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Starting our list of the top 10 comedy movies all time is this British parody of all action films. Blades of Glory is a surprise entry to some perhaps, but it is definitely one of the top 10 comedy movies and probably Will Ferrell’s second best movie. Wedding Crashers was a huge hit when it came out and still stands as one of the top 10 comedy movies. Austin Powers is a completely legendary film with some of the best gags in cinema history and some of the best characters such as Doctor Evil and his teenage son. Any number of animated movies could have made the top 10 comedy movies of all time, but Shrek takes this high spot for being perhaps the funniest.
Anyway, take out the Will movies and add a few other funny ones and you have yourself quite the list of top 10 comedies. Montreal's IleSoniq festival is going to kick major ass this year and this playlist proves it! Over the years, the hotness quotient amongst Hollywood actresses has constantly been on the rise. After proving her acting in the famous Hollywood movie Frida , this Mexican bombshell took the world by a storm with her dusky skin and exotic look. Former supermodel Cameron Diaz, was at the peak  of her fame after her debut in “The Mask” and went on to star in more famous movies such as My Best Friend’s Wedding, What Happens in Vegas, Charlie’s angels etc.
A common name on every guys mind when it comes to the hottest celebrity that they have seen, Megan Fox sets the screen on fire with her sharp features, deep brown hair and a well sculpted body.
If you’re a tornado aficionado, you might be left wanting to see more action, less side story, and perhaps a little more in the way of realism.
In essence, your ultimate view really depends on what you’re in the theater for and perhaps additionally what kind of weather nerd you might be. After diving into a hole during tornado destruction, several main characters also find themselves in a dire flooding situation. Given the recent Sharknado craze, those most likely to read this probably fall into two sometimes overlapping camps: 1) Meteorological purists. If you’ve got some extra time to kill and money to burn, might as well give it a go in the theaters. James Hyde and Ian Livingston collaborated on this post after seeing a special Capital Weather Gang sneak preview of Into the Storm on July 10. I think you could probably make a compelling story about a big event like April 27, 2011 with the right team.
When they are in the storm drain, the manhole cover gets blown off before Pete leaves the storm drain. A great clunking fist of a box office hit all the way back in February, this based-on-a-true story saw Channing Tatum trying to keep it together after wife Rachel McAdams loses her memory in a car accident. Imagine a universe where Hermione from Harry Potter sacks off that zero, Ron Weasle-balls, and gets with the Bieber-haired hero that is Percy Jackson – he of the massive lightning rod fame (or something. Spin on just a few years, and what feels like a great many movies about over-entitled men-children later, and the temptation now is to treat each new Apatow production with the kind of narrow-eyed suspicion normally considered the preserve of bucolic villagers begrudgingly greeting a fancy pants out-of-towner.

