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During the initial phase, co-teaching was viewed as ‘two teachers working together in a team’. This redefining lead to the need to have EAL teachers specialise in making content accessible by scaffolding language.
In addition to these EAL Teacher Workshops, there was a need to also work with content teacher to since an average of sixty five percentage of our classrooms were populated by ELLs ( English Language Learners); so in many ways we were all EAL ( English as an Additional Language)  teachers to one degree or the other. The SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) Workshop series was introduced during the second full year of Co-teaching for Inclusive Services.
My undated plan was to create simple web based SIOP lessons, that would allow participants to complete the SIOP component at a time most convenient for the user and then through the use of video, demonstrate their implementation with into classroom practice students. Instructional coach meets Level 3 expectations AND extends impact by developing teachers’ capacity to analyze their own practice and student data to drive continuous improvement. Engage in professional growth and leadership – Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources. To build a community of reflective practitioners who review each others work and give constructive feedback. Personal emails to colleagues other educators and friends to view and explore the ‘PD on the Go’ blendspace yielded many responses.
Simply put, the goal was to create a simple learning community around best practice for ELLs. Over the last six or so months, I have been struggling with the work home balance and I have to admit that work has won hands down. Just over the last six months members of our school’s community have been involved with : Adaptive School, Making Thinking Visible, WIDA and the LADDER Initiative, Literacy and Math coaching, STEM, SIOP, EAL Workshops, MINI NESA Presentations, TLC such as Personalized Learning, Inclusion, Virtual Learning, a new Math Program (ES), PCL such as Writing Across the Curriculum, Essential Actions for ELLs, Co-teaching and Collaboration and the list goes on and on. This was the genesis for the final project, a personalised approach to learning the SIOP Model , Component by Component and a forum to share experiences of implementation in your own classroom with other practitioners at AISC and beyond. Once upon a time, International schools were filled with the children of American and British expatriates who had been shipped overseas on various projects.
International teachers are now needing to re-pack their tool kit with strategies that will help them meet the needs of this changing demographic. It is my intent to introduce these frameworks to a community of international teachers, Through this unit participants will have the opportunity to be introduced to a SIOP Component, learn about its features, implement it in their classroom and then share with the rest of us in our learning community.
I attended the NESA Spring Educators Conference in Istanbul a week ago and it was invigorating.
I know this statement resonates in me because, to some extent or the other ,I believe that the role of educators has changed drastically over the last 10 years. So now the question that begs to be asked is how to we transform our practice to support this shifting paradigm and help our students to be contributors to a future that has not yet been formed or created? Step two is teachers working collaboratively with other professional especially tech integrators to ensure that the technology in our rooms is being used in innovative ways and not just as replacements for chalkboards, pen and paper.
Step three is recognising that educational practices of the traditional classroom are no longer effective. After about four weeks of milling around numerous ideas in my head, I have finally decided that the Speech and Debate unit, which was the final unit for the year is the one that can be truly transformed with more integration of technology. The actual debate portion was added so that the unit could be integrated with a project done in the Humanities class called Modern World Slavery. Next time around, I would like to see my students getting more timely feedback on their articulation and fluency. So that being said, what is needed is a way to create a language lab setting where the facilitator can listen to a number of speakers and give feedback right away or students can recorded their voices and some software help them with the pronunciation immediately. My second option is not redesigning a unit but developing a resource page that will be beneficial to EALteachers and content teachers using SIOP and the Workshop Model for reading and writing. According to the professionals at the WIDA Consortium, linguistic complexity, language control and vocabulary usage are the three areas that help students really become proficient English Language users. The most efficient way to help these students is through the use of mini lessons targeted to develop their abilities to construct more compound and complex sentences, using dependent and independent clauses correctly and an array of tenses. The Moodle page will include a collection of mini lessons, designed to develop specific skills. This assignment has forced me to broaden my understanding of project-based, problem based and challenge based learning by first defining them and then investigating the similarities and differences between the models. Buck Institute for Education (BIE) defines Project Based Learning as any method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. The public service announcements uploaded to youtube are evidence of a PBL giving these students a challenge to solve a real life problem! Teacher Dashboards, Blackboard and Moodle are great management systems that allow us to personalize learning for students and control, to some extent, the learning environment.
