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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After the initial chuckle, I began to wonder how often this actually occurs on a local level?
My point simply is this, when considering domain names for your organization’s website, or microsites for initiatives therein, why not consider buying some of the alternative domain names someone might use during a guess or a search for said site? Most domain registrars offer tools for such alternatives, along with the ability to redirect them to the actual site.
Now that we’ve taken care of that piece of business, I thought I might bring to your attention their listing of their top 10 posts for 2012. Once you’re done downloading this infographic, why not show some love and link on over to Church Marketing Sucks and read the rest of their top 10 posts for 2012 article? Last night I ran out of patience with an individual on Google Plus (G+), who though they meant well, were entering a series of multi-paragraph posts on their stream, with quotes, photos and all. Whether you engage in social media for personal fulfillment or as part of a larger digital marketing strategy, the point of social media is to ENGAGE others IN a DIALOG.
In the past year, I’ve received a number emails requesting features and implementation requests that seem to think that this Facebook service can solve all their social media marketing needs. Get the sermons, lessons online, videos and photos onine; and track it all with Google Analytics.
Integrate tools such as BaseCamp for program management and Google Apps for document processing. If you’re finding that your organization is not getting anything but a passing interest from your online activities, then why not take a step back and consider the above? If you still feel that a rocking WordPress theme for your church website is the key to your organization’s digital marketing management, then I’d ask you to consider what measurable results you received from similar efforts in the past?
As always, comments, questions and criticisms are welcome, so long as their couched in love. I woke up a little after 1:30AM last night because I though I had heard some racoons helping themselves to my  trash can as if it were a salad bar.
As I dug in, I realized that my Twitter Followers were being sent a DM with a link to a third party Twitter Application, which when clicked, would begin the process of similarly turning their Twitter account into a spam-sending zombie.
So despite all my talk about strong passwords, ignoring unsolicited candy from strangers, and other such stuff, I granted a 3rd party application permission to spam the h-e-double-toothpicks out of my followers. All that said,  here are some things I’m doing to do moving forward to avoid such instances. One of the things myths I’ve heard from attending my share ofA  Word Camp Raleigh events is that template systems are somehow a magic bullet to a successful online marketing campaign. The two main strategies are to make your content look like a nutritious meal and signal that it’s an easy catch.
So why should anyone be surprised that today I’m providing a quick how-to code snippet of some fun I’m having with the Twitter Search API, REST, jQuery and jSON? All that context aside, I did successfully write a short snippet that used jQuery to call the RESTFul Twitter Search API and then parses the jSON into a dynamic display. I did this in part because while I will employ some form of PHP or  Perl to cache the Twitter Search, I still might employ jQuery as the rendering mechanism for said cache. As you can see, the most difficult part was getting it all to fit in a readable format on this blog! In the meantime, I though I’d list some of the sites I visited while approaching this exercise. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Content marketing strategy for your own small business, Why content marketing needs for your business?, Here are some of the ways content marketing drives results for small businesses. For marketers, 2012 was dominated by social media’s evolution beyond its high growth phase, the explosion of content marketing, and the growth of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. With a smartphone always within reach to snap and share shots, 2012 was the year of the photo.
Here are the top twelve Actionable Marketing blog posts of 2012 as voted for by you, our readers. If you want to build your Twitter following, take some advice from Spiderman and stay focused, according to research by Carnegie Mellon researcher Yi-Chia Wang.
