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Als Unterstützung habe ich jeweils eine PPA und eine Installations-Anleitung angegeben. Wer noch bessere Audio-Player kennt, ist natürlich aufgefordert, diesen in den Kommentaren zu vermerken. Laptops, Linux and Ubuntu: A blog about the interaction of Linux and Ubuntu with laptops and notebooks. Those of us old enough to remember a time when the cassette Walkman was the bleeding edge of technology are jealous of today’s kids. With the Smart Samsung BD-H8500M you never have to miss any of your favourite programmes again.
You can now get double the fun from one unit thanks to the great multitasking ability of the Samsung BD-H8500M Blu-ray player. Bring home a more immersive and spectacular viewing experience with Full HD 3D - your 3D home entertainment will be more exciting and vivid than you had imagined, with powerful features to maximise your enjoyment. Instead of the usual 10 seconds, you can you start your BD-H8500M Blu-ray player in just 0.5 seconds. Windows Media Player is Microsoft’s own media player that comes pre-installed with all its operating systems. Ich persönlich nutze momentan entweder Audacious oder Banshee; Welchen Music-Player benutzt ihr? On top we present news from our idea lab: How we can brighten up the economic Ecosystem around laptops with Linux and Ubuntu. The only thing we could do to entertain ourselves on long road trips was stare out the window and punch a sibling every time a Volkswagen drove by. You can watch all the must-see TV shows at your convenience with Catch-up TV services including ITV Player, BBC iPlayer, the 4oD service from Channel 4, and Demand 5 from Channel 5. Make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite show by recording two favourite channels at the same time.
Using screen sharing technology, your content will be displayed on the Samsung handset’s screen from a compatible HDTV.
Thanks to 3D Auto Contrast, you’ll have a crisper image with sharper and more dramatic contrast.

It automatically syncs your HDMI-connected Samsung devices, ensuring you’re your experience is simply stunning. To enhance the dull default WMP experience, I have tracked down some of the coolest and most useful Windows Media Player plugins out there, most of which will work with both Windows XP and Windows 7.Finally make all embedded media player files work in Firefox (Windows 7), put your computer to sleep after your playlist concludes (Windows XP), get lyrics from songs you’re playing, sharpen blurry videos, and share with your friends what you’re listening to right now.
Ich habe euch die 10 besten Music-Player für Ubuntu zusammengestellt - die ich finden konnte. Now you can have easy access to a range of great video on demand services including Amazon Prime, Netflix and more.
It lets you beam photos, videos and you can even play games using your handset as a controller.
Samsung’s superior 3D technology uses sophisticated algorithms to minimise image layers and maximise response speed, for more fluid and clear viewing.
Extract audio tracks from your CDs simply by inserting your CD and pressing the ripping button.
This player supports DVD, CD, MP3, and VCD formats, so it’ll play just about any form of media you pick up from Flying J at 2 in the morning. From the biggest current blockbusters to indie hidden gems and timeless classics, you will discover a huge library of movies and other content that you can watch at your convenience. You can quickly and easily share and enjoy content on your TV with as little fuss as possible.
Thus Microsoft has developed a new plugin for Windows XP and up, which solves the problems and also adds some new features.
Sleep TimerFirst of all I should note that this plugin is fairly old (2005) and only worked with WMP 11 on Windows XP. Furthermore, you have to sign up to The Code Project website before you can download the plugin.
The plugin will be listed under > Options > Plug-Ins > Background > Armen Hakobyan’s Background Sleep Timer.Now, the purpose of this plugin is to put your computer to sleep after your playlist has concluded. If it doesn’t display automatically, go to full mode and then open > View > Plug-Ins and select > Armen Hakobyan’s Sleep Timer. From its onscreen menu you can select the > Standby Mode, which can also be to shut down the computer and select whether or not to > Mute Sound.

If your computer is connected to the internet while you play your tunes, it will automatically search for the lyrics to the current song and display them in the “Now Playing” window. Instead, WMP displays the available album art.This plugin was tested successfully on Windows XP and Windows 7.
And by the way, it is also available for Winamp.An alternative to this plugin is LyricsSeeker, which is also available for iTunes and Winamp. The difference is that the lyrics are opened in the browser, not in the media player itself.4. PixelFusionMany videos, whether downloaded or streamed, tend to be somewhat blurry, which is a result of reducing the resolution and hence the file size. This flaw becomes ever more annoying, when the videos are viewed in fullscreen view on a high resolution screen. PixelFusion is an attempt to fix this issue.Once installed, the settings of the plugin can be found under > Options > Plug-Ins > Video-DSP > Pixelfusion Plugin > Properties button.
In the example below I took screenshots of the original video (middle) and with PixelFusion using hard (left) and medium (right) edge crispness. Now PlayingNow Playing allows you to share what music you are currently listening to with your friends on Facebook, fans on Twitter, or visitors to your homepage. It’s very simple to setup for Twitter and Facebook.The options window will launch automatically, when you first start WMP after installing Now Playing. If you need to access it later, note that the plugin is found in the > Background category within WMP’s > Plug-Ins options.To get started, follow the simple setup steps shown in tabs for Twitter or Facebook. The result will look something like this:Some more skill is required to make this work on your homepage. A similar plugin, that will share your songs in mIRC, is WMPmIRC.For more plugins, especially for skins, visualization effects, and codecs, check Microsoft’s own WMP Plugins page. Also check out Saikat’s article on 10 Great Windows Media Player 11 Tips and Tricks.Can you recommend other Windows Media Player plugins?

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