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Google is still the world’s largest media company in the world, as two Chinese firms CCTV and Baidu rise up the ranks, according to new data. The 5 internet pure-play companies in the top 30 (Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Baidu and Microsoft) comprise 21% of the list’s total media revenue, while the 22 companies that are traditional content producers control 64% of the revenue.
The top media owner is Google, which is by some distance the world’s largest media owner, with revenues 47% higher than the second-largest, DirecTV.
Among the rest of the top five, DirecTV remains in second place and Comcast remains in fifth.
CCTV is China’s national state television company, and enters the Top 30 ranking in 23rd place, ahead of Facebook. The Top Thirty Global Media Owners report is a unique ranking of the world’s largest media companies by media revenue, as estimated by ZenithOptimedia. Most companies in the Top 30 have operations in more than one country, and many are truly international in scope with operations around the world. The arrival of Baidu means there are now five pure-play internet media owners in the Top 30, up from four last year: Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Baidu and Microsoft.
Despite the rapid rise of the internet intermediaries, content producers continue to generate the majority of media revenues. Since the last edition of this report, the former number-three media owner News Corporation has split into two: 21st Century Fox and the new News Corporation, which take fourth and twelfth place in our new ranking respectively. ZenithOptimedia defines media revenue as all revenues deriving from businesses that support advertising – television broadcasting, newspaper publishing, internet search, social media, and so on.
Some companies on the list are entirely media-focused; others are corporate giants for which media revenue forms only a small part of their overall turnover. The report covers the financial year 2012, which is the latest year for which we have consistent revenue figures from all of the publicly listed companies.
It’s always edifying to me to look back at the year gone by and see what posts have been most popular at NewsLab.
Should a journalist ever be a paid spokesman? The answer to this question seemed obvious to me.

We’ll try to provide more of what you’re looking for in 2015, if we can stay up and running.
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Facebook is already used by millions online and offline businesses to promote their products in social media circles. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In this latest edition, Google widened its lead over the second-ranked media owner (DirectTV) to 47%, while two Chinese companies (CCTV and Baidu) joined the top 30. This gap has widened from 39% in last year’s edition of the report, as Google’s core search function has benefited from the rapid rise in search volumes from smartphones and tablets. Disney has overtaken News Corporation to take third place, after News Corporation split into two separate operations. It boasts 22 free channels and 23 pay-TV channels and accounts for about a quarter of China’s TV ad market. Only seven companies are essentially devoted to one market: Baidu, CCTV and Globo, plus Cox Enterprises in the US, and the three Japanese companies Asahi Shimbun Company, Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings and Fuji Media Holdings. 22 companies in the Top 30 are traditional media and entertainment companies that create and distribute their own content. The split was designed to provide more corporate focus to the two companies – 21st Century Fox has taken over most of the television and film interests of the former corporation, and the new News Corporation has taken over the publishing interests.
This includes not only advertising revenues but also other revenues generated by these businesses, such as circulation revenues for newspapers or magazines, or subscription revenues for pay-TV. It reminds me of what NewsLab readers are most interested in, which helps me plan for the year to come. Beyond the immediate payoff of engaging social media followers in an ongoing story, a local TV reporter’s live tweets from a city council meeting also encouraged viewers to tune in for her on-air recap. Trouble is, those ideas have been around for at least five years and they haven’t exactly set the world on fire. Your support in the form of a donation would help. NewsLab has no outside funding whatsoever, so we depend on you, our readers. We have FrontPage extensions on all web site hosting plans and the ability for multiple domain hosting.
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Which is why we are going to share the top five PPC advertising websites which will give you the maximum exposure online.
Now Yahoo shows search results oly from Bing network and Bing & Yahoo are the same search engines.
Plus, Bing Ads also have collaborated with Facebook to show their paid listings on Facebook as well. One of these – 21st Century Fox – comes fourth in our ranking, while the new News Corporation is in twelfth place.
ZenithOptimedia defines media revenue as all revenue deriving from businesses that support advertising, not just the advertising revenue itself.
Given the large size of many emerging advertising markets (China being the third-largest in the world and Brazil the sixth-largest), the low representation of companies from emerging markets in this list is surprising, and can be explained by the fact that most media owners in the developing world are confined to their home markets.
This demonstrates how power in the internet ad market currently belongs to the intermediaries – companies that connect consumers with the content they’re looking for, or with each other – rather than to the content producers themselves. Between them they account for 64% of the combined media revenues of the Top 30 media owners. It was also intended to raise the valuation of 21st Century Fox by removing its association with the declining publishing industry.
For publicly listed companies, the revenue figures are taken from their annual report and accounts; for the privately held companies, the revenue figures are ZenithOptimedia estimates.
This provides a clear picture of the size and negotiating power of the biggest media owners in the global marketplace. This year-in-review post also serves another function: to draw your attention to popular posts you might have missed. Comprising of the largest advertising directory and with direct link to the Google search engine, AdWords is as good as it gets, when it comes to PPC advertising. When Facebook users search something on Facebook it also shows results from Bing apart from their own network.
Cox Enterprises has moved up from eighth to seventh, and BSkyB has risen from tenth to eighth. It is the country’s main search engine, the local equivalent of Google, which does not operate in China.
Some emerging market media owners – such as Zee Entertainment in India – have started to expand internationally, and we expect to see greater representation from these companies as this process accelerates.
These five intermediaries account for 21% of all media revenue generated by the Top 30 media owners. A similar rationale lies behind the spin-off of Time Warner’s magazine publisher Time Inc., due in the second quarter of 2014, which will leave Time Warner with its television and film units. No suprise, I guess, that the crime tips were most popular, given that crime is the one beat most local TV stations actually cover. This post offered suggestions for getting around or through the roadblocks PIOs throw in front of reporters. Adwords not only offers advanced ad placement options but also great features and tools for ad campaign optimizations. Bertelsmann has slipped from seventh to ninth, while CBS Corporation has dropped from ninth to tenth. Like Google, Baidu has diversified away from basic search, and offers maps, social media, question answering and many other services. Time Warner is large enough that it will remain in sixth place even without its magazines, while Time Inc.

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