Presentation software provides visual aids and may also extend the learning space since students can use powerpoint, prezis, blended spaces, iMovies and videocast on their own to access desired knowledge. Information visualization tools such as NVD3, Processing.js, timelines, and infographics just to list a few,such as are especially helpful to Language and visual learners. Understanding how to properly manage the use of technology in the classroom is vital for success If students learn to focus on material when they use laptops, we will gain the capacity to increase the impact of our lessons by tenfold. Even if we were not able to achieve the above in 10 to 15 years , I do predict my belief that sometime in the near future, all textbooks will be stored on e-readers like kindle or iBooks for the iPad.
In 15 years time, the structure of classrooms and even schools as a whole will be very different than they are right now. While the increasing use of technology in the classroom is a generally good thing, there are some things we need to stay aware of. My second fear is that access the sum total of human knowledge does through technology is made available to all or else it become the great divider socially, emotionally and most importantly economically. Nearly every morning on my way to school, the conversation with my 14 year son somehow revolves around the endless possibilities for anyone to truly reach his or her fullest potential simply my taking advantage of the many Massive Open Online Courses available with just the touch of a button and of course some discipline. Then in conversation on Monday night over supper with my fellow ‘coetailer’ I got a deeper appreciation and insight into something that I once knew but forgot to apply to my son! Sebastian Thrun , the pioneer of MOOC had to revisit his idea of education for all when research data showed that in order for a student to be success in a MOOC the student has be a self –motivated, self-directed, comfortable with independence and able to creative his or her own learning network, persistent, able to accept responsibility for his or her learning, view problems as a challenges, has a strong desire to learn or change, is confident and able to advocate for him or herself , has basic study skills, organizes his or her time wisely and is able to set an appropriate pace for learning. Since starting the one to one program at our school, out tech integrators and other very strong teachers, have been able seamlessly enhance the learning experience for our students with highly developed and well-designed Moodle pages. It would seem that as much as technology has the ability to enhance and change the face of learning some of the basic building blocks need to be in place if our students are to be successful.
Ten years ago I remember telling myself that I needed to learn to type so that I can keep up with technology.
I appreciate the sentiment expresses in the TPACK Framework; where pedagogy, content and technology knowledge are weighted equally. The combination of mobile devices, the internet and 3G made it possible for us to be enveloped learning spaces wherever and whenever we are connected.
Ruben Puentedura reminds us that the technology needs to be used to help us explore and be creative in our learning spaces. Originally, I used this powerpoint in its simpler form to explore two questions about co-teaching. Our school has taken a systematic approach to improving the services, which has included, an audit (done by a respected practitioner in the field), the development of a strategic plan and an established framework of co-teaching that has a high success rate. This original presentation was made on my birthday, but, is NOT the reason for the cake analogy.
One of the difficulties of co-teaching for EAL is that, although co-teaching itself is not entirely new, co-teaching for the specific reason of supporting ELLs English language development is a relatively new field. Feedback from the powerpoint was positive and every time I tried to explain not wanting to use the cake analogy, I am told that it was indeed very effective.
There are a wide range of uses for business presentation software, from creating eLearning tutorials to showcasing online training prototypes. Business presentation software tools give you the ability to display your eLearning content in a professional manner, so that you can accurately reflect your brand image and wow both potential clients and online learners. Slideshark allows you to share PowerPoint files with your eLearning team, and present them to your audience on a wide range of devices. If you’re looking for a great, although not completely for free, animation creation tool to add a touch of humor to your business presentations, look no further than GoAnimate.
Wink is the ideal tool for tutorials and business presentations, especially when it comes to software and app walkthroughs. In addition to a catchy name, Zoho Show is a versatile business presentation software that is packed with useful tools. SlideDog relies on a play list format that allows you to upload documents, images, videos, and presentations into the tool, then shift them around in the playlist to create a new business presentation. Emaze is an online business presentation software tool that features 3D templates, auto-save support, and HTML compatibility, which is a major selling point for mobile learning developers trying to avoid Flash. If you own a computer equipped with Windows, chances are that you already have a version of this business presentation software. This is Microsoft’s free alternative to PowerPoint, which features a web-based creation tool that you can use to design and post business presentations and slideshows to any website. Virginia Rojas,the American International School-Chennai moved from using a pullout model to providing inclusion services for all ELLs (English Language Learners). Co-teaching occurred in the Literacy block in ES, in the core content areas in MS and in English 9 and 10 and World History in HS. SIOP is a framework that promotes the systematic inclusion of best practices for language development while scaffolding content.
