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Description: Total cost of recruitment within measurement period divided by the number of new employee in that period.
It is not that easy to set effective KPIs, especially if you have not yet internalized the goals of your company or organization.
We are a collaborative digital marketing agency specializing in online business solutions and strategies. Data is becoming increasingly important and this data is being used to improve the experience for individual visitors to websites. Mobile has seen huge growth area in recent years, and it will continue to grow over the coming years. In addition, Google has made it clear that search results are now affected by how mobile friendly a site is. In future we will see a lot more funds allocated to content marketing as it becomes increasingly clear how important a role this plays for online marketing.
Although blogs will continue to be important, in future, there will be much more focus on user-centric content that interests and entertains visitors, as well as providing valuable content that answers the needs of users. One area that will grow is Native advertising particularly as it relates to content marketing. Social media provides exposure and traffic, and it has long been seen as an important tool for internet marketers.
Email marketing has been around for many years, and will continue to do so because it works.
Different forms of online marketing are becoming blurred, and this demonstrates how online marketing is evolving. It’s difficult to pinpoint the one trend or technology that has had the most impact in the past couple of years.
Here are some current social media trends that public sector and non-profit marketers and communicators can’t afford to ignore. Most  marketers in the public and non profit sectors  are already using social media but not all of them are doing so effectively. When organizations analyze the click-throughs and likes that their social content generates, there is one trend that never fails to stand out—images and videos are shared much more often than any other type of content. Social media generates an unprecedented amount of behavioural data, but until recently organizations did not have reliable ways of extracting knowledge out of the data.
When brands first started using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they often used those platforms the same way they used television advertising: as a way to broadcast their brand message. The next phase in this evolution is for brands to engage consumers on a more individual level. As another way to respond to consumers’ needs, organizations are using social media more for conversations rather than for brand messaging. Social media is one of the most influential channels organizations are using today to reach and engage their customer base. I will continue to keep readers of my blog up to date on changes in online marketing and social media. It is important for today’s marketer and communicator to be up to date with the latest trends in marketing.
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The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) is devoted to the advancement of strategic marketing in governments, non-profits and associations. Jim Mintz is a veteran marketing professional with many years of experience as a practioner and academic.
As the New Year approaches, many small business owners will be taking time to reflect on their marketing strategies for the New Year. Gone are the days of using services that either create or provide shoddy content and link that content to substandard, irrelevant sites.
This is good news to anyone who feels they’re producing good things and should be recognized in Google search result rankings for providing quality information to their target market. After spending considerable time reviewing suggestions from today’s top thought leaders, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the top five online marketing tactics to focus on in 2014. What type of content can my company provide to our market that showcases our strengths, personality and values?
While keywords may have lost some value, both Google and your market still need to know what your site is about. Eric Enge summarized a lot of the “New School” ways to optimize your site in this great diagram.  Use it as a guideline to keep your website relevant. It’s a no-brainer that you need to ensure your website pages are current and up-to-date, but more importantly, you want to make sure you have a vehicle to continuously add great content.
What’s interesting about the content you create is the evolution of the blog post itself. Whereas years ago the average blog post was around 500 words, today the average is over 1000.
Long story short, the average length of your content needs to be longer (1000 words) and you should include pictures, videos and infographics for better engagement.
If your website is not yet “responsive” or you don’t have some sort of plugin like DudaMobile that helps make it mobile- and tablet-friendly, then make it a priority for 2014.

