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They are some of the unique personalities in the business because they chose to carve a path for themselves. Currently with over 10 million subscribers and over 3 billion views, RWJ is even today a popular name on YouTube.
PrankvsPrank is definitely a hilarious YouTube channel ever and the ones who started it the most adorable couple ever. Living discreetly in Brighton, England, PewDiePie’s channel most focuses on gaming videos and Felix’s commentary while he plays these games. The YouTube channel is a combined effort of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla who focus more on sketches.

Yousef Erakat started coming into notice with his prank videos, social experiments , nd comedy sketches.
His YouTube Channel with the same name was most probably known for “Equals Three,” a web series that became a sensation right until the time he decided to step down as a host.
From diversifying into multiple categories, the channel has about 21 million subscribers and also remained as the most subscribed channel multiple times. The pranks often tend to cross the sanity levels but in the end, they are pranks and they succeed in doing what they are supposed to, entertain. Currently at a whopping number of 41 million subscribers and 11 billion views for his videos, there is no one near to this YouTuber.

From Pokemon to celebrity stuff, they have done it all.FouseyTube is the next big thing on YouTube. Currently with over 8 million subscribers and 1.08 billion views for his video, Yousef has carved a niche for himself.

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