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How do you communicate the risks you’ve identified, and the controls put in place, to your entire organization? Most importantly, how do you ensure that the message, purpose, knowledge, etc are consistently communicated to new employees and that the standard that was set is maintained? Element 5 Knowledge Sharing addresses the issue of communicating critical information within the organization – both peer-to-peer and vertically through multiple levels of the organization.
This strategy should address both communication vertically from the shop floor up through management, to senior leadership and back, along with horizontal communication at each of those levels.
Equally important as a core communication strategy is a formal training and certification process for all employees.
The training and certification process should be looped into the Core Communication Strategy and test the strategy. The responsibility of passing the certification needs to be placed on the employee being certified, not only on the trainers.

Through these two key controls, Element 5: Knowledge Sharing begins to close the loop of the continuously improving OEMS.
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May 11, 2013 by Kelly R 3 Comments Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I thought I would share some of my favorite quotes I have found. This control rests on the success of Element 2: Employee Accountability in clearly defining responsibilities and accountability for each role, which are critical precursors to identifying what information is needed to fulfill those roles.
In order to do this, the certification must be based on quantifying capabilities and gaps rather than the norm of simply certifying based on participation in training. This reinforces Element 2 Employee Accountability and places the burden of responsibility on the end user to identify issues with lack of understanding. What has been your experience in establishing an adequate communication plan within your organization?

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