Just like ensuring your site is mobile-friendly, you need to also make sure it can be shared. Part of your online credibility comes from others sharing your information.  This is hard to do if you don’t make it easy for the reader to do so. Chuck Price created a great Quick Start Guide to Guest Posting that outlines a great approach to take to start increasing your reach and relevance online.
I’m sure that as 2014 unfolds, more and more online marketing tactics will continue to present themselves. Cidnee Stephen is the owner of Strategies for Success - a marketing company that focuses on the needs of budget minded small businesses and professional services. Bplans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. Why some people succeed, and some don’tMany people see building a successful  business as a catch 22 situation. Top 5 Online Marketing Trends for 2016 – How you can benefitBy Charlie, on August 16th, 2015As the years change, so does internet marketing and making money online. Finally, your content has to be presented in a way that makes it easy to see and understand (more on this below).
Content will always be important, if not, the most important element. The content you create has to establish rapport with your readers. Once you’ve mastered the art of publishing the BEST content and the RIGHT content, the rest is very simple. Social Media is now allowing you to target your market and find the people interested in your niche.
Once you’ve created the very best content, and post it to where the people are, you could be sitting on a gold mine, time and time again. If the truth could be known, you’d find out that videos are more popular than images.
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get a problem solved, and then having to read through a bunch of garbage before the problem is ever discussed.
If you have some good content that will be useful to your readers, present it, and don’t beat around the bush. With the variety of tools available, small businesses are taking advantage of the quick and cost effective online advertising and promotional platforms to help reach their target audience. I have read a number of articles recently and this is my summary of some of the more important things that are taking place in online and social media. Also sites are tailoring content to users based on a variety of factors, which could include the device the visitor is using and the time of day they land on the site, all of which will provide a more personalized experience. Many people have smartphones now, and although many organizations have simply focused on launching a responsive website, mobile optimized content will become a lot more important from now on. Mobile usability is a ranking factor that cannot be ignored, and organizations will need to focus on their mobile search strategies. It is getting harder to stand out due to the sheer amount of content available, so the focus will increasingly be on higher quality content, including mobile content.
It is anticipated that many organizations will continue to be much more sophisticated at producing editorial-style content, and form better relationships with publishers to place sponsored content alongside primary content. Although social media is an effective way to create engagement and grow brand awareness, a focused promotion campaign on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook will be more important for organizations to tap into the traffic. Another reason why public sector and non-profit organizations love email marketing is because it provides them with complete control over how they communicate with their various audiences.
For example, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing are all becoming more connected.
Mobile computing, cloud computing, these technologies, which include social communities like Facebook, social publishing platforms like Twitter, and digital sharing platforms like YouTube, have transformed consumer relationships.
With the cost of video production declining and the ease with which images and videos can be distributed across the Internet increasing, the use of these visual media is rising rapidly.
With the rise of social media marketing analytics tools, organizations can now mine social data for valuable insights into customer behaviour that they can use to power their decision making.
This trend is being driven both by analytics, which allow brands to get better insight into particular customers, and social media marketing tools that enable personalization.
Through consulting, training and speaking, we help organizations achieve their marketing and communications goals more efficiently and effectively.
This year their timing couldn’t be more perfect—with the changes to Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm settling in, companies need to look at a fresh new approach to their online strategies. Since 2012-2013 we have definitely seen the shift from “should I be on social media?” to “which social media sites should I focus on?” Generally, business owners have gravitated to maybe one or two sites.
This means that junky sites like article submission or blog posting sites should no longer be part of your strategy. However, you need to change your approach to a more conversational tone and watch your formatting. To keep things in perspective and not become overwhelmed, remember: Google is trying to ensure that people just like you and me get good quality results when we search solutions online.
Online business planning software makes it easier than ever before to put together a business plan for your business.

It’s a knowledgable guide combined with a professional designer coupled with a financial wizard.
At one time, all you had to do was come up with a catchy title, some basic key words, and your website took off. If you wanted to know about something, you could go to a bulletin board, and read about it. Posts on Facebook with images will gain more authority with people, as well as with Facebook. However, as the internet culture continues to evolve, it is also very easy to make an online marketing mistake. Our core strengths include services in SEO, PPC Advertising, Per Inquiry & CPA Advertising, Affiliate Marketing & lead generation. As people increasingly use mobiles to access information and view content, creating content specific for mobile users to provide them with great experiences will become a key area of online marketing. Avoiding overly promotional content and instead providing content that increases engagement will be the biggest challenge. As we have seen in the past few years social media and the search engines are constantly changing the rules, but email remains in full control of the marketers.
Content marketing is becoming the main influencer when it comes to SEO, and social media will become even more important as a way of distributing content. These relationships continue to evolve as new interactive technologies become available and consumer preferences change. However, with more and more engagement happening on social networks and publishing platforms, organizations are starting to look more closely at how social media is being used and to incorporate it into their overall marketing strategies.
The lesson was that when people use social networks, they want to see information that is interesting and valuable to them, not just advertisements. You will want to make sure your page title, H1 tags and content explain what your site is about, but in 2014 you want to make sure that the keywords aren’t overused (spammy), are unique and relevant to the page, and that you pay more attention to other long-tail phrases your market might use. This can be a mixture between great content that you have created and curated content (content from other writers and sources out there on the web). This is going to be even more heavily weighted in 2014, so make sure you have this feature added to your website, if you don’t already. In 2014, you will want to expand your social media presence, as social engagement plays a more important role in not only Google rankings, but also how people interact online. Instead, you want to look for credible guest blogging opportunities and other credible PR opportunities. In other words, don’t jam pack your press release full of a keyword and have the anchor text go to an irrelevant link on your website. So if you provide quality, helpful content to your audience, regularly and in an authentic conversational tone, you will continue to survive and thrive in Google’s online world. You can write the best article you can write, but it may not necessarily be the right content, Other factors must be taken into consideration. Besides, the more you post videos, and the more images you post, the less text you’ll need.
In this infographic, lets take look at the top five most common marketing mistakes so you can avoid them in your future campaigns.
Online marketing provides value and generates results for many organizations, and public sector and non-profit marketers that have focused more on traditional marketing techniques should not dismiss it. However, Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) which came into effect July 1, 2014 will certainly have an impact on e-marketing. For example, brands in the commercial sector that responded by better addressing their customers wants and needs saw their followers return.
For example, when someone has activated their current location and searches for a “hairstylist nearby,” Google will respond with possible locations.
If you are wondering where else to focus beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—take a closer look at Google+.
With the separation of people into various groups and niches, Social Media Marketing will be more effective in 2016 than it has ever been. The increase of smartphones dictates that some posts still need to be more digestible and therefore shorter.
A good rule of thumb is to look more at sites like PRWeb that require a fee to submit a release. They make your content easier to see, understand and digest. Nowadays, lack of images make your content very stale. Typically they rank better in authority and—not surprisingly—could get you actual media exposure.

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