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Long after the Super Bowl is won, the commercials linger—on our minds and our flat screens.  But one company in particular stood out this year, and has for over a decade.
Back in 1995, three frogs named “Bud”, “Weis”, and “Er” stole the show in a commercial that didn’t necessarily say much about the brand (primarily because it didn’t need to). Too often companies treat their marketing campaigns as their sole opportunity to communicate with consumers, desperately packing as much information as they can into one ad. Beyond perhaps filtered water and utilities, few companies can truly say their consumer is “everyone.” And yet, so often companies cast such a wide net that they lose any kind of distinct brand message, chasing the personal preferences of anyone who will listen. A new year is a time for reflection, so we’re looking back on last year’s best logo redesigns.
Everyone’s favorite breakfast stop has long taken a lighthearted approach to breakfast, from their playful “Rooty Tooty Fresh n’ Fruity” pancakes to co-op campaigns with a multitude of children’s box office hits. The second most popular beer in America started with a minimalist design, and somewhere along the lines became a wild mess of drop shadows, cartoony graphics and Monday Night Football typography. Instagram will officially be expanding its ad capabilities this month, with advertisers of all scales in Asia Pacific and other global regions.
In November of 2013, Instagram initially unveiled its ad products and has slowly increased their appearances on news feeds since. Last year, Instagram surpassed Twitter as the second largest social network in America, but of its 300 million active users, more than 70% come from outside the U.S. Marketers have taken note of this lucrative opportunity for their clients and have begun to offer Instagram services to their company’s offerings. There are many misconceptions about what a brand is and is not, but at its core, it can be broken down to one simple concept. An elevator speech is called that for a reason—you should be able to clearly and concisely communicate what your business does it would take you to ride the elevator from the lobby to your destination floor or vice versa. Left last on the list for a reason, this is probably the most common thought that comes to mind when businesses think of branding. Every marketing plan looks a little different, but at its core it should explain your target market, where they will potentially see you or are currently seeing your competition, and your game plan for reaching them. Many companies believe the surest way to success is to “get your name out there”, gain visibility, shout from the rooftops in order to get your consumer’s attention. Predictive tools can give key insights into market trends on important dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which can help immensely when deciding how to adjust your spending for the holiday rush. Adding social share options to your product pages is a great way to allow your consumer to do the advertising for you.
In order to give your guests a great first impression, your site should be organized, visually appealing and easy to navigate.
If you write content that will still be relevant and interesting in the future, you’ll be more likely to continue engaging your audience long term. No matter how interesting or insightful your content, if it is difficult to read, your consumer will move on. More and more consumers are utilizing their handheld devices over computer screens these days. With the introduction of LinkedIn and similar business networking sites, the almighty business card may have appeared to lose some traction. Unless you’re in the marketing field for a living, you likely don’t have tons of free time to promote your business online. According to Copy Blogger, 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but only a fraction of that—2 out of 10 to be more specific—will read the remainder of the content. Research shows that original posts garner far more interest than posts that are simply shared from another source. You no longer have to guess or research for hours to find new and interesting topics for your posts.
Adding a call to action on a popular page or post can often provide instant gratification for your time.
Here’s how: Go to Google Image Search, and type in [your topic] quote (of course substituting ‘your topic’ with your topic!).
At a time when America picked their beer of choice from only a handful of big name brands, Budweiser needed only be entertaining and comical to create a lasting impression in consumers’ minds—and to this day, the commercial is considered one of the greatest commercials of all time.  In the last few years though, craft beers and microbreweries have grown exceedingly in popularity.
They recognize that they have a specific—albeit wide—target market who appreciates their product for exactly what it is (cue the charming gentleman served with fruit in his beer). But instead of trying to tell you how the hops they use are just as good as a microbrewery’s, or how their company was born from small beginnings, Budweiser boldly recognizes that they did not become this successful as a large, domestic, non-trendy brand by accident. This logo has seen many variations since the company first came about, but was always haunted by the imbalance of its giant check mark and outdated gradients. While the company hasn’t condensed their name, this year, “Airlines” was de-emphasized as purely a strapline. So to reinforce that happy feeling, the company issued their first logo redesign in over 20 years—with a smile. In 2015, they stripped all of that away to create a cleaner look—though still visually interesting—that maintains recognizability.
Last year we were approached by Primal Cravings, a west coast based food preparation and delivery service that was gaining momentum fast.