It was started but with limited time to prepare each module and the need to present modules for two different workshop monthly, the ideas had to be scaled back.
These videos are then uploaded and the link shared with me and eventually the wider community for feedback. Based on the responses, the SIOP component INTERACTION was chosen to introduce to the staff to the ‘PD on the Go’ concept. I was able to share my goals for the project and silitice feedback using a google form embedded into the ‘PD on the Go’ blendspace .
Zimmer, ‘ I can view this PD on the Go blendspace on my phone while I waited for my next class.

Hoffman, ‘ Hi Paula Thank you and I like the fact that I can zoom in and focus on a section that I needed. The initial lesson focused on the SIOP component of Interaction, Users of the blendspace would be able to access a number of resources that were vetted, review them and then implement practice into their own classroom. Yet, I feel that I have merely put a dent on the amount that my department needs to achieve in order to support student learning in an effective, systematic way. Originally, I was determined to transform one of my units of study- the Debate unit , so that my students will be able to get timely feedback in enconucation of words and articulation of ideas from a much wider audience. I spend my day viewing lessons for elements of sheltered instruction and helping teacher think about ways to scaffold text, make accommodations to tests, projects and quizzes.
And although these students came from various backgrounds, English was the language spoken.
SIOP and Collaboration and Co-Teaching for English Language are just two such ways to rethink international education.
As usual, I was thrilled to be among so many like minded professional and so many leaders in the field of education.
Day by day, app by app and website by website, teaching has become less and less about sharing discrete units of knowledge and more and more about teaching 22nd century skills. No longer can we afford to have classrooms filled with rows of desks all facing the front of the room, where the focal point is the teacher center stage. It is paramount that our interactive white board are not reduced to screen projectors and the interactive features of our electronic text not be considered at mere distractors. Teachers must develop new teaching strategies that are radically different from those use in the traditional classrooms. And although I will not be teaching the unit next year, I will co-plan the unit with a fellow COETAILER and another colleague for 8th, 9th and possibly 10th graders. This integration really enhanced the unit since it gave students a real world application for the skills that they were practicing.
Students use online resources, including infographics (for making research data visible), YouTube videos (as models for debate procedure), Google documents (for collaboration and documentation of the process), and Voicethreads to practice pronunciation, articulation and fluency. Although students were required to record their speeches a number of times and upload it to youtube so that it can be vetted, it would have been more effective if they could have gotten feedback during the practice. I am not sure exactly how this could be accomplished, however, I am confident that with the help of my co-teachers and the fabulous tech integrators who supports us, we will have something quite amazing to share. Once a student has acquired about two thousand high frequency words, he or she is able to read and write up to a fourth grade level.
Frameworks for strategy groups, heretical list of grammar lessons that can be taught to support the development of language control and flowcharts to guide users in finding the most efficient ways to do this. In all three models, technology can be integrated especially since real life solutions are being sort , solutions are found or final products created for real life problems and the teacher acts like a facilitator, participant or coach and not as an instructor. BIE further expands by implying the term PBL is like an umbrella under which a variety of versions of X-BL exist, including but not limited to problem based learning and challenged based learning all of which come under the umbrella of Authentic Learning. They were challenged to form their own definitions, design the research , choose an audience and them make a public service announcement that would have the greatest impact. Through Teacher Dashboard, I can access student folders, guide then as they work, leave comments, and make smart copies of documents and share as needed. As an EAL (English as an AdditionaL Language) teacher I find that the anonymity of these systems encourage participation and serve as a starting point for classroom discussions. Through this tool, students are able to create and share new knowledge, and reflective on what has be learnt. These tools aid comprehension by transforming words into pictures and promoting critical thinking by enhancing the ability to visualize information.