3. Ignore Google+ At Your Risk [8 Social Media Charts You Must See!] – Google+: Is Your Brand Left Behind?
Is Google+ part of your brand’s social media marketing strategy? If not, you risk being left behind on the search giant’s social media platform. To break through and efficiently maximize response on social media platforms, a contextually relevant, optimized call-to-action is needed. A Social media call-to-action is an integral and often overlooked element of an effective social media strategy. Since social media is maturing, businesses are building their social media presence to reach and engage prospects, customers, fans and the public on the digital platforms where they spend their time. Face it—creating great content by itself won’t necessarily grow your blog audience and influence. 7. 25 Mobile Research Charts to Guide Your 2012 Marketing – Why You Need Mobile Marketing Now! To take advantage of the mobile expansion, you must understand how your prospects and customers use them as well as what the implications are for content marketing, promotions, communications and purchase channels. Instagram’s community quietly passed the 80 million member mark who have shared almost 4 billion photos. Content curation chooses the most relevant, highest quality digital information to meet your readers’ needs on a specific subject. This is a monster list of social media marketing resources for newbies and social media mavens alike to expand your knowledge of this ever-changing ecosystem. To get beyond the conventional forecasts, I asked a group of leading marketers across a range of expertise for their most extreme marketing prediction for 2012. As 2012 draws to close, we’d like to add our prayers for those innocent school children and teachers killed in Newtown at Sandy Hook Elementary School and their family and friends. Please join me at Content Success Summit—I’m speaking on Blogging and Content Marketing. Tags Blog, Buddy Media, Content curation, Dan Zarrella, Facebook, google+, Instagram, Mobile, Social Media Call-to-Action, Twitter. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass. The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. The new platform about trends, digital marketing tools and future possibilities for marketing in the automotive industry. The marketing profession has changed more in the past two years than over the past four decades.  And it is digital marketing technology that is responsible for it. As an automotive marketer it could not go unnoticed for you this year: autonomous driving was on the agendas everywhere.
Skoda announced this week a new brand identity for their dealers, maybe they can get it right.

Without a doubt the trends in this top 5 of 2013 are a part of tendencies, that will continue in 2014.
This entry was posted in Trends and tagged 2013, autonomous driving, EV, mobile marketing, Social Media, trends by Huib Stad. From the dawn of time people with things to sell have been using stories to attract, engage, and retain customers ala #optimize. Google’s recent update for Google Maps for Android included a new gaming element which is tied to its “Latitude” location app.  This new update includes an overall leader board among friends and it leader boards by location. Clearly Google has a plan to incorporate their check in service with Google+ and adding the gaming aspect is another indicator that Google is serious about fighting for this space.  Will all this be enough to steal significant market share from heavily entrenched Foresquare?  Stay tuned! As Google expands its footprint, it should come as no surprise that eMarketer predicts Google will surpass Facebook in display ad sales in 2013.
Time to Weigh In:  Have you incorporated storytelling into your content marketing strategy? About Ashley ZeckmanAshley Zeckman is the Director of Agency Marketing for TopRank Online Marketing. Outside of her role at TopRank Online Marketing, Ashley prides herself on being a great home chef, painter, prankster and dog mom.
Social media marketing is a hot topic for discussion among small business owners and digital marketers. Of course, many business owners and digital marketers want to increase likes, shares, comments, and other social engagements with their online content. This suggestion may appear quite too obvious, but many business owners and digital marketers fail to realize its importance and just post various kinds of content that don’t even generate any form of engagement. Back in 2012, Facebook conducted a study that quantified, analyzed and confirmed what particular content drives engagement, getting data from over 30 of the social media site’s most popular pages operated and maintained by brands. Facebook confirmed that social media users prefer content that is related to the brand but does not directly promote the brand or any of its products and services.
Sometimes people, even business owners and digital marketers, get carried away in interactions and engagements on social media on topics that are really very interesting. In many cases, digital marketers try to solicit some kind of engagement activity from a discussion group from a particular social network.
Make sure your targeted content is disseminated and marketed on a social network, forum or discussion group where your targeted audiences are.
Everyone wants to operate in a place where they are most comfortable with – and yeah, even in social media.
You need to build relationships and trust with these targeted audiences if you expect to get good social engagement mileage from them.
Offering innovative, practical and preferably little-known solutions to certain problems social media users have will draw in considerable social engagements from those who are interested.
