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Video editing software can come in handy if you want to edit, cut or add something in your videos while you would also be able to add 2-D and 3-D special effects enhancing the quality of your videos with the help of a video editing freeware. Blender is not your simple video editing software as it is basically an open source 3D rendering software.
The software supports a number of file formats including TGA, JPG, MOV, TIFF, PSD, AVI, IFF, 3D studio and Collada (3-D) etc. Wax is a powerful free video editor and has the capability of creating 2-D and 3-D special effects in your videos. Overall, the software is good but its free version is only a trial version and expires after a certain period. The only worrying aspect is that it does not support a large family of file formats and you would need a video converter to work along with Video Dub for the best results. The only thing which makes Avidemux stand above Virtual Dub is the fact that it supports a very large number of file formats like AVI, MPEG, Orbb, Vorbis, and WAV etc. This entry was posted in Photo and video and tagged editing, online, online image, online image editing, online photo, online photo editing, Photo.
Photography is most definitely one of my favourite parts of blogging, whether thats the shooting and editing of the imagery, or the finished result on a blog, I love a beautiful shot and spend a lot of time and attention trying to get the perfect image for my blog. The first tip for any blogger or photographer wanting to edit their pictures, is of course, to shoot your images in RAW.
Quite clearly if you are going to edit images, you need to find yourself a tool which is suitable for your needs. One of the first things I do when editing my images is to check the overall white balance, whilst I shoot on auto white balance, sometimes you may still find your images have a slightly more yellow tone, or even a slightly too cold colour palette.
Sometimes when shooting, the light will change and mean from image to image you may find your light balance has shifted slightly. I aways try not to over edit my images as sometimes you can lose the overall affect & generally I never use filters etc.
My top tip for editing the lighting is to just go gently, don’t over edit, just make extremely small tweaks that create a very subtle change to your images.
My final tip when editing pictures is to make sure you save your images dependent on your purpose.

For web you want your images to be anything less than 1mb (800kb ideally), I personally am useless at getting my images to a low file size as i’m so fussy with maintaining quality. So the top tip for exporting is to balance quality and resolution with file size, you need file size to be as low as possible, but without┬áthe quality affected! Great tips, I started doing save for web but my images looked so grainy – still learning to tweak as I go!
There are some things that we can only do in Photoshop, but for regular styled photos, Lightroom is the best. Free video editing software also allows you to add text in the video while also edit the background lighting and audio.
It is a feature-packed software with the stand-out features being rigging, modelling, rendering, animation, realtime game creation and imaging. It supports all popular formats but does crash if you use too many features at the same time. It has a very simple and cool interface and is laced with all the basic editing tools a video editor must have. Shooting in raw not only gives you a super high quality image but also gives you the best base to start editing from, without ruining the quality of the image itself.
But fear not, there are tons of online websites which offer an editing functionality & to be honest offer a really quality service which does rival that of the more high tech kit. Editing your white balance to ensure the perfect colour tone is always a good place to start in my opinion. I find just small tweaks to boost highlights and white balance really give my images that bright light affect I like, whilst still maintaining the sharpness and quality that are really important to me. I’d love to know if you have any other tips or advice when it comes to editing images? I really struggle with photography, but am hoping that I can use some of what you said here to try and improve what I do.
I am trying to take pictures of a product, and am really struggling with lighting (come out sun!!!haha).
Getting the lighting right is so important, I hate seeing photos that are dull and unhappy!

Thank you for the tips, I always struggle to edit photos properly and rely on other people. The reason why such a powerful software sits at no.5 in the list is its complex interface and the difficulty a user will have in performing a simple cut and paste while editing the video.
Wax can be used as a stand-alone video editor while it has the ability to be used as a plug-in with other video editors as well. You can reduce camera shake, slow down or speed up your videos, add special effects in the videos and use it as a audio mixer as well.
It has a batch processor as well to edit a number of videos at once while also contains a lot of cool editing features.
It is simple enough and has a good solid interface but requires a small learning curve for new users. You can far more easily edit images without affecting the overall quality and it means you also have the opportunity to save your files in a suitable format, e.g. Despite how fantastic the software is, I find lightroom far easier to use, quicker & better for photo editing (opposed to graphic design etc). In most instances this is a really easy and small thing to adjust, and usually doesn’t ┬áneed any drastic changes. I work with Photoshop normally so tempted to give Lightroom a try, especially if you say it’s easier to use! Blender is recommended as one of the best free video editing software for professional video editors. You can play with the contrast and brightness of your video, remove blur, add smoothness and remove and replace audio tracks too. The simple editing tools are really helpful for a person looking to make small changes in his video while for pros, Avidemux has advanced features as well. It is good for both novices and pros which makes it stand-out amongst other free video editors.

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