This ability comes with additional platform features as well, such as landscape images and videos, action-oriented formats, and the ability to target specific market groups—much like that of Facebook’s current ad management system. This new platform will allow advertising capabilities in more than 30 additional global markets throughout the South Pacific, with plans to expand to worldwide availability by October. This rapidly expanding network is expected to continue its growth, with eMarketer forecasting it to have higher net mobile display ad revenues than both Google and Twitter in 2017. Advertising partners currently include companies such as Sony, Vidal Sassoon, Adidas, and McDonald’s. Your brand is what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room—whether or not it’s because of anything you did intentionally. If your speech requires more of a plane ride than an alternative to the stairs, it’s likely time to get a handle on that.
Whether your leads simply aren’t converting to sales, you aren’t reaching your financial goals, or worse, your revenues are on the decline, one thing is certain—it likely did not happen overnight.

They are stylish, performance engineered, and endorsed by some of the biggest names in the business. However, it’s truly the last puzzle piece that remains after brand development has been initiated.
As companies get busy, it’s easy to switch into a reactive mode, rather than a proactive one.
Other things to consider in today’s market though are social media and web marketing, as well as the tactics and brand personality you’ll incorporate to reach your consumer once you’ve figured out who they are and what they need.
Capitalizing on these trends on search and social marketing during historically peak times may set you apart from your competitors even more so. Make the crossover from in person to online a simple one by optimizing your site for mobile devices, and consider an app for fast access and push notification discounts that will encourage your customers to download. Take advantage of this opportunity to excite your consumer by getting into the holiday spirit, and don’t forget to tell them why your product or service is relevant to them especially during this time. Whether it’s to brag about a great deal they got, or because Timmy wants Mom to know exactly what he’s asking for this year, social media will spread the word. More than ever, customers are visiting store fronts at this time of year for the experience of holiday shopping as an event, to compare pricing and quality of products, or simply because they need something last minute.
Giving complementary items will draw focus to your company over the competition, and incentivize previous customers to return for more special extras. Pinpointing which products, advertisements and approaches lead to the most sales will help boost the effectiveness of your efforts as you go.
And while your website may be filled with keyword rich content and be ranked highly on Google, none of that will do you any good if a consumer is not engaged in your site once they visit.
If your site requires information that is likely to become outdated, refresh it from time to time to maintain credibility in the eyes of your consumer.
Wherever possible, look for opportunities to communicate your message visually through images, graphs and illustrations. Ideally, the objective of their visit should be to lead them to purchase from your business. In a world becoming accustomed to the retrieval of information at their fingertips, if a consumer cannot navigate your site easily from a smartphone, they will move on to your competitor’s.
Be sure the interesting and relevant details are easy to find from any page on the website. Each task in the list below can be accomplished in one minute or less but can add significant value to your online marketing efforts. They are not only more likely to receive organic attention from your consumer, but to go viral as well.
If you don’t have time to write something new, why not recycle a popular post from the past? Log in to your Google Analytics account to monitor which content is receiving the most attention. However, consistently generating fresh content, even if it’s short, is a great way to keep your online marketing relevant. Remember, your brand image is not what you say about you, it’s what other people are saying about you when you’re not in the room. As Super Bowl L approached, it would take a lot more than a joke to get more than short-term attention from viewers. Budweiser did three very important things in this campaign that any campaign would be wise to pay attention to.
And so they embraced that, realizing their differences are actually what sets them apart as a brand. Seeing as the company can most plainly be described as a publication for daily reading, this subtle change in spacing between letters and words makes all the difference in legibility. To match their “new flight experience”, the font was smoothed out, cleaned up and given a bit of room to breath, allowing for a fresher, more grown up look. Their latest campaigns offer visual interpretations of certain songs and artists, but how do you communicate ever-changing melodic moods with a stagnant icon? In order to set the company apart from the white noise of “paleo” and body-building focused brands, The Creative Bar focused on a fresh (pun intended) new re-design that emphasized the simple convenience of their services, and the freshness of the ingredients themselves. Businesses on a smaller scale can benefit as well, and should be on the lookout for targeted marketing opportunities to come.
If you’ve found yourself moving away from your original target market, expanding it, or altering your product or service offerings to better suit a certain demographic, it’s important to make sure you’re doing so intentionally and with a focused purpose. The fact of the matter is, you often don’t even have time for an elevator pitch with your consumers. An effective brand has established a competitive niche, a credible persona, and is consistent in the way it communicates all of the above. Once a business has decided on its message though, deployment of the brand through proper visuals is vital. However, where a business plan may serve as a map for your company, a marketing plan is most certainly the key or legend. This should be a simple sentence defining who you are, what you offer, and how you accomplish that. Research shows a consumer is likely to leave your site altogether if making a purchase isn’t easy to accomplish on their device. The ability to quickly and easily find your store may give you a leg up on the competition.
