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This publication features a host of practical tools to help readers choose the correct Incoterms® 2010 rule. Every year a few big (and small) ticket pieces of kitchen equipment stand out as hot new items, revised classics, or old standards that are as good as ever.
The immersion blender is one of the most used and beloved tools in professional kitchens, but the cord is notorious for dropping into soups and sauces, and tethers chefs to the wall. Chefs, mixologists, and pastry chefs all rely heavily on their commercial blenders for multiple uses throughout the day, and we all know how dirty they can get.
Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door in the USA and Canada. For those behind the bar that can’t hand-carve perfect ice cubes during service, a reliable ice machine is key.
With Waring’s new wireless immersion blender, chefs can really be on the go in the kitchen. Yes, we recommended the blast chiller last year, but Irinox had to go out and make an even better model—so if you were biding your time to make the splurge, now is the time to act. Adam Fleischman, Owner of LA’s Umami Burger, has about 70 CVaps for his four restaurants and uses it to cook all of the burgers before finishing them on the grill, making for burgers that are crisp on the outside and super juicy inside. There’s a great deal of debate among aficionados on which pizza oven is the best, but if you choose among the top brands based on the needs of your restaurant, the result will be the pizza of your dreams.

Here’s an inexpensive attachment that will multiply the versatility of this already awesome tool. Use this new tool to quickly rinse out residue from any 64-ounce or smaller blender container. There are some innovative tools out there to help you keep track and make those visits from the health inspector less stressful. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. From photography equipment to ice cube machines, these are the items chefs, pastry chefs, and mixologists around the country have told us they love or wish they had. Enter Kold-Draft, which top mixologists like Tony Abou-Gamin have come to rely on for producing ice cubes that are consistent in size and quality. With the new Multifresh from Irinox you’ll speed up production time and get things cold quicker than before, while preserving the freshness of your food and setting personalized chill and freeze cycles for every food item. Besides new ways to use the conventional models, Hobart has come out with a new model, the Bluetooth-enabled Combi Oven with Barcode Scanner, which automatically controls the cooking program and features wireless exchange of recipes. Use the stainless steel injector needle to fill sweet and savory foods, inject meat with flavor, and decorate plates. The Vita-Mix Rinse-o-matic operates entirely on cold tap water pressure and uses less water than conventional cleaning by using only what is needed.

One of our favorites is Daymark’s Timestrip Labels, which change color over time to show when foods are getting close to their expiration date.
Selling for just $137.50, this light is a worthy investment for any budding chef-photographer. The ice is free from impurities and the high-density cubes won’t dilute drinks as quickly as traditional ice cubes.
The new model boasts updated features like reduced energy consumption, more efficiency with greater power, icon driven chill time selection and an innovative sterilizing system.
Although Wood Stone ovens have long been considered top of the line, some chefs have told us they let out too much heat and are less than ideal. Chef Chris Cosentino of Incanto in San Francisco uses it for brining, and Pastry Chef Emily Wallendjack of New York’s Cookshop uses it for funnel cake.
Chefs Steve Sampson and Zach Pollack at Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa, CA prefer their Valoriani, which is distributed and assembled in the US by Mugnaini.
And chef William Belikis in Seattle’s newly opened Mistral purchased his oven directly from Naples.

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