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La strategie du Sherpa : Pour susciter le dialogue, le vendeur, de chasseur, doit devenir gibier !
Rappelez-vous le Walkman – formidable succes commercial dans les annees 80 qui ne repondait au depart a aucun besoin explicite.
A croire que les bibles sont immuables… certes je ne m’aventurerais pas a provoquer le monde religieux par de tels propos iconoclastes – mais en Marketing, la determination du besoin ne constitue plus l’alpha et l’omega d’une strategie d’entreprise.
Tous les concurrents repondent aux memes besoins avec souvent la meme solution et les memes arguments : qualite de la prestation, proximite du client, SAV irreprochable…. Au lieu de cibler le « Chef d’Entreprise » pour l’inciter a venir installer sa societe dans la Ville Nouvelle de Senart….
Arretons de croire que les decisions des professionnels ne relevent que d’une demarche rationnelle aux accents cartesiens.
Sans pousser plus avant une reflexion philosophique, ne pourrait-on pas affirmer que toutes decisions rationnelles ne sont in fine que la justification, a posteriori, d’une reaction affective. Les films viraux reussis illustrent ce tryptique, a l’exemple du film « Faites le Mur » de KOMPASS, concu et realise par SAPHIR. En terme de communication, creer le desir d’en savoir plus, de communiquer avec une entreprise, au rythme volontaire de l’internaute, sans harcelement, exige une demarche « d’encerclement  soft » fondee sur une strategie de Community Management, par exemple, la strategie des Matriochkas (ou strategie des poupees russes) fondement du process du Buzz Marketing.
D’abord changer de mentalite et passer du Marketing du Harcelement au Marketing de la Permission en creant un Groupe de Pilotage en vue de faire evoluer progressivement les actions marketing et communication vers une vision « communautaire ». Au fond, Salvatore Adamo avait su pratique, avec emotion, le Marketing de la Permission et du Desir… avec sa chanson-culte : « Vous permettez, Monsieur ? Avec votre Permission… l’Agence SAPHIR vous propose de vous accompagner dans l’elaboration de votre strategie du Marketing de la Permission et du Desir.
Be honest, do you ‘hope’ to prosper, or do you PLAN to prosper – because there is a BIG difference?
It is amazing to hear how many companies have managed to grow without ever having any kind of marketing plan in place. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, we’re taking a limited number of bookings in January to work with companies who want to get a marketing plan in place for the 2014-2015 financial year. We’ll work with you to come up with the best approaches to gain new business, retain clients and raise your company’s profile. By the end of the process, not only will you have a marketing strategy and budget in place for the year; but all key stakeholders will be on the same page and working together to make your business thrive. If you are interested in elevating your business in 2014 and would like to discuss your requirements in more depth, please email Wesley Horan or call 01795 506 316. Drop us a line about any aspect of your marketing strategy that you would like to get us involved with. Whether it’s eyeglasses, dry cleaning, printing , or learning to speak Russian, any thing that promises that it can be accomplished in an hour usually comes with some fine print listing a variety of stipulations.
The fine print is it will only work if you follow the rules.  Here are 5 steps to creating a marketing plan in less than an hour. Describe your company’s unique selling proposition, what is unique about your product, why is it so special?
Formulating a marketing plan is doable as long as you have your target., remain motivated, brainstorm new ideas  and don’t get stuck on doing things one way. This entry was posted in Marketing, Marketing Plan and tagged Marketing, Marketing Plan on August 28, 2014 by Nikki Woods. Vous entamez le plan marketing de votre societe mais vous ne savez pas quelle place donner aux medias sociaux? Un media social est un outil technologique peu couteux qui permet la participation en temps reel et le partage d’informations dans un esprit de collaboration. Pour apprendre a creer le contenu de vos medias sociaux, nous avions deja redige une article qui vous aidera : Comment adapter votre creation de contenu aux medias sociaux. Reprenons les chiffres de l’etude de McKinsey sur le plan marketing et les medias sociaux. Voici une illustration, selon une etude de McKinsey, representant les avantages pour une entreprise a utiliser les medias sociaux.

