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July 2014: BBC Studios and Post Production is providing full studio services for the brand new BBC One weekday game show The Edge. Recording in front of an audience of 80 people in BBC Studios and Post Production’s BBC Elstree Studio D, the studio set up for The Edge comprises eight cameras, including a specialist jib and tracking camera to capture the action from above.
The game show is all about skill, knowledge, brains and balls, as round by round contestants answer questions at the podiums in an attempt to usurp their competitors in the tactical stakes of runway selection, before taking to the lanes to roll for cash. These questions hint at a few of the implications of SustainAbility’s current think tank work. Given the apparent inflexibility and deeply rooted interests common at many large corporations, a common question that arose was, “Is it the role of a big company to develop the next solution or is it for start-ups starting from scratch?” Excitement, desire, and dread are all present when considering something as fundamental as redesigning the business model. The discussion often returned to the challenge of convincing a thriving company to change a business model that has been successful under prevailing conditions. However, depending on which segment of the business model you seek to innovate around, the right data may or may not be readily available. Companies can and need to create a tipping point to drive business model innovation: if customers are all flocking to the alternative model, the company will respond.
A pithy exchange between Shana Rappaport of GreenBiz and Elizabeth Liedel of PG&E summarized the discussion. Enter your email address here to keep up to date with news on our latest research and thinking. You must have an account with us to gain unlimited access to our ever-growing library of research reports, issue briefings and members-only presentations on the latest sustainability challenges and opportunities for business. As you all know by now, out of the two flagship phones revealed by Samsung at MWC 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the more expensive piece of hardware. Fortunately it looks like the Korean giant is planning on refining the Edge’s curved display production process and work already begun in its factories located in Vietnam.
According to a fresh report, Samsung is now working on developing a new method of heating up the aforementioned flat glass panel in order to increase the production capacity of the Galaxy S6 Edge while decreasing costs. Sources say Samsung is already testing the new manufacturing process in its factories in Vietnam.
An overripe, raisined fruit and chocolate cake-scented cabernet here, with moderate depth and length.

Hosted by Mark Benton, star of Waterloo Road and Strictly Come Dancing, The Edge sees contestants battling it out, knockout style, for the chance to roll and hit the targets at the end of the cash lanes to win big money. Produced by BBC Entertainment, the 25×45-minute series is also making full use of Elstree Studio D’s recently refurbished HD production galleries.
The nearer their ball gets to The Edge the more money the players will bank; go over The Edge and they could face elimination.
How will successful corporations adapt to the mega trends stemming from the sustainability challenge?
Earlier this month, we tested some ideas from our forthcoming paper on business model innovation, entitled Model Behavior, at a roundtable event in San Francisco. But participants agreed that large corporations must decide if they are responsive enough to change direction mid-course.
With that in mind, the conversation shifted to what companies need to know, and what information they need to provide internally, to drive experimentation with the business model. One attendee noted that that while retail is a conducive environment to run an experiment and gather data with which to form a business case, experimentation in the supply chain is a different challenge. This is due to a number of reasons, one of them being the difficulty in manufacturing the duel-edge display. The process requires heating up the flat glass panel on both sides and then bending it on the left and right edges. On paper, the solution is fairly simple: Samsung is trying to achieve higher efficiency by heating up just one side of the glass cover. However polishing the heated glass accounts for about 60 to 70% of the curved glass production cost, and because the heating process can cause micro wrinkles Samsung also faces low yield issues (which allegedly prompted Samsung to look for additional suppliers). However, whether or not these savings will also translate into a lower market price for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge remains to be seen. The more questions answered correctly, the larger The Edge grows, increasing their chances of winning. For example, Whole Foods’ Local Producer Loan Program offers loans to small food labels that share its vision.
On top of that, the process could lead to an increase in production capacity for the curved glass by up to 60 to 70%.

Instead of waiting for these brands to become large enough to get to market, Whole Foods is taking on the challenge to scale these brands, thereby playing an active role in shaping the food ecosystem. The first candle this year is lit on Sunday 6 December.] So it’s Hanukkah and what’s not to like?Donuts, Latkes, chocolate coins, dreidel games and coloured candles burning in the Hanukkiah.
Plus, an action packed story of how a band of Jewish warriors defeated a great empire trying to stamp out their way of life.It’s a terrific festival that our kids have always loved.
They also inserted the story of the miracle of the small cruse of holy Temple oil discovered by the Jewish rebels as they cleansed the Temple after its Greek desecration. Although only enough to last for one day, the oil allows the Holy Temple light to burn for eight days.
Through single-minded dedication, the Maccabees were able to restore Jewish independence against overwhelming odds. Numerous failed attempts to overthrow Roman domination had taught them that desiring power through land in the age of great empires was a dead end and could risk the Jewish people losing everything. This was the rabbinic genius which kept the Jewish people intact and relevant into the modern age. The tiny cruse of holiness, that may appear so insufficient for the spiritual journey, is in truth enough fuel to sustain us.The first century Rabbi Hillel, gave us the good advice to start with one candle on the first night of the festival and build up to lighting all eight only on the last night.
The Maccabees should also remind us that human action is required, just as much as prayer and piety, if the world is to be made whole.Hanukkah reminds us that our values and our heritage are important to us and worth preserving. Ellis My five point 2016 manifesto as a dissident, rebellious and awkward Jew » About Robert A. CohenSubscribe by email to Writing from the Edge Follow Writing From the Edge!Popular at Patheos Jewish Are Jews Saved?

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