Doing this not only generates engagement from people who most likely suffer or encounter the same problems – and will definitely appreciate your suggested solution – it will also create for you a reputation and branding as a reliable source of useful and relevant information. People love it when they can voice their opinions, even if just involves making a choice between two options. Images are very powerful elements that can generate considerable social engagement, particularly if these images are compelling, relevant, thought-provoking, hilarious, controversial and optimized. This and other statistics just goes to show how powerful and how effective images can be in generating social engagement. We’ve established that funny, thought-provoking, controversial, awe-inspiring and simply wonderful photos can really generate social engagement from users.
These photos can be of people, animals, things, events, situations – anything as long as it can stir people’s emotions strong enough to generate lots of engagement.
This can be as basic as it gets but many digital marketers tend to overlook or downplay this important element in generation social engagement. It would be a great practice to reward your most active users and those who frequently engage in social activities and interactions with your brand. Word will definitely spread and the news of how you reward people for social engagement will surely attract even more targeted audiences. Introducing A Revolutionary Do-It-Yourself Guide To A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign - And How YOU Can Take Advantage Of It Before Anyone Else! Discover a simple step-by-step guide on what you can do to promote your business on the Internet staring right now! After all, it wouldn’t take much for an individual upset with a nearby church or charity to buy a similar sounding domain name to put up a parody page.
However, spending time on my new Samsung Droid Charge, I found right flicking finger blistered beyond belief as I had to page past several screens of this user’s tomes to see what anyone else was doing. For that I apologize — and as part of my penance, have provided some useful advice, images and even a script to help you remedy that situation if you should ever similarly fall victim so such malware.
I then went into Twitter and began to manually delete the messages the pusilanimous 3rd party program had sent. I pulled up Twitter in my browser on my Droid rather than the mobile App because there’s less keystrokes to deleting such conversations. Later, sometime during the 4th quarter while searching stats on the Pack’s stunning 2nd half comeback, I saw on my little Droid browser a page that looked like Twitter, asking me to log back in. Worse, just about the time I was through deleting all the rogue messages, I received another communique that reminded me that followers who get email notifications of DMs were still going to see the link. I won’t go into too much gory detail, other than the resulting replies indicated grateful followers, who while suspicious, were glad to get the personalized Direct Message warning from me. Therefore, you need a plan to increase your blog’s visibility in today’s content rich environment.
At its core, content curation is like a great editor who brings his unique taste and understanding of his target audience to his selection of the best content for his readers. In whatever marketing discipline you are, the pace of change in technology and marketing will continue to increase. Every major manufacturer now has an electric or a plug in electric car in its line up or has it at least announced something electric. One of these is that Generation Y (Millennials) doesn’t seem to enjoy purchasing and owning things.
The infographic above from the Content Marketing Institute takes us all the way through the evolution of content marketing and provides some meaningful insight into what companies have done in the past to generate results. That’s right, social media giant Facebook is expected to reach 5.1 billion in ad sales revenue in 2012, according to eMarketeter. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In addition to finding innovative ways to showcase the exceptional work of her team, she is also responsible for creating digital marketing programs that drive customer acquisition and growth for the agency. It is one of the hottest topics here at Digital Marketing Philippines and one of the most effective internet marketing tools DMP is endorsing. The higher the engagement, the bigger the chance of connecting with targeted audiences that convert as leads or sales.
The case may be is that they don’t even know what type of content will actually drive engagement.

The key to successful engagement therefore is to talk about the needs and wants of the customer as it relates to your brand – and avoid concentrating solely on promoting your business.
The problem is, the topics they are engaging in are not in any way related to their brand and at the same time, the people they are engaging with are not the targeted audiences for their brands. If the users of that group and network are from a demographic or interest grouping that is not related to your brand and its products, then don’t expect to get any considerable engagement at all, if there is any. These people may have greater than normal probabilities of being interested in what you are presenting and would most likely engage with you and your brand. Users may already be comfortable with the activities and social “lingo” that is unique in a particular network or discussion group. Add relevant comments to discussion and avoid getting into useless arguments with these social media users. The more unique, practical and innovative your suggested solutions are the higher engagements you will generate. They will in turn take notice of what you do, your business and whatever you are campaigning for online. Instead of just letting them choose between Item#1 and Item#2, set it up to make one group “LIKE” Item#1 and the rest “SHARE” Item#2 as a way for users to cast their “votes” for their selection just like what Walmat did (see the image below). A HubSpot study confirms that posts with photos and images outperform average posts that only contain text by up to 53%. They can even be more engaging if accompanied and optimized with text that describes the image well or tell a great story behind the picture. Nostalgia can help them reminisce the good old days, the best of times and the fondest of memories. You can notch the engagement level up a bit by posting such great photos and letting users commend their own captions. It would be best to use original photos so you can include your own logos and website information.