Social media can be used to extend the classroom beyond the classroom with face to face online interactions. We have already seen laptops, e-dictionaries, iPads, smartboards, electronic book readers, annotation tools, Game-based learning, and personal learning environments (PLEs) that give students control over the pace, style and direction of how they learn. This year, there wasn’t a single day when I didn’t use my laptop for more that just social networking, and I’m sure the same can be said for 100% of our students. Instead, I envision books that come alive and even transport students into a three dimensional space so that they can actively be part of the learning. Technology will be just as accessible as pencils and paper are now, even in the developing world..
We need shape our use of technology in a way that doesn’t promote negative social skills and cyberbullying. The first is using new technology to only do old tricks and not exploring the fullest potential of the technology because of lack of knowledge. My son tries to find something else to do or introduce me to some new piece of music every morning so that he won’t have to go along with my not so subtle plan to indoctrinate him into my way of thinking! In fact his research showed that the learning profile described above also describes the learner who is successful at university. These pages provide a limitless amount of practice, links and opportunities to access and respond to content in every mode possible.
As we explore, Blended Learning Spaces and MOOC, we also need to explore ways to inculcate the self –discipline. For me, at that point in time, technology was a tool for communication in the same manner that I used pen and paper. The first being the roles and responsibilities of the EAL (English as an additional language) teacher in an inclusive classroom.
In fact, I tried very hard to think of another analogy however, I had eaten some chocolate cake made by a colleague and fellow Cotailer Calley, which was downright delicious and left me focused on cake. So this powerpoint is focused on the specific roles each teacher needs to play in supporting development. In this article, I’ll highlight the 10 top free business presentation software options that you may want to consider, especially if you are working with a tight Learning & Development budget.
However, there are times when business presentation software may be out of your price range, but you still need to create an amazing tutorial, slideshow, or eLearning course prototype. Some of its notable features include: view tracking, web broadcasting, slide annotations, and a presenter mode. It’s packed with a variety of features, including: pre-made themes, props, characters, and an easy to use drag-and-drop tool that makes eLearning video creation a breeze. It’s a top notch screen capture tool, but you can also integrate annotation boxes and titles. You get 5GB of storage space per user with the free version, and can export and import any of your PowerPoint files with ease.
It also features live polling, so you won’t have to worry about receiving the feedback you need to fine tune your online presentations, and is compatible with many other presentation software apps. The templates make it a must-have for eLearning professionals who need to create a professional looking presentation, but simply do not have the time or graphic design experience. You have the opportunity to add screen captions, video animations, and screen recordings to your presentation, then use the integrated Codec feature to produce high quality, compressed files that don’t occupy an abundance of bandwidth. It is a freeware editing tool that gives you the power to upload your images, audio narrations, videos, and music, then combine them to create an amazing and professional presentation. If you discover that you’ve made an error after publishing the presentation, PowerPoint Web offers you the opportunity to make modifications directly from the website that is storing the video.
So, why not take the time to explore each of the options and discover which one is best for your next eLearning project. As the model was refined, the roles and responsibility of each teacher in the co-teaching partnership became better defined.
After one year of the workshop series, it became evident that there was a need to differentiate presentations. In addition to the positive feedback about how user friendly and visually appealing the blendspace was, the google form directed users to give feedback how the overall idea and this initial sample could be improved. Since all the hints and informations were gathered into place it was very easy for me to review some concepts and remind myself to use the strategies in my very next class! However my role as an educator has change from classroom teacher to coach and therefore so has my audience. I guide them as they think of implementing different strategies into their lessons so that ELLS have access to the same rigorous curriculum as their English speaking peers. Either an American or British curriculum was taught with little variation since these students would more than likely return to the country of their origin for tertiary education.
We teachers are no longer keepers of the knowledge;instead we are now facilitators who model metacognition and help students develop higher order thinkings. As much as I agree that there is still need to explicitly teach some foundational skills and model metacognition for students, Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning that students learn and retain 80% more when they are active participant, using dialogue and discussion and teaching each other. Teachers need to become familiar with and use tools such as ‘Todays Meet, Socrative, , Smart Class and Google Forms as part of their classroom management repertoire. Furthermore the idea of what needs to be learned and where learning takes place needs to be explored.