Oh, and if you’re surprised to see Five-Year Engagement in a Chick Flick run-down, given how penis-centric a perspective the majority of Apa-flicks are presented from, then let me refer you to Exhibit A: the poster, featuring Emily Blunt wearing a wedding dress. Finding Nemo, Up, WALL-E all fall into the latter camp, as does Brave, a movie that was inevitably beautiful to look at, but (and this seems ridiculous to suggest of a Pixar film) a little underrated.
This one aptly demonstrates that the ludicrous and controversial humour of the cartoon translates perfectly to the big screen. The part where he starts throwing up in his mask while performing for children is enough to bring anyone with a pulse to tears. What’s really clever about it is how it offers a chick flick about weddings for women and a buddy movie with nudity in it for men. At the same time it’s also a legendary film that captured an era for a whole generation who grew up with them. Essentially it creates the ultimate guys’ night out which even involve Mike Tyson and a Tiger. It’s completely bizarre but it has some of the best characters and scenes of any film. Divine bodies, flawless faces and ounces of oomph, today’s leading ladies of Hollywood can not only act but also manage to bedazzle you with their looks.From endorsements to magazine covers and pin-ups , these sexy ladies are more than just an on-screen delight and continue to please the eyes and act as a visual treat in many ways. Knightley was the celebrity face for the luxury goods brand Asprey, Shiatzy Chen , Lux , Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and set herself as a different class apart from all the other actresses through this persona that she had built around her. She was also appreciated for her role in the TV series Ugly Betty.This voluptuous eye candy is a common on every guy’s dream list and always leaves you wanting for another glimpse of her.
Being the master of  a full, curvy body and carrying the ability to look cute and hot at the same time, Penelope also manages to conceal age with her alluring and ever young looks. Symmetrically gifted, this stunning blonde beauty has wooed everyone with her looks and charm. Her presence on screen demands a kind of immediate attention even if you’re seeing her for the first time.
She later bagged roles in successful movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Friends with Benefits, Black Swan, Ted etc. The rest will at least get some action-packed moments of tornadoes sucking, blowing, and chewing their way through the town of Silverton… More than once! Rowling is to movies about pubescent wand-wagglers, but did you know that The Lucky One was no less than his eighth novel to be given the big screen treatment?
Free tip for you, Tatum: when the lady says she can’t remember, it’s least embarrassing for all concerned if you just Take. You’ve just successfully imagined The Perks of Being a Wallflower, in which Emma Watson and Logan Lerman make goo-goo eyes at one another over the strains of some deeply tasteful tunes. But forget the naysayers: the setup was less unoriginal than it was deliberately redolent of fairy tale archetypes, while the adventure and comic chicanery was served up in equivalently healthy doses. Here we will look at the top ten comedy movies that can get you smiling whatever mood you’re in. It also has a huge number of cameos from other British comedians from Bill Bailey to Steve Coogan.

It’s incredibly watchable and the gags never get old, which is why it wins this list of the top 10 comedy movies of all time.
Southpark, hangover, american pie, for instance, are worth their position in top 10 comedy movies.
Its not just how they look but also the particular  attitude and seductiveness  which they exuberate immediately and add to their physical hotness. Also having involved in production and direction ,this exquisite creation of God never seems to grow old with time and even carries off age with such class and style.
Smith, a Mighty Heart, Wanted, Salt etc are some of the movies that have brought out the best in Angelina Jolie. Effortlessly sexy and an artist’s delight , Scarlett Johannson and her signature red lips can haunt you for days and days to come. Her smoldering eyes, petite body and amazing combination of hot and humorous makes her the ultimate eye candy to watch out for.If you have had a glimpse of the sexy Mila , it will be no surprise that this actress tops the list of our Hot Hollywood Actresses. Did the manhole cover that got blown away miraculous get found in the midst of the storm to be blown away again?
And unequivocally egalitarian society we live in nowadays, it’s only right and proper those long-legged lovelies have some movies all of their very own to watch when they’re kicking back after a hard day’s ironing.
Did you know that Zac Efron was cast in the lead role of an Iraq War veteran in The Lucky One because the icy haunted eyes of a man who’s seen all the horrors of the battlefield are EXACTLY the same as the cold dead eyes of someone forced to star in three instalments of High School Musical? This post about top 10 comedy movies remembered me of the times when I was watching 1 comedy movie per day. Anyway, I guess I will have a comedy marathon, so thanks for this post on top 10 comedy movies. Passionate scenes, revealing clothes and boldness of new roles are some of the reasons for having some of the most hottest women on screen.Most of them can manage to turn up the heat even without the character demanding it and have this certain X factor that sets them apart from other Hollywood actresses. Jessica Alba’s hotness is bound to bowl you over and leave you completely stumped in a matter of minutes.
The sultry and seductive Jolie is now one of the world’s most sought after actresses and she has won multiple awards during her acting tenure.
It is different from the other top 10 comedy movies’ cause not everybody understands their jokes.
Taking the world by storm in different looks , roles and avatars , Here are some of the top 10 hottest Hollywood actresses of today. Happily married to Brad Pitt, with three biological children and three adopted children, this yummy mummy never fails to impress. What to expect when your expecting was good other then the funny parts were ruined by all the trailers.

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