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As a web design and internet marketing firm, IBIS Technologies spend a great deal of time reviewing lead generating websites for problems with search-friendliness, usability, code compliance, and a variety of other potentially damaging issues.
You have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on a new visitor — 5 for them to know what you’re all about.
While there are many web design mistakes that can tank your conversion rates, this post lists some of the most common mistakes and offers tips on how to correct them.
Your company logo is important part of your website; it’s there to help create a professional and memorable brand in minds of your customers. In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), “Content is king.” But content can also be the court joker if it’s used carelessly. Your enthusiasm for adding content should be to bring real value to your customers and prospects who visiting your website, not just to increase SEO. Make sure your call to action button stands out on the page, offers value, and makes it easy for the user to take the desired action. Research shows that having a simple web form on each page of your site actually encourages conversions. In addition, test your forms on a regular basis to ensure that they are working as expected. Some of the things they should be looking for include ease of navigation, readability, clarity of message, load times, mobile experience, visual appeal, ease of contact, broken links, cross-browser compatibility, and the site’s ability to direct the user to act.
Visitors should clearly see on your homepage or landing page why they should do business with you and the benefit of it. All great websites are optimized to serve the customer better, so keep it simple, easy, and concise, and accent it with some attention-grabbing elements. There are a number of factors that can affect your website’s ability to convert visitors into leads and if your website is receiving a significant amount of traffic, but failing to convert, you should have a professional website audit your site.
We will give you a full website audit as well as making SEO and internet marketing suggestions.

If you want to double, triple or even quadruple sales on your website I recommend you get in touch with us NOW.
Kushan is a project management ninja and SEO guru with a love for helping businesses succeed. Also, the navigation was not easy, but with time, I have improved my websites layout and design a lot.
But still many are making similar mistakes, so this would help many of them resolve issues with their website design. This chart shows the average US monthly visits for the top 10 web brands in 2013, as well as the percent change from the year before.
One of the most important areas of focus during these reviews is the site’s ability to convert visitors into leads.
If you aren’t making the most of those first few seconds, you can bet that it’ll show up in your conversion rates and overall performance. Stuffing pages with thousands of words and inessential filler looks dated and is a major turn-off for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Weather you want visitors to make a purchase, sign-up for a mailing list, request a quote, or simply call you, there has to be a goal and you have to make it clear to users what that goal is. Ask only for information that is absolutely necessary for you to provide an appropriate response. A poor user experience can manifest itself in many ways and will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on conversion rates. Statistics suggest that 8 out of 10 companies’ blogs have been inactive for at least six months. I was not aware of the fact that, i need a responsive website, so for a long period of time, I was running website just for the desktop users. But when we see most of the small business websites developed concentrating more on how logo is highlighted in website.

If you want people to contact you, you should make certain that they know how, and placing your phone number (in big, bold type) at the top of all pages is a great place to start. You don’t want to make a user jump through a lot of hoops in an effort to contact you. With his passion for business development and an incredible team surrounding him, Kushan would say he’s never really worked a day in his life at IBIS.
Facebook, which has the second highest count of unique monthly visitors, dropped by 16% in 2013, signalling the waning popularity of the social network. As a Digital Marketing Agency we always tell our clients to Focus on generating and increasing sales instead by highlighting your products or services and making purchases hassle-free. You can also make proper call to action functionality for your mobile version where you can get direct calls from your website when any prospective leads visit your website through their mobile device.
Once they’re hooked, you can always offer the option of navigating to a longer buying guide or article.
If you can stick to a steady posting schedule at least once a week or month depending on how much you can contribute to your customer then by all means, blog away. Newscast; “The ultimate goal of your business is not for your customers to remember your logo, but to make money by generating more leads”. Spend time and money designing a site that is easy to navigate, and it will pay off big-time.

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