The unit will be delivered through the English for Academic Purposes course which is a part of the World Language cycle. With the addition of approximately 570 academic words, a student is able to read and comprehend content up to grade 8 level.
Best of all, it will be a space for collaborating and sharing lessons, units and best practices.
With proper use, technology can enhance the quality of the learning experience for all our students. The drawback of this anonymity is that it may force you to be subjective when grouping students if you are not keenly attentive during discussions. Students use the presentation software to gain new concepts and then face to face time with the teacher is used for interactions that require applying, synthesizing, and creating. About 7 years ago, I had my students participate in an online book club using Skype as the tool. Moodle, while extremely outdated by today’s standards (yes, the web is moving THAT quickly), is a step in the right direction.

By correctly shaping our lessons with the use of these tools, we are taking bigger steps to reaching the goal of maximizing the use of technology to benefit learning. With technology improving at the exponential rate that it is, with good guidance, improvements of even higher percentages can be achieved.
These additions to the classrooms have proven themselves to be extremely valuable to the learning process. It is a rare occasion that my students are given a physical sheet of paper for a homework assignment. Just imagine for one minutes that you can turn on your history book to the Protestant Reformation and be teleported to 1517, when Luther published The Ninety-Five Theses. In my own classroom , in addition to every child having a laptop, I have additional hardware as a smart board, a document camera, multimedia projector and an apple tv, Fortunately I have been given the tools, via training and support of the technology integrators , to ensure that my smart board is not a fancy white board and the document camera are more than a way to project text.
Unfortunately, only about 5% of students who start a MOOC finish it and so if I truly want my son and my students to avail themselves of the MOOC experience then, then I need to model it and help them develop the habits of mind that lead to success. I end with a quote from Malcom Knowles ‘The “why” of self-directed learning is survival—your own survival as an individual, and also the survival of the human race.
Now with all the advances and new and dynamic ways to use and process information through the use of gadgets and the internet, still not being able to type is the least of my issues! Which is fortunate because, research shows that images of certain foods have a positive effect on how much people pay attention.
This is when it’s time to explore all of the free business presentation software tools that are available. You are able to upload any of your PowerPoint files directly to the Google Drive, edit them, and then export your presentation as PPT or PDF file, which makes it great for offline learners. The tool also boasts an impressive media library that you can use to make your online presentations even more engaging. Wink features a Windows-based user interface that allows you to drag and drop interactions into your online presentations and convert them into Flash output, add audio narrations, and compress your files for frustration-free viewing. The program boasts a broad range of creation and editing tools, including photo editing software, and you can broadcast your presentation directly from the dashboard. Windows Movie Maker also allows you to export your presentations to YouTube and other video sharing sites. As a matter of fact, you may want to add a few to your development toolbox to suit your diverse development needs.
Read the article 10 Creative Online Presentation Ideas For eLearning Professionals to learn new ways to enhance your next eLearning experience.
I also wanted to rethink the Moodle page since it limited the interaction to within our school.
Professional development is taken seriously and a strategic plan drives the initiatives that the school undertakes. While doing this I have to remain mindful of all the other demands placed on teachers’ time. Much has changed over the last few years with many non English speaking nationals needing places at International schools.
We guide them as they learn how to collaborate and communicate, how to read, reflect on the material, refine their thinking and then respond appropriately.
After listening to her video, I called her in class and corrected her pronunciation of the word. The problem is that a student’s writing ability does not grow or expand simply with increased vocabulary.
In conversation with a colleague, he reflected on how with each passing year, we see more innovation and creativity. With the appropriate knowledge of how to use technology, teachers, who are facilitators, are inspired to be creative, producing lessons that meet students’, intellectual, emotional and social needs and thus helping to enrich the entire person. I am thankful that as course facilitator, I am able to actually follow when comments are made and by whom ,who has contributed an idea and who has modified it.
Students had to set up conference calls, prepare meeting notes and then engage in discussion, all from their respective residence. Online classroom support sites like Moodle currently enable students to access additional information if they take the time to access it.