Where text is required, group it into small paragraphs that are unintimidating to the reader and be sure to words and punctuations that make for simper reading. With that goal in mind, make sure someone visiting your website can easily learn more about your company, contact you, and purchase from your business if applicable.
If this was the first time you’d seen it, would you be able to find what you were looking for easily and efficiently?
Link your blog to your home page and be sure your customer can find it from anywhere else on your site.
The answer is simple—because apps, contact lists and text messages do not communicate your brand.

Utilizing tools like Portent’s Content Idea Generator is an excellent way to generate attention-grabbing headlines. This doesn’t mean you have to generate your own articles and topics though (because that would take more than a minute.) If you see an interesting post on the Internet, simply use it as a starting point for your own. Those who didn’t see it the first time will, and those who enjoyed it once already will be pleasantly surprised. Then simply add a call to action to this particular page and watch your feedback grow leaps and bounds. Simply search for an image that inspires you, write a few sentences about what it means to you, and ask your viewers what they think. I quickly spot a favorite quote, so I save it to my desktop, being careful to note where the image is from. To see what your consumers are talking about concerning your particular brand, log onto Social Mention and type in your information.
Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. And while traditional marketing strategy might tell you to “fish where you see the other boats”, Budweiser sought out a patch of open sea and claimed it for their own. For this reason they pared down the graphics, and allowed for the logo to be recolored based on the emotional feeling of its current application. This dictates everything from which product or service features you’ll expand on to where you advertise to which charitable organizations you sponsor and everything in between.
More often than not, its seconds—the seconds it takes them to subconsciously acknowledge and then flip past your ad in the magazine, the seconds it takes for them to arrive at your website and decide whether they’ll stay or go, etc. This unswerving brand messaging in turn builds trust with the consumer, which puts them at ease for purchasing. Consistency, again, is the key to earning consumer trust so you must ask yourself—“Is my company’s look consistent with what we represent?” If you claim to be a professional and forward thinking business, is your website modern, clean and up to date? This important piece adds detail and direction in the steps to increasing sales and visibility. However, it’s difficult to send a detailed message if you’re trying to appeal to everyone on a broad scale. Or even more important, what preconceived notions has your consumer already developed about your business based on all that proverbial shouting?
Nothing on your site’s end should ever inhibit an interested buyer from becoming an established customer. Remember, the easier it is for your consumer to find and read your content, the simpler it will be to convert their interest into sales. While it’s true that fewer people are using business cards for the purpose of contact information, these small print wonders are still very much alive as an illustration of who your company is and what sets it apart. Just type in a few key words and voila, it generates a stimulating title that ensures your readers will look. This post will continue to accumulate social feedback that boosts your credibility and funnels traffic to your site.
Remember, don’t copy someone else’s article, but feel free to use it as research and inspiration for your own. Budweiser keeps their message here to concise sentences that strike home the same point—“we’re not going anywhere.” Think of your target market as a passerby on the street.
If customers are confused about how you differ from the competition, or receive inconsistent information from one touch point to the next, they are likely to move on. But they’ve chosen not to because they realize trying to be everything to everyone would water down their credibility and take away from the resources that make their star products so successful. If you’d like to convince your target market that employing your services is an easy decision that will result in peace of mind, are you utilizing colors and a photo style that put them at ease?
Plus, people prefer to comment on posts they can see have already generated buzz so they’ll be more likely to participate. While it’s tempting to offer as many services as you can to capitalize on opportunity, chasing down too many options will leave you looking mediocre. A re-brand of your business will help you assess potential hurdles, and communicate past them subconsciously to create an environment in which your consumer is eager to buy.
Or will you spend what could have been your first opportunity for a sale undoing what they assumed, rather than educating them on your competitive advantage or benefits? The word “ad campaign” these days has been reduced to a two page spread in an industry magazine and a new home page on the website. Proper brand analysis of your strengths and weaknesses can give you perspective on a more realistic strategy for your company to ensure its maximum potential for growth and profit.
The fact of the matter is, even if you have your elevator speech polished, every touch point with a consumer will build a brand image, whether it’s the one you intended or not. But the true definition of an ad campaign is “an organized course of action to promote a product or service.” The key word here is organized. Call or email us today for more information on how to garner the kind of productive attention that will boost your business effectively. And that requires clear messaging from every stakeholder, web platform and sign in your business.
And since branding is the development of how exactly you choose to communicate your message to consumers, maybe the two aren’t so dissimilar. In turn, this means the term “branding” doesn’t just apply to a company-wide facelift either. Each has a unique voice that has been specifically branded to suit the product’s personality.
Thus, under the umbrella of a business as a whole, products and services can be branded individually to suit their target market.

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