Whenever people contributes social signals like a comment, likes or shares, always respond with a heartfelt thanks or a simple acknowledgement.
Doing so not only increase your social engagement level but it will also increase brand awareness, loyalty and even championing – with your business reaping all the benefits. It is not like the old days of traditional media and the early days of the Internet where communication is one-way and interaction with other online users is almost non-existent. In this FREE e-book you will learn the basics as well as advance aspects of Digital Marketing.
Therefore, it’s critical to stake out your marketing turf and build your base before you discover you’re significantly behind your competitors. And in the summer, normally a somewhat lame period in the car industry for making big announcements, the PR departments of a.o.
Her background includes expertise in everything from content marketing strategy to branding, account management and social media. But despite all the buzz, many business owners and digital marketers still find themselves struggling to drive engagement around their social media content. If you’re like these marketers, then you should pay attention and learn precisely how to do it with the following top 10 ways of driving engagement to your social content. There are many potential answers to this, but it would be best to listen to what Facebook itself says about driving engagement. You should try to identify some of the social movers in your niche within that network and build an online relationship with them – it will pay off with better social engagements coming your way.
What may work well in one network like Facebook, may not solicit the same response when applied to another, like LinkedIn.
Once you build a good reputation in their turf, targeted audiences will eventually take notice and most likely visit your page, group, website or blog for further engagement.
Even if some people already know the solutions you suggested, if you present that in an interesting manner, people will still get notice and join in with the social activities around that post. This way, you cater to their eagerness to voice out their selections and at the same time generate considerable social signals from all these voting activities.
The great thing with images that generate engagement is that they can really get viral with more likes and shares, which can create greater awareness about your business if your images are properly branded to establish and identify you as the source. Images are tied with emotions so make sure that your accompanying texts and descriptions will work well with that emotion, where users can participate in by sharing their own captions.
You can actually use images from any source as long as you have permission or license to use them. These social media users will surely appreciate the response thinking that you do value their contribution and would like to engage with them more. You can give premium content or a copy of a paid eBook as a reward or crank it up a notch by giving away gift certificates if you have a physical store or business where they can redeem them from. Your online content can generate and drive social engagement by following some of these suggestions – and more – attracting more targeted audiences and generate better brand awareness. I remember that happened because I quickly hit the back key and then deleted — not thinking anything would happen because of my miscue. Volvo, Nissan, BMW, Tesla and Mercedes, were battling for the claim that their brand will be the first to bring autonomous driving to the market.
We favor the huge choice in Spotify and a monthly subscription fee over owning a CD album collection. Trailing close behind in display ads is Google, which eMarketer expects to draw 2.5 billion in ad sales revenue. These users may treat it offensive if you just butt in and solicit engagement just like that.
Close your post by asking users to share similar experiences or by simply asking if they still remember these precious moments in their lives – and just see the likes, shares and comments pour in. It is basically a very human behavior: people ignore those who ignore them and talk to those who talk back at them – so keep on talking. Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business.
VW draw some attention to itself with US CEO Jonathan Browning announcing that autonomous will remain something for a minority. 2013 was the year in which we saw some tipping point for this trend in the automotive industry. For instance Snapp car expanded fast, Greenwheels was bought by a VW importer and is expenading to the rest of Europe, Daimler has it stake in the succesful Car2go, Toyota announced a car specially designed for car sharing – the i-road. Nissan experimented with the proposition that if you buy a Leaf EV, you can use an SUV for your vacation.

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