Technology is a powerful tool that if used correctly, can be used to change education greatly for the better. Instead our students are using electronic notebooks and google docs as collaboration in the classroom and beyond. Every student will have a personalized learning plan based on their learning styles, their strengths and weaknesses, and their interests to meet the required learning outcomes. We need to teach work school life balance, so that kids aren’t staring at computer screens for 12 hours a day without any physical exercise. My smartboard is an interface that allows to control my desktop remotely and also to write physically with four coloured pens on that projected surface.One of my favorite ways to combine the two devices is projecting my warm up question onto the smartboard, have the students used the pens to write the responses, and explanation and then take a snapshot of the screen and upload the question , responses and explanations straight into each students electronic portfolio, via Teacher Dashboard! Sometimes even in the middle of what I will consider to be an engaging lesson, both during the input and output sections , we have found students using instant messages, chat or just engaged in social media. As an institution with a growth mindset we are revisiting the way in which we support our ELLs (English language learners). Inclusion not only promotes faster language development, because ELLS have more models to follow, but it also, allows for ELLs to be exposed to a content rich environment. In fact, even if you have the extra money to spend, you may want to still opt for these feature-rich and versatile business presentation software tools. For example, one platform may be ideal for prototype presentations, while another is perfect for engaging tutorials.
The idea of differentiation  was further complicated since once the basic foundation was laid, there was also a need to differentiate based on content area supported and whether the teachers supported ES. Unfortunately with the high amount of other professional obligation EAL teachers as many other teachers feel overwhelmed by the demands of the job and although they attended some of the sessions , many times they did not implement what they have learned right away. Much thought is given to what is needed to support continuous development both in teaching and in learning.
Even of more interest, is the growing number of parents seeking places at English medium International schools as a way for their kids to learn English.
We need to teach them to self navigate, be self directed and self reliant while at the same time understanding that that “self” is part of an interdependent world where progress is propelled by sharing of knowledge and making the self part of the collective whole.
A colleague and I are simply adding wheels to our classroom tables so that students are able to quickly and safely move them around to make different work centers for different sized groups. She repeated the corrected version however by her next recording she was back to her familiar error. What happens instead, is that students continue to write using simple tense and general vocabulary. Since students are given just a real life problem, then told to make an assertion based on the topic , find a reason or angle that they are willing to explore, make an assertion and then back it up with data and evidence. This experiment was quite effective since the students had the opportunity to experience a real live application to Skype. However, for us to maximize the potential of our tech, we need to make sites like Moodle the center for learning. Imagine being able to play out many different scenarios and them coming out with different outcomes or being to rewrite history for a short period, look at the new outcomes and then build protocols to ensure that we never make the same mistakes again! Students will be in a better position to take control of their learning instead of just being told what to do.
Students need to be taught how to stay on task while using technology and how to separate work and play on the computer so they remain as productive as they would if the were engaged in a class room.
This way each of my students now has a copy of a task and annotated responses for their reference.
However, on the flip side ELLs in a mainstream classroom need additional scaffolding in order to access the content. Include shapes, tables, links, and comments into your slides, and collaborate with your eLearning team by sharing the eLearning project in the Drive. On occasions, teachers have said to me, I was really interested in trying a feature we discussed 2 months back but I just and not find the information I needed. In addition we have also asked for a small soundproof, glass enclosure to be created in one corner to be used as a meeting room. Many of them have experiences their parents having Skype business conferences in almost the same manner.
They also need additional avenues in order to express what they can do and this is where the EAL specialist supports both the learner and the content teacher. This meeting room will be able to house 6 students and has a flat screen mounted on the back wall.
They should be the first thing students use as they turn on their laptop, and the last thing students close before shutting down. When surveyed the teachers’ responses showed that although they value the learning that takes place during the sessions they were unable to consistently commit the 75 minutes religiously in our fast paced school. It was only when I was able to give her my full attention for about 12 minutes, her reading her speech and getting instantaneous feedback, were we able to get correct! These sites should even replace facebook as being the one site you’re always on when you’re on a laptop.
But before this can be done, Moodle and other similar sites need to be fast, responsive, engaging, and easy to use, not only for students, but for teachers and parents as well. One of my colleagues, Calley C, updated her Moodle to the best of her abilities to reach these objectives.

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