AGISSONS maintenant ENSEMBLE en ameliorant nos competences en web marketing : "creation de contenu", "email marketing", "medias sociaux", "SEO", "automatisation du marketing".
It likely won’t surprise you to hear that not every organization in existence has a marketing plan.
Hard questions, however i think when you join in and identify your goals and pinpoint your potential audience – you are prepared to examine precisely what is actually the most difficult part, the marketingwe are able to get overwhelmed with so many options, but here are a few of my favorites and ones that I suggest to get my clients. Planning is not something which should bog you down and is also not an issue that can only happen at the outset of the year. At GPS Public Relations, we offer complete SEO package that can enhance the online rank and visibility of your company. En pratiquant une strategie d’entreprise reposant sur le Marketing de la Permission et du Desir (vous retrouverez toutes les etapes de cette approche dans l’excellent livre de Patrick Georges et Michel Badoc « Le Neuromarketing en action » – Chapitre 17). Il est necessaire d’arreter le Marketing de l’interruption, trop couteux et de moins en moins performant.
Il faut ne communiquer qu’avec les clients acquis ou potentiels qui vous en donnent la permission, trouver un « appat » desirable pour que leur intelligence vous accorde sa permission. Face a la concurrence exacerbee, il ne faut plus se contenter de repondre aux besoins des consommateurs, mais les faire rever en devenant desirable, voire incontournable. Il faut savoir renouveler constamment le desir du consommateur, reconquerir en permanence son affection pour pouvoir le fideliser.
Il faut gerer une veritable relation « d’amour » (ou de complicite) avec ses clients qui feront de l’entreprise ou de la marque un partenaire incontournable, et par consequent difficilement concurrencable : la se situe le fondement essentiel de la fidelisation.
A partir de cette relation, il faut creer un Buzz Marketing, un marketing viral reposant sur les leaders d’opinion lies a des communautes ou a des tribus. Notre Agence SAPHIR a suggere d’associer toute sa famille a l’idee de demenager ses installations a Senart.
Car le « Buzz Marketing » (en francais « Ramdam Marketing ») intelligemment mis en ?uvre suscite le desir. There are many reasons why this is so, but we always find they inevitably reach a glass ceiling and struggle to grow any further. Not only does it allow you to accurately plan your spend for the year, but it also highlights how you are going to win more customers and grow your business in line with your business revenue targets. We will get to know your business, identify your goals and ambitions and understand your target market. Measurable goals allow you to mark your progress and recognize when you’re close to reaching them.
Cet article est fait pour vous car il vous donnera quelques chiffres, avantages et exemples sur le sujet. Bonne chance dans la redaction de votre plan marketing et n’hesitez pas a laisser un commentaire ! Email Blasts: Email blasts are ideal for having your information in front of your target audience on a absolutely consistent basis. Article Marketing: A great way to increase SEO and awareness should be to share your blogs and articles on marketing with articles sites. Advertising: While not a solution for everyone, advertising in the media can reap wonderful benefits. Content Marketing: This is a extremely important, while widely ignored, part of the marketing mix. Contests and Promotions: These are important aspects of your marketing mix as they bring customers and interest like wildfire. Podcasts: These are generally another one that, much like video, people tend to stay away from. These are not written in stone so if something stops working, drop it and plug something into its place. As the landscape for all of us marketers is constantly changing, be adaptable and be informed.
Our team of marketing specialists can assist you not only develop your campaign but sometimes even execute it on your behalf.

We cover on-page optimization and off-page SEO to offer remarkable results to our esteemed customers. GPS Public Relations is here to help!google on Dangers of Energy DrinksMy Homepage on The Essentials For Business Website Design and Developmentgoogle on A Warm Thank You to Everyonegoogle on Need a professional looking website? Combien d’etudiants d’ecoles de commerce n’ont-ils pas enonce doctement les 4P du Marketing Mix : Product, Promotion, Place, Price…en insistant sur la sacro-sainte antienne : d’abord repondre au besoin du client ! Le voila devenu progressivement  « fan » de vos propositions… il les attend… mieux meme il vous les demande… voire il s’impatiente de ne pas encore les avoir recues ! A ce niveau, l’innovation produit et service retrouve une importance fondamentale face a la communication. L’offre, l’image doivent en priorite devenir desirables pour les leaders qui en assureront la promotion aupres de leur communaute. En effet, si son entourage le plus proche n’exprime pas le desir d’y venir, aucun argument rationnel ne l’y inciterait. All have achieved greatness by setting a vision – and then planning how to achieve it.
Once we’re immersed in your company, we’ll work with your key management team to ensure everyone’s vision for your future is the same.
Outline business opportunities, assess factors that can affect your plan and your predictions. Pour illustrer cette definition un peu abstraite, voici quelques exemples que vous connaissez bien : Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, YouTube, les blogs, etc.
Make sure that they are packed with good information and that you schedule them on a regular basis. Whether it is a free ad placed in Craigslist or a two page center spread in Fortune magazine, advertising is an excellent way to get your message seen. While a relatively new addition to the marketing mix, this powerful medium not merely can help you engage on another level with your target market, but humanizes your brand. At the end of the day, when you have nothing to say or share – what reason does anyone ought to listen to you.
Using talk radio, television, newspaper and magazines to get your content and brand available is a fantastic method to grab attention and get more and more people enthusiastic about you and your message. Make sure that these “customer grabbers” are section of your strategy and be careful never to overuse them! In order to create the perfect marketing plan, consider the 10 items listed above (in addition to your own personal suggestions), put them against your strategy and objectives and then match them up with your budget. From website design and social media marketing to email marketing and graphic design – our family of experts can assist YOUR company succeed by handling some (or all) of your marketing requirements! Our talented SEO experts are well familiar with the white hat SEO techniques so they can tackle all the demands of different industries. D’ou la recommandation de creer un « Espace Partenaires » pour toute la famille du chef d’entreprise, lors de la Fete du Carre du 14 juillet a Senart. Press announcements, blogs, articles, blurbs, announcements and also the rest need to be an integral part of your strategy allowing you to have enough wonderful content to push through your various channels. By pursuing the instructions you may have yourself out on the airwaves in no time and in to the iPods and speakers of your respective target market.
Supported with well qualified professionals, we are capable enough to handle various clients at the same time. Narrow your focus to what aligns best with your identity and is most attractive to your target market. Concentrate on your goals and target. I’ve known most companies to jump at the latest marketing activity to the detriment of their successful marketing activity.

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