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Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Kein Hersteller, selbst im audiophilen High-end Segment, kann inzwischen das Thema Streaming ignorieren. So findet sich im Angebot des Unternehmens aus Gratkorn seit geraumer Zeit der Ayon Audio S-3 Network Player, der durch und durch ein österreichisches Produkt darstellt.
Als reiner Streaming-Client sind die wesentlichen Eckdaten des Ayon Audio S-5 Network Player natürlich bereits bekannt. Im Netzwerk agiert das Gerät als UPnP-Streaming Client und kann zudem auf Internet Radio-Stationen zugreifen.
Wie bereits erwähnt, stellt die integrierte Vorstufe eine weitere Besonderheit des neuen Ayon Audio S-5 Network Player dar.
This video has Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note being interviewed by Steve Rochlin of Enjoy The Music 2 months ago.
It is just that at the current time, people with audio Nervosa account for a significant percentage of audiophiles.
With the shrinkage of Audiogon, the pendulum may be swinging back towards the long-term audiophile buyer. People with a lot of money, and audio Nervosa, will buy $150,000 amps put out by a new company or one with no history of building amps of this caliber, because it scratches their itch to try something new. And, referring back to discussion point #1 above, for people with Audio Nervosa, a complete solution from just one manufacturer is so boring as to be like unto hell. It is our approach, and practice, however, to mix and match gear from different manufacturers a lot of the time to tailor the sound to individual preferences. Many people, including AN, have found that these are really good sounding capacitors for high-end audio gear.
When Black Gate decided to close their doors [figuratively speaking] AN bought up all the remaining Black Gates they could find. Although we have heard snippets about this new DAC, AN has been very secretive about this Manhattan-like project … until now.
It sounds like this discrete DAC is similar to the same(?) approach EMM Labs cum Playback Designs cum P.S. Previously, AN was able to wrap exceedingly well-performing supporting electronics around these cheap chips, and came up with, to our ears and many others, the best sounding DACs in the world. What they will be able to do with their own great sounding chip, kind of afraid to find out.

I was in recently getting my speaker surrounds (Snell speakers) and turntable (Dual 1275?) repaired and installed with a new Shure stylus. I thought I would write rather than telephone because when I’ve been in your shop it seems you’re always juggling a dozen tasks at one time. Thought I’d get around to thanking you for the work done on my Amp last month It was well worth the cost and has improved the sound in a big way. Hi JR, Just to let you and Gord know that the NAD CD player I picked up on Friday works flawlessly. Diesem folgt nun eine weitere Lösung, der Ayon Audio S-5 Network Player, der nach Ansicht des Unternehmens alles biete, nur keine Kompromisse.
Während die Basis-Einheit immerhin bereits 12 kg auf die Waage bringt, weist die Stromversorgung weitere 15 kg Masse auf. Diese entsprechen im wesentlichen jenen Daten, die alle anderen auf dem StreamUnlimited Stream700 basierenden Streaming-Lösungen ebenfalls bieten. It is that a large percentage of the people left in high-end audio like to swap out gear a lot. People could now buy new gear knowing that they could sell it for a fair price if and when they got tired of it, or just flat out didn’t like it. The used market became saturated, and audiophiles realized they could, for not much money, try gear by buying it used, playing with it for awhile, and then selling it when they were done with it in what on average is what?
This diffuses the services that many manufactures and some dealers [like us] think they are providing for audiophiles. Or maybe something will take Audiogon’s place and Advanced Audio Nervosa is here to stay. Systems composed of gear from different manufacturers have little chance of sounding decent. This is a good thing for AN to talk about, as it reemphasizes that they actually manufacture a lot of their own components – and do not just limit themselves to off-the-shelf parts that are widely available like the vast majority of other high-end audio manufacturers. Kind of wish, from a dealer’s standpoint, that this came out in a different way, but it was going to be a bombshell, regardless.
This is a quick thank you for all the work you and Edwin did to get my Tannoy Super Red up and running. I am very pleased with doing business with a local company that displays such honesty, integrity, skill and technical expertise.
Your service and attention to detail in our many dealings has been great and a vast improvement on most of the dealers in this industry. Although it didn't come with a remote, I have a NAD 315BEE and the remote works across all devices.

Eine durchaus sehr wesentliche Neuerung, denn der Ayon Audio S-5 unterscheidet sich zudem durch weitere Neuerungen vom kleinen Bruder Ayon Audio S-3, die unmittelbar von einem separat ausgeführten, besonders hochwertigem Netzteil profitieren. We all know [well, maybe not] that speaker setup is not a science, it is not magic, it is freaking LUCK!
They are not looking for the best sound they can get at their budget nor a system that will provide them enjoyment that lasts them many years.
In particular, we think a lot about, and talk extensively here on the blog about, the importance of getting the amp – speaker combination right. Susan told me at least some of the details on how you were back-and-forth on the phone with Tannoy trying to find answers.
I set it up with a V15 type III cartridge equipped with a Jico SAS stylus (micro ridge type) and gave it a workout with some of my favorite Dire Straits tracks.
I value Gord’s advice and of course will continue to trust Innovative Audio with my very special audio gear.
Dazu soll aber bereits auf digitaler Ebene eine Signalverarbeitung durch einen Wandler-Baustein aus dem Hause Burr Brown mit 24 Bit 192 kHz Upsampling beitragen.
Where instead of using cheap [sounding], ubiquitous and marginally functional off-the-shelf DAC chips, they encode their own DSP algorithms in some high-speed chip of one kind or another. I must say that I am very pleased with the looks and sound of this unit and as always I am pleased with your excellent service. Sure, you can always snag a find on Craigslist or Canuckaudiomart, but I like that you guys clean and check out what you sell, which has value in itself. Ein USB-Port findet sich ebenfalls direkt an der Front, ein weiterer an der Rückseite. Hier findet man zudem einen Ethernet-Anschluss sowie eine Antenne für das integrierte WiFi Modul. The nasty, frequency-specific buzz in the bass is gone, and the repaired speaker still sounds well-matched with its pair. I have a pair I bought new from the Sound Room a few years ago and I paid about $800 new (mine also have cherry wood veneer), so the $400 you were charging for a used pair is a good deal for some of the best mini-monitors around. I look forward to visiting the shop again later this spring to say hi and to thank you, Susan and Edwin in person.

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