news to our users. With that being said, there are quite a bunch of nice CSS editor applications out there, and this article discusses a few of them.
Although its name might suggest otherwise, Simple CSS is a incredibly powerful application that can take care of all your CSS editing needs.
Easy to use and packed with all kinds of features, Free CSS Toolbox is the perfect CSS editor out there.
Although the free version of TopStyle is limited to a maximum of two style definitions and adds a comment to every new document, it’s still one of the most powerful CSS editing applications out there. If the above mentioned applications seem a little too cluttered and you’d like to use something that’s a bit minimal, Snap{CSS} is something that you’ll really love.
The above discussed applications are perfect for all your CSS editing needs, no matter how basic or advanced they might be. Listening to music is everyone’s hobby and some of you might interest in editing your music file according to your choice. Here I am with the list of 10 best audio editor software which works on cross platform especially on Windows and Mac.
One of the best audio editing software; audacity is a free, multi track audio editor and recorder.
Develop and deliver beautiful audio by adobe audition software which offers high performance, powerful tools for audio editing, mixing, restoration and effects. Another powerful audio editor used by professional musician for studio recording and album mixing. But now there are multiple PDF editor software are available for Windows Operating System and are totally free.

This software is capable for reading and writing all kinds of MS Word, Adobe PDF, Rich Text (rtf), Plain Text (txt) and HTML (html, htm) files.
It enables the users of all kinds either consumer, business, government agency, or educational organization to open, view, sign, and print any PDF file. All software are totally free that enables the users to create any PDF file from any application with PDFCreator.
As your probably already know, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to define the appearance and formatting of the web documents, written in one of the many markup languages. These programs not only let you edit all kinds of CSS files, but also include features like built in CSS inspector modules, code beautification, instant previews, and a lot more. It features a simplistic point and click interface that can be used to create new CSS documents with minimum hassle. Whether you want to create new CSS files or make adjustments to existing ones, Free CSS Toolbox will do that for you. However, this means that you can use it only for basic CSS editing, and advanced usage would require upgrading to the paid version. Ridiculously simple and lightweight, it’s a portable standalone CSS editor that doesn’t really include a whole bunch of features, in order to be deliberately basic.
There are number of sound editing software present which allows you to edit, cut, copy, record and also to create your own music and melodies with their powerful tools. All the software shown in the below list are totally free and some of them are capable of supporting Microsoft Office files as well. PDF Eraser has the option of advanced PDF Page Cutter that allows the users to completely delete the unnecessary or unwanted PDF pages. In fact, they are such an inherent component of web development, that it’s near impossible to think about all those modern fancy websites without them. The built-in editor comes with features like autocomplete, line numbers and syntax highlighting.
StyleSheet Maker features a navigation pane on the left that makes it extremely simple to navigate to the CSS file(s) that you want to edit. With PDFCreator, users can converts every printable document to PDF and many other formats like JPG, PNG, TIF, and many more.

Multiple annotation tools are available to highlight, cross-out, mark, and underline the important text. The editor includes goodies like line numbers and syntax highlighting, and the CSS inspector pane on the right makes checking code easy.
To begin with, you need to create a new project under which new or existing CSS files are managed.
Apart from standard editing features, StyleSheet Maker also includes support for dynamic HTML snippets and a class ID wizard for creating custom HTML tags. The left pane can be used to select CSS styles, whereas the bottom pane makes it possible to preview any changes that you make to your CSS documents.
One of the most unique of these is the Collapse Code function, that instantly removes whitespaces and line breaks to save space.
Free CSS Toolbox can also compress the CSS code so that the webpages using it load up faster. It includes about 50 style sheet drop down tags, and has read and write support for not only CSS, but also HTML and TXT files. In addition to that, it also comes with the functionality to beautify code, which can automatically format into several easily readable sub-sections.
On doing that, all the CSS styles included in the file are listed on the left, and their defining parameters (text, display, borders etc.) appear as separate tabs on the right. One of the more interesting features makes it possible to directly validate the CSS code with the web based W3C CSS Validator, to ensure that it meets the specified standards. Then there are features like font designer, the ability to tinker with alignment, margins, padding etc., and stuff like that. The built-in style checker and validator ensures that your CSS file work across all browsers, and there are a numerous features like Unicode support, live spell check, and file history. All you have to do is edit these properties as per your requirement, and the changes are reflected in the preview box at the bottom.

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